Super Random System
Super Random System Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Shameless Duan Yu

As long as they killed Liu Hong, they would have completed the mission and could obtain abundant cultivation resources. Duan Yu looked at Liu Hong before him as if he was gazing at those cultivation resources.

“It’s you who broke through my stronghold in Mount Baitou!!!” Liu Hong spoke slowly.

“I established the stronghold on Mount Baitou, which took a total of eleven years and had a total of 3,731 brothers. Now it seems that there’s probably not a single one left.”

“Do you know what I will do?” Liu Hong looked at Duan Yu and the others, as if recounting a story of someone else. His voice was slow, faint, and devoid of anger.

However, inexplicably, it sent a chill down the hearts of Duan Yu and the others. It was as if Liu Hong was a peerless demon.

“Liu Hong, spare us the chatter. Today, you’re doomed to die.” Duan Yu shouted sharply and thrust his sword toward Liu Hong.

“Hahaha.” However, Liu Hong burst into laughter.

“So young, yet possessing such cultivation. You’re from the Tianlong Academy, aren’t you? Not bad, not bad. Being able to kill a group of Tianlong Academy disciples right before reaching Martial Spirit Realm is quite rewarding.”

“And you.” Liu Hong easily evaded Duan Yu’s attack while looking at Lin Yue’er.

Lin Yue’er felt as if she was being stared at by a venomous snake. A chill surged up her back.

“You will become the offering for my breakthrough to the Martial Spirit Realm. Don’t worry, I’ll let you comfortably forget everything, and from now on, you’ll yearn to serve me under my crotch.” Liu Hong looked lasciviously at Lin Yue’er.

At this moment, Duan Yu first sensed the threat.

His all-out sword strike had been easily evaded by Liu Hong? In front of Liu Hong, his previous attack seemed as naive and laughable as children’s play.

“Quick, everyone attack together.” Duan Yu shouted sternly.

He could sense the immense gap between them and Liu Hong.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.”

Lin Yue’er and Wu Zhongtian didn’t dare to delay. They also realized something was amiss, and naturally unleashed their strongest attacks.

Instantly, Lin Yue’er’s whip shadows sped through the air. As if from the void, on the whip shadows, sharp qi condensed into numerous barbs, attacking Liu Hong.

Wu Zhongtian and Duan Yu activated their body techniques, arriving beside Liu Hong. Each held a sword, with sword radiance extending over ten meters, ferociously stabbing toward Liu Hong.

“This time, Liu Hong definitely can’t escape.” Duan Yu thought to himself.

In fact, even during their time at the Tianlong Academy, they had practiced various kinds of coordination.

Combining the efforts of two, three, four people, or even facing a group of opponents with just two or three people.

After combining the attacks of three people, their attack power increased by at least fifty percent.

“Die for me!” Duan Yu roared.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Who could have known that this would be met with Liu Hong’s indifferent smile.

Liu Hong stood still and casually threw three punches.

After these three punches were thrown, Duan Yu and the others didn’t sense anything unusual.

In fact, Duan Yu was even contemptuously wondering if Liu Hong had been frightened by their combined attack.

Suddenly, all three of them sensed it. Around them, an immensely oppressive aura suddenly emerged.

Before this aura, they felt weak and vulnerable, as if they could die at any moment.

This was Liu Hong’s martial technique—silent, swift, and immensely powerful.

“Not good, run!”

This thought flashed in the minds of all three in an instant. They were simply not opponents for Liu Hong; they were not in the same league.

Just as the three were preparing to escape…

“Bang, bang, bang.”

Three consecutive loud sounds.

It was as if someone had punched them right beside them.

None of them managed to flee.

All of them were knocked over by these invisible fist shadows.

“Cough, cough, cough.”

All three spat out large mouthfuls of blood. Terrified, they looked at Liu Hong. Until this moment, they finally felt the threat of death.

“Liu Hong, I admit you’re formidable. Let’s discuss terms. I am from one of the ten major families of Yaori City, the Duan Family.” Duan Yu swallowed a mouthful of saliva and looked at the seemingly warm and gentle but terrifyingly skilled Liu Hong, mustering the courage to speak.

“Oh, after killing so many of my brothers, and destroying the stronghold I’ve painstakingly built over a dozen years, how much compensation do you think is appropriate?” Liu Hong sneered.

This was his dozen years of hard work.

If he hadn’t been in closed-door cultivation just now, unable to come out, how could he tolerate Duan Yu and the others frolicking until now?

He maintained a smile on his face. It was just a facade of a smile from someone who had grown extremely furious, unable to express his emotions and disguised behind that smile.

“Well…” Duan Yu hesitated.

Although he was a core scion of the Duan Family and held a significant status within the family, would the family be willing to pay a steep price for his sake? Would the price they paid be enough to satisfy Liu Hong?

Thinking left and right, it seemed like the only option the family had was to abandon him.

“Wait, wait, there’s one more thing.” Duan Yu said anxiously, fearing that even a slight delay would result in Liu Hong killing him.

“Oh, what else?” Liu Hong looked at Duan Yu mockingly, as if he was observing a rat displaying its ugliness before dying.

He wasn’t in a hurry. Tonight, none of these people could escape his grasp. If he let them die easily, how could he justify it to his fallen brothers?

He intended to torment Duan Yu and the others thoroughly.

Starting with their minds.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

“Her.” Duan Yu pointed at Lin Yue’er.

“She possesses the Pure Yin Constitution. Really, if she becomes your woman, you’ll undoubtedly be able to easily break through to the Martial Spirit Realm. Believe me, it’s true.”

“Oh?” Hearing Duan Yu’s words, Liu Hong was clearly taken aback.

“The Pure Yin Constitution!!!”

This was undoubtedly a valuable treasure for breakthrough. When a woman with the Pure Yin Constitution loses her virginity, the pure Yin energy within her body can enter a man’s body, greatly enhancing his understanding of the Dao.

For martial practitioners like Liu Hong, who had lingered at the peak of the Nine-Star Warrior Realm for decades, once they absorbed the pure Yin energy, it was almost certain that they could break through to the Martial Spirit Realm.

Although Liu Hong himself felt he had a chance to break through as well, it wasn’t a sure thing.

With a Pure Yin Constitution, success in breaking through was almost guaranteed.

Who knew, tonight might even make him a Martial Spirit Realm practitioner.

Imagine, after struggling for decades, succeeding in one night, the joyous feeling in Liu Hong’s heart could be easily imagined.

“Shameless!!!” Beside them, Lin Yue’er stared angrily at Duan Yu. She couldn’t believe that Duan Yu could be so despicable, revealing this information to Liu Hong.

“Yue’er, there’s no other way. For the sake of me and Wu Zhongtian, we can only sacrifice you. After I return, I will tell the academy that you died in battle to save us and ask the academy to reward your family.”

“Don’t call me. You trash,” Lin Yue’er looked at Duan Yu with disdain.

“Yes, Junior Sister Yue’er, sacrificing you for the lives of both of us is worth it. We will be grateful to you,” Wu Zhongtian ‘persuaded’ Lin Yue’er from the side.

“Hahaha, you two are truly cunning, I like that.” Liu Hong burst into hearty laughter.

“If this mountain stronghold hadn’t been breached, perhaps I would have considered making both of you elders.”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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