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Super Random System Chapter 81

Chapter 81: The Magnanimous Dean

Wang Xiaofei’s talent had been too high.

Even when Dean Gu Tong had been young, he hadn’t been as monstrously talented. In fact, Dean Gu Tong had felt that even in the entire Youzhou Prefecture, Wang Xiaofei had been an extraordinarily talented existence.

How large had Youzhou Prefecture been?

It had spanned tens of thousands of miles, all under its jurisdiction.

Cities like Yaori City had numbered in the hundreds, governing a population not less than tens of billions. And Wang Xiaofei had been able to rank at the forefront among so many people, something even Dean Gu Tong couldn’t ignore.

“Hehe, I’m old, and my mind isn’t as sharp as it used to be. I can’t think of what to give you. So, go ahead and choose anything you like from Tianlong Academy’s Scripture Pavilion and Treasure Pavilion. Pick the one you like the most. I’ll gift it to you,” Dean Gu Tong had said.

Elder Lei Shan’s eyes had shown astonishment.

To choose anything at will.

One must know that the most precious items in the Scripture Pavilion and Treasure Pavilion had been worth hundreds of thousands of gold coins. Dean Gu Tong had really been generous.

However, Elder Lei Shan had also been happy for Wang Xiaofei.

“In that case, thank you, Dean Gu Tong,” Wang Xiaofei had bowed deeply.

Wang Xiaofei won’t declined Dean Gu Tong’s goodwill. It had been a great opportunity to enhance his strength.

What had been most important on Yulong Continent?


As long as he had strength, he would have plenty of opportunities to repay Dean Gu Tong and Elder Lei Shan in the future. Their kindness to him, Wang Xiaofei had already kept in his heart.

“Alright, go,” Dean Gu Tong had nodded.

Given his status, showing goodwill to Wang Xiaofei had been enough. Any more would have been excessive. Seeing Wang Xiaofei’s demeanor, Dean Gu Tong had been quite satisfied. He had felt that Wang Xiaofei isn’t a cold-hearted person.

After Wang Xiaofei had left,

Elder Lei Shan had respectfully bowed, “Thank you, Master, for your generosity.” He had genuinely been thankful to Dean Gu Tong. After all, such magnanimity wasn’t something even Dean Gu Tong had displayed all the time.

“It’s nothing. Just guide Xiaofei more. I think highly of this kid,” Dean Gu Tong had said with a light smile.


On a small path in Tianlong Academy,

Wang Xiaofei and Lin Yue’er had been walking side by side, surrounded by envious glares.

However, no one had felt anymore that Wang Xiaofei hadn’t been worthy of Lin Yue’er.

He had been the one who had defeated Wu Di, after all. Moreover, Wu Di had used a weapon at the time, while Wang Xiaofei had fought bare-handed.

On Yulong Continent, everyone had respected the strong.

Even if Wang Xiaofei hadn’t been strong yet, he had displayed the talent to become strong.

“Xiaofei, why do you want to give me a gift?” Lin Yue’er had looked at Wang Xiaofei, her eyes full of smiles.

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Now, even a simple walk with Wang Xiaofei had made Lin Yue’er feel extremely happy.

“It’s nothing, I just wanted to give you a gift,” Wang Xiaofei had said with a smile.

Holding the delightful person in his arms, Wang Xiaofei had felt very content.

Lin Yue’er had been beautiful and her personality gentle and generous; Wang Xiaofei couldn’t find any faults with her.

In this life, having met such a wonderful person had been enough.

With these thoughts, Wang Xiaofei had taken Lin Yue’er to the ‘Treasure Pavilion’ first.

‘Treasure Pavilion.’

Inside, there had been all kinds of weapons, elixirs, formations, and so on. Even some jewelry and clothes had been available. After all, Tianlong Academy had had thousands of students, and these items had been in demand.

Of course, items like jewelry and clothes often had special functions that practitioners could use, such as defensive or offensive formations engraved on them.

At that moment, Lin Yue’er had been carefully examining a bracelet.

It had been a deep green jade bracelet, its color like bamboo, almost as if it would drip water.

“Sister Yue’er, this Tianqing Bracelet has a small formation that can block three attacks from a one-star Martial Spirit Realm practitioner. It’s a very good defensive item, and it looks so beautiful on you. Why not buy it?” A female disciple who had been working there to earn academy points had said. When she had looked at Lin Yue’er, a trace of envy had been hidden deep in her eyes, but she had concealed it well.

“How much?”

“Three hundred thousand obsidian coins,” the female disciple had said.

Lin Yue’er had nodded, not saying much, and had slowly put down the Tianqing Bracelet.

Although Wang Xiaofei had wanted to buy her something, Lin Yue’er had thought that three hundred thousand obsidian coins had been too expensive.

She had had some understanding of Wang Xiaofei’s financial situation; how much money could a young man from a small town have?

Even though Wang Xiaofei had taken the storage rings from the mountain lord of mount Baitou and Duan Yu, Lin Yue’er had still hoped that Wang Xiaofei would use that money for cultivation.

As for herself, she hadn’t been short of money.

Lin Yue’er had then picked up a small ring to examine.

What neither she nor Wang Xiaofei had noticed was that a trace of disdain had flashed in the eyes of the female disciple.

So what if he had high talent?

He still couldn’t afford the jewelry here. Lin Yue’er had been so foolish to choose this Wang Xiaofei.

Although Wu Di’s talent had been slightly inferior to Wang Xiaofei’s, his family had been wealthy, and he could offer his girlfriend much more.

Shouldn’t choosing a boyfriend involve considering various aspects?

The female disciple had silently sneered, looking down on Lin Yue’er for her thoughtlessness.

“How much is this ring?” Lin Yue’er had asked.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

“This ring is even more expensive; it costs 350,000 obsidian coins,” the female disciple had said in a subdued tone.

Lin Yue’er, who hadn’t been able to afford the 300,000-coin item, could afford this one? Yeah, right.

As expected, upon hearing that the ring had been priced at 350,000 obsidian coins, Lin Yue’er had immediately put it down.

The disdain in the female disciple’s eyes had intensified.

Thus, Lin Yue’er had gone through the entire Treasure Pavilion without choosing a single item.

“Xiaofei, I don’t like any of them. Let’s talk about it later,” Lin Yue’er had said with a smile, as if she genuinely hadn’t liked any of the exquisite jewelry.

Wang Xiaofei had smiled faintly, saying nothing.

“What’s the matter?” Seeing Wang Xiaofei remain silent, Lin Yue’er had felt inexplicably uneasy.

“Never mind, let’s not talk about it,” Wang Xiaofei had said, assertively taking Lin Yue’er’s hand and walking back.

He had picked up a pearl necklace he had had his eye on and had placed it around Lin Yue’er’s neck.

The pearls on the necklace had been full and round, with mysterious patterns shimmering on them. Worn around Lin Yue’er’s neck, they had further highlighted her elegant and generous demeanor, making her look as beautiful as a celestial being.

“This is so beautiful, let’s buy it,” Wang Xiaofei had said, not giving Lin Yue’er a chance to object. After all, girlfriends are meant to be pampered, right?

“But this necklace costs 5 million obsidian coins,” the female disciple had been stunned. The necklace hadn’t just been pretty; it could also withstand a full-force attack from a three-star Martial Spirit Realm practitioner. Naturally, its value had skyrocketed.

“I know,” Wang Xiaofei had nodded.

The female disciple’s hands had trembled, overwhelmed by Wang Xiaofei’s boldness.

That had been 5 million obsidian coins!

She might never have that much money in her entire life.

What’s more, she had always been a gold-digger, hoping that a wealthy young master would take notice of her.

But such a young master had never appeared.

Wang Xiaofei’s boldness had instantly made her regret her choices, turning her disdain for him and Lin Yue’er into self-pity. How wonderful it would have been if she could have had a boyfriend like that!

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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