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Super Random System Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Celestial Staff

“Has Wang Xiaofei not come up?”

When Lin Yue’er reached the mountaintop and saw only Duan Yu, her heart suddenly tightened. A wave of sadness instantly enveloped her.

“Perhaps he’s still on the mountainside, let’s wait a bit longer,” Lin Yue’er thought to herself.

At this moment, Duan Yu was already inviting Lin Yue’er to patrol the mountaintop with him.

With their swift speed, in the time it took for an incense stick to burn, they had completed a thorough inspection of the entire mountaintop.

Finally, the two arrived at the entrance of Liu Hong’s closed-off cave.

By this time, the mountain had either been cleared of bandits, slain by them, or had managed to escape into the night. The entire mountaintop was empty.

“Duan Yu, Junior Sister Yue’er.”

Suddenly, a voice sounded.

It was none other than Wu Zhongtian rushing up as well.

“Wu Senior Brother, have you seen the others?” Lin Yue’er quickly inquired.

“Sigh, no, I’ve tried communicating with them using Voice Transmission Stones, but received no response,” Wu Zhongtian replied.

Lin Yue’er’s heart sank abruptly.

She had also tried contacting Wang Xiaofei, but he hadn’t replied.

“All right, maybe the others are all engaged in battle with the bandits and haven’t had the time to contact us. The three of us should break through this formation first. I suspect Liu Hong is hiding inside,” Duan Yu said. When they accepted the mission at the Heavenly Dragon Academy, each of them knew this was an incredibly dangerous task.

However, to temper themselves, all ten of them fearlessly agreed. They were prepared for the possibility of death.


Wu Zhongtian and Lin Yue’er both nodded.

Then, shadows of whips and swords shot into the sky as Duan Yu and the others unleashed their most powerful attack techniques, attempting to break the defensive formation.

Halfway up the mountain.

Meanwhile, Wang Xiaofei was quietly sitting on a large tree.

Unlike the Tianlong Academy disciples, he lacked a suitable weapon. As a result, each of his attacks consumed a significant amount of qi.

After killing hundreds of bandits, Wang Xiaofei’s qi was greatly depleted. He needed a moment to rest.

He heard Lin Yue’er’s voice transmission, which warmed Wang Xiaofei’s heart.

Heh, the little girl seems to care about me quite a bit.

Good, the first step is a success.

Wang Xiaofei chuckled mischievously, feeling as if he had just tasted honey. As long as he could maintain this feeling, Wang Xiaofei believed he could win Lin Yue’er over.

By then…

Thinking about Lin Yue’er’s stunning beauty and her almost otherworldly figure, Wang Xiaofei’s saliva began to unconsciously dribble down.

This was truly a blessing from the heavens.

Absolutely fantastic.

Wang Xiaofei lightly patted his little companion that had popped up in his head.

“You’ve got some spirit, huh?”

In his imagination…

The little companion, defiantly, raised its head and retorted, “You’re the one lacking spirit.”


Wang Xiaofei smirked playfully.

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Well, let’s check how much blood qi I have.

This time, the slaughter on Mount Daqing was probably similar to the battle against Wang Xiong’s lineage.

“System, how much blood qi do I have now?”

“One thousand five hundred and seventy,” the system’s cold voice sounded.

“All right, exchange it all for me,” Wang Xiaofei said to the system.

Since the fierce battle with Wang Xiong last time, Wang Xiaofei had learned from the experience. As long as his blood qi was sufficient, he would exchange it immediately. If he happened to exchange for something good, it would be good to prepare in advance. This way, he wouldn’t be flustered in a critical moment.

If only he could have obtained the ‘Itch Powder’ a bit earlier, he wouldn’t have been so passive against Wang Xiong.

“Ding, exchange failed.”

“Ding, exchange failed.”

“Ding, exchange failed.”

As expected, the success rate of blood qi exchange wasn’t high.

A series of failure notifications resounded.

“Well, fortunately, I no longer place too much hope in it. Otherwise, so many failures would really be quite frustrating,” Wang Xiaofei thought to himself, calmly awaiting the results of the blood qi exchange.

“Ding, congratulations, host. You have obtained a high-grade yellow-rank weapon, ‘Celestial Staff’. This weapon has the ability to automatically attack the weak points of enemies’ defenses. When using it, the host only needs to inform the weapon who to attack.”

Subsequently, a wealth of information about the usage and functions of the ‘Celestial Staff’ flooded into Wang Xiaofei’s mind.

“It has an automatic attack function. Wow, this function is amazing!” Wang Xiaofei was greatly delighted.

He realized that the items the system exchanged for him now seemed to have some special effects.

Very practical.

However, it’s a pity that it can only be used three times.

Wang Xiaofei felt a slight sense of regret.

Nevertheless, having something is better than having nothing. Wang Xiaofei nodded. After resting for a while, he got up and flew towards the mountaintop.

On the mountaintop, Duan Yu and the others were frantically attacking a defensive formation.

“Quick, quick, we’re about to break through!” Duan Yu shouted fiercely.

At this moment, he was filled with excitement.

Even in the Tianlong Academy, this mission was among the top. The rewards after completing it were exceptionally generous.

If he obtained those rewards, they would greatly assist Duan Yu in breaking through to the Martial Spirit Realm in the future.

Now, after a period of struggle, they had finally reached the last barrier, making Duan Yu quite anxious.

Wu Zhongtian was also attacking the formation like a madman.

Only Lin Yue’er felt weighed down by her heart.

This time, their losses were too great. The deaths of her fellow disciples were a source of deep pain for Lin Yue’er.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

And Wang Xiaofei, that confident and somewhat funny guy.

For so long, he was one of the very few people who could make her feel something.

It’s a pity.

Up until now, there’s been no response. These people are probably all dead.

While Lin Yue’er attacked the formation, her eyes couldn’t help but become a bit moist.

“Quick, quick, quick.”

Under the furious assault of the three of them, the chaotic light slowly emanated from the formation, a sign that it was about to be breached.

Duan Yu and Wu Zhongtian both had looks of ecstasy on their faces.

Just then, suddenly, with a “weng,” the entire formation withdrew. The surroundings were empty, revealing a tall gate.

“Huh? We clearly haven’t broken the formation yet, why did it suddenly withdraw?” The three of them were puzzled and became more cautious.

With their weapons tightly gripped, they silently watched the gates of the cave.

As elite disciples of the Tianlong Academy, their experience was quite rich, so they didn’t recklessly rush forward.

As expected, after a moment.


A heavy sound echoed.

The gates to a cave opened.

Duan Yu, Lin Yue’er, Wu Zhongtian, and the others all had their hearts on guard.

What exactly is inside this cave?

Is Liu Hong in there?

Or is there someone else? Whether they can complete this mission mainly depends on what happens next.

Slowly, a figure emerged from the cave.

Subsequently, a middle-aged man walked out, dressed in coarse robes, his expression surprisingly kind.

“Liu Hong, it’s really you.” Seeing the middle-aged man, Duan Yu excitedly shouted. Before coming here, all of them had seen portraits of the main mountain bandits of Mount Daqing, so they recognized Liu Hong.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated


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