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Super Random System Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Wu Di Invincible!

“Hehe,” Elder Lei Shan had chuckled ominously. “My disciple is of a very average level,” he said solemnly.

“Oh?” The assembled powerhouses had exchanged glances. They had initially thought that Elder Lei Shan was about to be modest. To their surprise, Elder Lei Shan had continued, “However, he will definitely win first place in the Nine-Star Warrior Realm this time.”

“What the—!”

This bragging had caught everyone off guard.

“Hehe, this Lei Shan,” the Dean had smiled faintly while stroking his beard.

Many people had turned their eyes toward Wu Fa.

Elder Lei Shan had spoken as if he hadn’t considered Wu Di at all.

Yet Wu Di had had a deep foundation and had been the champion last year. The gap between him and other Nine-Star Warrior had widened even further this year.

How could Wu Fa have accepted what Elder Lei Shan had said?

As expected, upon hearing Elder Lei Shan’s words, Wu Fa’s expression had instantly darkened.

“Elder Lei Shan, isn’t that a bit arrogant?” Wu Fa had said, glaring at Elder Lei Shan.

“Tsk, what do you know? This is confidence,” Elder Lei Shan had said dismissively.

What the—!

Everyone had noticed that the two men weren’t getting along. Could there have been some backstory?

The shrewd ones had already started to distance themselves, preparing to enjoy the show.

Wu Fa had snorted coldly.

He had had great confidence in Wu Di, not just because of Wu Di’s own formidable strength. Just the day before, Wu Di had fully mastered the Youlong Sword, and his strength had surged by as much as 30%.

How could Wang Xiaofei possibly be Wu Di’s match?

“Hehe, since Elder Lei Shan is so confident, would you dare to gamble with me? I bet that my son Wu Di will win first place in this Martial Palace Battle for the Nine-Star Warrior Realm. The bet is five million obsidian coins. How about it?” Wu Fa had said.

Upon hearing the bet of five million, many people had gasped.

Five million obsidian coins—anyone present could afford it, but parting with such a large sum of cash would indeed hurt even these powerhouses.

“Five million? Tsk!” Elder Lei Shan had shown a look of disdain.

Wu Fa had become somewhat intolerant.

“You think it’s too little? Then, Elder Lei Shan, you name the amount. Or are you afraid to gamble?” Wu Fa had sneered.

“Twenty million obsidian coins!!!” Elder Lei Shan had said decisively.


“What the—!”

Several less composed people had nearly fallen over.

Twenty million obsidian coins—had they heard it right?

This was cash, not total assets.

Aside from the heads of major clans, even ordinary Nine-Star Martial Spirit Realm practitioners would have struggled to come up with such an amount of cash.

What had Elder Lei Shan been thinking? Had he been that sure?

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Across the way, Wu Fa had been coldly watching elder Lei Shan. He hadn’t expected that elder Lei Shan would actually raise the stakes to twenty million, and for a moment, he had been caught off guard.

By that time, everyone’s eyes had already turned toward Wu Fa.

He had snorted coldly, picked up the tea next to him, and had taken a sip without any rush.

“Hmph, if you want to suffer that much, then I’ll fulfill your wish,” Wu Fa had said, his tone icy and no longer polite.

“Hehe, let’s first see how your son dies,” elder Lei Shan had chuckled sinisterly.

That’s how he had been—sometimes a small thing could make him rage like thunder, while at other times, when others had been angry, he’d acted as if nothing was wrong, enough to make people furious.

Having heard elder Lei Shan’s words, Wu Fa’s face had indeed turned pale.

His hands had tightly gripped the armrests of his chair, the knuckles turning white.

Because of their betting, the atmosphere on the entire viewing platform had instantly become tense.

Below, the fights on the stage had been continuously ongoing.

Finally, all three masters of the stages had appeared.

Wu Di.

Wang Xiaofei.

Du Haipeng.

After resting for an hour, the voice of the robed practitioner had once again resounded.

“Now, Wu Di and Du Haipeng will face off.”

“Damn!” Du Haipeng’s fists and palms collided, emitting a ‘snap’ sound. He kept shaking his head.

His luck had really been bad.

He had been the first to appear, and his opponent had been the formidable Wu Di.

By that time, Wu Di had already soared onto the stage.

He had stood with his hands behind his back, looking up at the sky, his eyes filled with determination. He’d looked suave and resolute, and his whole had exuded charisma.

Other than Wang Xiaofei, nobody else had even been in his consideration.

“Wow, he’s so cool!!!”

“I really like him when he’s like this.”

“I’m in love with him.”

Little stars had filled the eyes of one fan girl after another.

Du Haipeng had nervously jumped onto the stage.

When he had looked at Wu Di across from him, it had been as if he were looking at a tall mountain.

The unintentional aura Wu Di had emitted had left him trembling with fear. Before they had even sparred, Du Haipeng had already been at a disadvantage.

His teeth had been clenched tightly, his fists had been firmly gripped, but he hadn’t been able to stop shaking.

Finally, after enduring for a moment, Du Haipeng had squeezed out a few hoarse words through his clenched teeth: “I concede!”

“A commotion.”

Whispers had erupted below the stage. Everyone had been carefully discussing the event. But when everyone had spoken, even if each voice had been very soft, all combined had turned into a rolling thunder of murmurs.

“Wu Di is formidable. He subdues the enemy without fighting. Below the Martial Spirit Realm, it seems hard to find an opponent,” a young man had said gravely.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

As a three-star Martial Spirit, and an outstanding inner court disciple of Tianlong Academy, the youths had been stunned by Wu Di’s capabilities.

“My God! Is this Wu Di’s real strength?” A young man, who had been filled with regret for not acting earlier to win Lin Yue’er away from Wang Xiaofei, had shown a fearful expression on his face. Could he have really endured Wu Di’s fury if he had taken Lin Yue’er?

On the viewing platform, the important figures from Yaori City had also shown subtle changes in their expressions.

Wu Di, although not yet in the Martial Spirit Realm, had already possessed the strength of a practitioner in the Martial Spirit Realm.

“Hehe, Elder Brother Wu, no wonder you dared to place such a large bet. So you had been confident all along,” someone had remarked.

“Indeed, Wu Brother’s strategic planning is unparalleled and worth learning from,” another had said.

“If I’m not mistaken, Wu Di’s current strength must have improved by at least 30% from last year,” a Tianlong Academy elder had solemnly commented.

Such talent had been enough to warrant special attention and development within Tianlong Academy.

“Hehe, I look forward to future guidance from Elder Liu,” Wu Fa had said with a light smile.

“Don’t mention it, don’t mention it,” Elder Liu had nodded in response.

On the stage, Wu Di had not even glanced at Du Haipeng; he had taken a deep breath.

Having suffered consecutive losses at the hands of Wang Xiaofei, his confidence had indeed been severely damaged.

However, that had been the past; today, he, Wu Di, was back.

What did two past failures matter?

Both times, he had merely fallen into Wang Xiaofei’s traps. But today, he had needed to fight with genuine skills.

In his own eyes, he, Wu Di, was second to none, and no one dared claim to be first.

Casting a sidelong glance at Wang Xiaofei below the stage, Wu Di had slowly extended his thumb.

Suddenly, his thumb had turned downward.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated


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