Super Random System
Super Random System Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Wang Xiaofei Arrives

“Elder doesn’t need to worry, we just want to ask you to let us go.” Duan Yu respectfully said.

“Unfortunately, the bandit stronghold is no more now. Keeping you two also serves no purpose. It’s better to kill you.” Liu Hong said leisurely.


Hearing Liu Hong say that he was going to kill them both, Duan Yu and Wu Zhongtian became anxious.

“No, please, Lord Liu. I’ve told you such valuable information.” Duan Yu quickly said.

“You idiot. This little girl will eventually be mine. Can’t I figure out she has the pure Yin Constitution when I use her?”

“But, but Lord Liu, I have a lot of treasures here. Look.” Duan Yu retrieved a storage ring and took out many cultivation resources.

Liu Hong was also left speechless.

This disciple from the Tianlong Academy might not show much during normal times, but when faced with danger, his composure was severely lacking. All these items, after I kill you, will all be mine.

Directly, Liu Hong didn’t want to waste any more words on Duan Yu.

“Boom.” A punch was thrown.

“No, no.” Duan Yu shouted in fear, trying to escape.

However, he was already seriously injured at the moment, and he didn’t have the strength to escape.

A muffled sound of “thud” was heard.

Duan Yu’s body was directly turned into flesh and blood.

“No, don’t kill me.” Wu Zhongtian shouted in terror. His face was pale, and his pupils were dilating.

Liu Hong chuckled sinisterly and struck with another punch.

“Bang.” Wu Zhongtian’s body also exploded, dying more than death itself.

In this moment, there was a brief silence.

“Girl, if you cooperate, I can promise not to kill you,” Liu Hong looked at Lin Yue’er, his eyes gleaming with greed.

It wasn’t solely because of Lin Yue’er’s beauty. More importantly, she possessed a Pure Yin Constitution.

For a cultivator, this was extremely significant.

However, in order to absorb all the Pure Yin Energy, cooperation from a female with a Pure Yin Constitution was necessary. Otherwise, a man could only absorb a little by little, making the gains insignificant.

Therefore, Liu Hong began to coax Lin Yue’er.

“Impossible, you scoundrel! Even if you kill me, I won’t let you touch my body,” Lin Yue’er roared. She felt a surge of revulsion looking at Liu Hong’s chubby face.

“Hehehe, little girl, do you think I can’t do anything without your cooperation? It will just take a bit more effort. Let me tell you, don’t even think about committing suicide. Even if you do, I’ll still use your corpse,” Liu Hong threatened.

“You… you shameless!!!” Lin Yue’er was genuinely frightened.

She trembled with anger.

“Hehehe.” Seeing that Lin Yue’er was indeed scared of him, Liu Hong couldn’t help but laugh in triumph.

Yellow flowers are always yellow flowers. Just by using this matter as a threat, it’s bound to be an effective one.

Thinking that he would soon be able to press down this yellow flower and enjoy it to the fullest, and even obtain the Pure Yin Energy within her, breaking through to the Martial Spirit Realm in a short time, Liu Hong was almost ecstatic.

Getting so much, it’s worth it even if Mount Baitou Stronghold is destroyed two more times.

“Hehe, girl, rest assured, I will be gentle with you,” Liu Hong began to console Lin Yue’er. Because he knew that he would still need Lin Yue’er’s cooperation later.

Perhaps, under the threat of life and death, coupled with giving her some sweetness, this girl might submit.

On the opposite side, Lin Yue’er gritted her teeth, wondering whether to commit suicide and completely ruin her body.

A voice suddenly sounded.

“Will you be gentle with me?”

Then, a young man emerged from the shadows. It was Wang Xiaofei.

He had just arrived here and saw Liu Hong harassing Lin Yue’er.

Of course, Wang Xiaofei was furious.

Lin Yue’er was already the woman he had set his heart on, how could he allow someone to harass her? So Wang Xiaofei ridiculed Liu Hong with a sentence.

“Wang Xiaofei!!!” Hearing this voice, Lin Yue’er felt as if she had heard a lifeline, and she exclaimed in surprise.

Firstly, she was delighted that Wang Xiaofei was not dead. Moreover, she was a girl facing a lecherous demon, so she was naturally afraid. Now that Wang Xiaofei had appeared, she felt a sense of reliance.

However, in a flash, she realized that Liu Hong was too terrifying. Wang Xiaofei was simply not his match; he had come here only to meet his doom. Lin Yue’er hurriedly yelled,

“Wang Xiaofei, run. Run quickly. He is Liu Hong, the mountain lord of Mount Baitou. You are not his opponent,” Lin Yue’er jumped in anxiety.

Seeing Lin Yue’er’s concern for him,

Wang Xiaofei felt deeply touched. She was a good girl. Even in dangerous situations, she still considered his safety.

He decided that he must capture Lin Yue’er and treat her well.

“Sister Yue’er, don’t worry. I will definitely rescue you,” Wang Xiaofei said with a cheerful smile.

Seeing that Wang Xiaofei didn’t take her warning to heart, Lin Yue’er became even more anxious.

Meanwhile, Liu Hong’s gaze was cold as he looked at Wang Xiaofei. It was completely different from when he faced Duan Yu and Wu Zhongtian.

You see, Liu Hong’s anger had already flared up. He was thinking of capturing Lin Yue’er and then mounting his horse with his spear.

But unexpectedly, ‘Wang Xiaofei’ suddenly appeared.

Instantly, his ‘spear’ went limp.

Damn it.

Liu Hong was filled with frustration.

He decided to kill Wang Xiaofei as soon as possible.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Liu Hong threw a punch fiercely.

“Be careful!” Lin Yue’er shouted.


Wang Xiaofei was a bit puzzled. He saw Liu Hong attacking, but why couldn’t he see anything?


All the hairs on Wang Xiaofei’s body stood on end. He could feel an immensely powerful energy pressure appearing right in front of his body.

If this energy truly hit him, even if he had the Azure Dragon Armor to protect him, he would still be seriously injured.


With a thought, the ‘Phoenix Wing’ appeared behind Wang Xiaofei in an instant.

Immediately, the wings flapped violently, and Wang Xiaofei quickly retreated backwards.


A loud noise.

Right where Wang Xiaofei had just stood, a powerful energy exploded. Invisible ripples spread in all directions.


Too powerful!

Despite using the ‘Phoenix Wing’ to mitigate the force and having the protection of the Azure Dragon Armor, Wang Xiaofei still felt a surge of blood and discomfort.


Liu Hong exclaimed in surprise, unexpectedly, his attack that was supposed to be inevitable had been dodged by this kid.

“Wang Xiaofei!!!” Lin Yue’er, who had already turned pale from fear, revealed a hint of joy as Wang Xiaofei successfully escaped. Her small fists clenched tightly in excitement.

“Once more.”

Just hearing Wang Xiaofei shout loudly, he then used the ‘Phoenix Wings’ and charged towards Liu Hong at high speed.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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