Super Random System
Super Random System Chapter 78

Chapter 78: The Desperate Wu Di

“The second round of the battle.”

“Wang Xiaofei versus Du Haipeng.”

The robed practitioner had intoned deeply.

Wang Xiaofei and Du Haipeng had simultaneously soared onto the arena. After exchanging greetings, they had immediately engaged in fierce combat.

Of course, the fight had been much like the previous ones. Wang Xiaofei had primarily been on the defensive, utilizing the agility of the ‘Phoenix Wings’ to continually observe Du Haipeng’s fighting techniques.

“Hmph. When Du Haipeng faced off against my son, he didn’t dare to make a single move and conceded directly. But when he’s fighting Wang Xiaofei, he’s holding on. Regardless, Wang Xiaofei must be a bit inferior,” Wu Fa had thought to himself, watching the two figures dancing around the arena like butterflies.

On the stage, Du Haipeng’s performance had been similar to others who had fought Wang Xiaofei. In less than the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, after Wang Xiaofei had figured out Du Haipeng’s tactics, he had easily defeated him.

“Du Haipeng has secured third place in this martial palace battle at the nine-star Warrior Realm. Wang Xiaofei will now rest for one hour.”

“The contest shall continue, Wu Di versus Wang Xiaofei. The winner will secure first place in this martial palace competition at the nine-star Practitioner Realm, and the loser will take second,” the robed practitioner’s voice had resonated in everyone’s ears.

This was the final battle. Everyone had been on high alert.

Many even started to place bets.

However, except for a few people, such as Lin Yue’er and Jin Chan, who believed Wang Xiaofei would win, no one had thought Wang Xiaofei would stand a chance against Wu Di.

On the stage.

Wu Di had glared at Wang Xiaofei.

At that moment, he had been standing tall, his aura imposing, and the confidence he had lost before had already returned.

“Wang Xiaofei, today, I’ll show you what real talent is!” Wu Di had sneered, looking disdainfully at Wang Xiaofei.

“I’ll kick your ass,” Wang Xiaofei had retorted coldly.

Immediately, Wu Di’s expression had changed.

Being humiliated by Jin Chan in the past had been one of the few exceedingly embarrassing incidents of his life.

Being publicly reminded of it by Wang Xiaofei, Wu Di had suddenly felt an explosive surge of anger rising from his abdomen.

“Ugh, Wang Xiaofei is really crude, actually using such a low-end strategy to provoke Wu Di,” some people close to the arena had sneered upon hearing Wang Xiaofei’s words.

Wu Di, who had a wealth of combat experience and was mature and steady, wouldn’t have been easily provoked.

“Exactly, that was so inappropriate,” people nearby had agreed.


At that moment, a howl, resembling that of a wolf, had erupted from the stage. Wu Di’s eyes had turned blood-red as he quickly drew the ‘Youlong Sword’ from his storage ring.

“Wang Xiaofei, I’ll kill you!” Wu Di had roared, brandishing the Youlong Sword and launching a frenzied attack on Wang Xiaofei.

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Those who had thought Wu Di was calm and would not get angry were all dumbfounded.

“This is not good,” Wu Fa had abruptly gripped the armrest of his chair, his heart beating rapidly.

From the beginning of the fight, Wu Di had been restless and agitated, which was not a good sign. Wu Fa had looked worriedly at Wu Di on the stage. At that time, Elder Lei Shan next to him had chuckled eerily, sounding grating in Wu Fa’s ears.


With a swing of his sword, Wu Di had created a gust of wind on the stage, and a wind blade of more than ten meters had appeared out of nowhere.

Onlookers had been stunned.

Because the wind blade had carried a strong ‘Heavenly Dao of Wind’ aura that had made people’s hearts tremble.

Even the disciples in the One-Star Martial Spirit Realm had changed their views on Wu Di.

Just then, many people had looked at Wang Xiaofei with a touch of pity.

No matter how powerful a practitioner in the Warrior Realm was, how could he be a match for someone in the Martial Spirit Realm?


Just when everyone had been amazed at Wu Di’s strength, Wang Xiaofei had thrown a punch.

A powerful ‘Heavenly Dao of Thunder and Lightning’ had filled the air, and countless images of thunder and lightning had appeared on the fist.


Everyone had felt their feeble hearts suffer another ruthless shock.

Unbelievably, Wang Xiaofei had also managed to incorporate the Heavenly Dao into his combat skills. And he hadn’t even used a weapon.

At that moment, even Dean Gu Tong’s eyes had changed as he looked at Wang Xiaofei.

He had sensed the aura of the Heavenly Dao of Thunder and Lightning on Wang Xiaofei’s punch, which was far more potent than an ordinary Two-Star Martial Spirit.

“It seems that Wu Di is in trouble,” Dean Gu Tong’s eyes had sparkled with wisdom, but he hadn’t said much more.


The fist shadow and wind blade had violently collided, producing a deafening sound. At the point of impact, concentric shockwaves had even formed, spreading in all directions.


Surprisingly, Wu Di had taken a step back, which had astonished everyone.

He had been using a weapon that could amplify his power. How strong must Wang Xiaofei be?

Wang Xiaofei had walked slowly, his expression serious.

“Today, let me show you my real strength.”

“Ah, I’m going all out with you!” Wu Di’s eyes had turned blood-red, and he had become somewhat crazed.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Initially, Wu Di had been twice toyed with by Wang Xiaofei, attributing it to Wang Xiaofei’s cunning tactics. However, despite his embarrassment, he had maintained a shred of self-confidence. He had always believed that his talent for cultivation was the most exceptional among all outer court disciples. To him, Wang Xiaofei had only been tricky and deceitful.

However, now that he had been forced to retreat by a single punch from Wang Xiaofei, what could he say?

He had employed a weapon, and yet had been driven back by Wang Xiaofei in a single move. It was a mockery of his talent and a crushing defeat in terms of his strength.

Wang Xiaofei had trampled on him in the area he prided himself the most.

The arrogant Wu Di couldn’t take it.

He wouldn’t allow anyone to be more monstrously talented than he was.


Another sword swing swept out, still as fierce as ever. It was still something that even a one-star Martial Spirit Realm practitioner wouldn’t dare underestimate.

Yet, it couldn’t withstand the might of a single punch from Wang Xiaofei.


At that moment, Wang Xiaofei seemed to have transformed into a god of thunder. Carrying divine might, one punch had forced Wu Di back.

One punch after another.

The arrogance in Wu Di’s eyes had been shattered and obliterated. By the end, it had turned hollow.

He despised Wang Xiaofei.

He had planned on crushing him.

But in the end, he had been the one who was steadily driven back!

Such a setback had caused him to collapse. His future cultivation would be greatly affected.

Even the one-layer paper-thin Martial Spirit Realm he was reaching for would probably be greatly delayed.

Finally, after Wang Xiaofei had launched thirty-seven consecutive punches, Wu Di’s knees had buckled, and he had heavily knelt on the arena.

He had knelt in front of Wang Xiaofei, whom he had once considered as insignificant as an ant.


Thousands of people surrounding the arena could even hear the sound of a needle dropping.

This outcome had defied everyone’s expectations.

Wang Xiaofei.

Had become famous in a single battle!

On the viewing platform, Wu Fa had listlessly sat down, as if his spirit had been drained at that moment.

However, the next moment, when he had lifted his head again, the murderous intent in his eyes had been impossible to conceal.

Wang Xiaofei had to die!

Even if he had to pay a huge price for it.

“Wang Xiaofei has won first place in this Martial Palace Battle for the Nine-Star Warrior Realm,” declared the robed practitioner loudly, his voice echoing across the entire field.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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