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Super Random System Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Bloodlust Bead

Wang Xiaofei and Lin Yue’er had been unaware of the female disciple’s internal changes. When the female disciple had gone to summon Elder Lie Huo, who was in charge of the treasure pavilion, Lin Yue’er had started to act coy.

“Why did you buy such an expensive necklace?” Lin Yue’er pouted, wanting to put the necklace back.

“Compared to your safety, Yue’er, this money is like dirt,” Wang Xiaofei had said, looking deeply into Lin Yue’er’s eyes.

Seeing Wang Xiaofei’s sincere eyes, Lin Yue’er’s heart had skipped a beat, as if touched by something. She had nodded and clutched the necklace tightly in her hand.

Moments later, Elder Lie Huo, who was responsible for the treasure pavilion, had arrived.

“Xiaofei, do you want to use this necklace to claim the quota given to you by the Dean?” Elder Lie Huo had asked incredulously.

It was well known that the Dean had promised Wang Xiaofei could pick anything he wanted. Although this necklace was valuable, it was far from being a top-tier item.

“No, I’m buying this with my own money,” Wang Xiaofei had responded.

With a wave of his hand, five million obsidian coins had appeared on the table. After Elder Lie Huo had counted and confirmed the amount, he had collected it.

“Have you picked something for yourself yet?”

“Not yet,” Wang Xiaofei had replied.

“In that case, let me help you pick something,” Elder Lie Huo had offered enthusiastically, even more so than he had for many other elders.


Because of Wang Xiaofei’s talent. Just a few days ago, Wang Xiaofei had displayed an extraordinarily monstrous talent. He had defeated Wu Di, who had been armed, with his bare hands. Moreover, many people had noticed that Wang Xiaofei probably hadn’t even used his full strength.

How monstrous was that?

Moreover, just a moment ago, the Dean himself had informed Elder Lie Huo that Wang Xiaofei could pick any item from here, and the Dean would cover the cost. What kind of treatment was that?

Elder Lie Huo, being a veteran of Tianlong Academy, had never heard of anyone receiving such treatment in decades. All of this indicated one thing: Wang Xiaofei’s future was limitless.

Being as shrewd as he was, Elder Lie Huo had known that befriending Wang Xiaofei before he soared to great heights would be extremely beneficial. It was a rare opportunity.

Therefore, when Wang Xiaofei had said he hadn’t picked an item yet, Elder Lie Huo had immediately offered to help him choose.

Wang Xiaofei had naturally agreed. He had taken Lin Yue’er’s hand and followed Elder Lie Huo to the top floor of the treasure pavilion.

“Come, come, Xiaofei, see if you like any of these items,” Elder Lie Huo had led Wang Xiaofei to a corner on the third floor.

Here, several items had been displayed, each wrapped in a luxurious box. On the boxes, the names and main functions of the items had been written.

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Wang Xiaofei had looked over each item with considerable interest.

‘Cangmang Sword,’ a High-Grade Earth-Rank weapon, came with Heavenly Dao of Illusion, which even a Nine-Star Martial Spirit Realm practitioner would find hard to resist.

‘Peiling Pill,’ a High-Grade Earth-Rank elixir, had a certain chance of allowing a Nine-Star Martial Spirit Realm practitioner to break through to the Martial King Realm.

‘Zimang Whip,’ another High-Grade Earth-Rank weapon, came with Heavenly Dao of Wind, which could significantly increase attack speed, making it difficult for even a Nine-Star Martial Spirit Realm practitioner to dodge.

Each item had been excellent, but Wang Xiaofei had been unable to use them at his current level.

Wang Xiaofei had smiled bitterly to himself. Although he was confident, as a practitioner who had just stepped into the One-Star Martial Spirit Realm, he had had no way to refine these weapons. The ‘Peiling Pill’ had been even more useless to him.

“Xiaofei, come, look at this,” Elder Lie Huo had said at that moment, taking out a sphere that flickered with lightning from one of the boxes.

As soon as the sphere had emerged from the box, one could sense the robust Heavenly Dao of Thunder and Lightning emanating from it. It had been a far superior item compared to the scriptures that Elder Lei Shan had provided.

Wang Xiaofei’s expression had immediately turned serious.

The Thunder Palm Technique could allow one to comprehend the Heavenly Dao of Thunder and Lightning during cultivation. However, its usefulness to Wang Xiaofei had already diminished.

The sphere in front of him had displayed the elusive Heavenly Dao to the practitioner, which was quite rare.

Compared to that, the scriptures provided by Elder Lei Shan had been much more abstract.

“How much is this thunder sphere?” Wang Xiaofei had asked.

“50,000 Gold coins,” Elder Lie Huo had replied.

Wang Xiaofei had gasped. Fifty thousand gold coins equated to fifty million obsidian coins, far exceeding his financial capabilities.

Looking at the thunder sphere in Elder Lie Huo’s hand, Wang Xiaofei had even felt his own Heavenly Dao slowly improving.

“This is a good item, very good. I’ll keep it in mind,” Wang Xiaofei had said.

There had been many good items in the treasure pavilion, and Wang Xiaofei wouldn’t just settle for the thunder sphere, especially given the rare opportunity granted by the Dean.

As Wang Xiaofei had moved forward, Elder Lie Huo had followed closely. Whenever Wang Xiaofei had hesitated in front of an item, Elder Lie Huo had immediately taken it out for him to ponder over, adding his own insights. This had made Wang Xiaofei feel somewhat overwhelmed by the unexpected favor.

However, overall, being taken care of like this had felt very good.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

The three of them hadn’t been in a rush, carefully pondering over each treasure. Several items had caught Wang Xiaofei’s interest, but making a choice had been difficult. After all, each of those items had been excellent and could have been very useful to him.

Just as they were about to finish examining the entire third floor, Wang Xiaofei’s gaze had suddenly sharpened, and a flash of ecstasy had been quickly suppressed.

Following his intuition, he had looked in a particular direction and had seen an inconspicuous small box placed in a corner. The complexity of the secret patterns on the box had clearly surpassed those on the other boxes.

“What is this?” Wang Xiaofei had walked over and pointed at the small box, asking.

At the same time, he had also looked at the description on the box.

“Bloodlust Bead.”

A Lower-Grade Profound-Rank item, it had collected the aura of death and had been extremely cold. It could capture souls, and if fully activated, even a Nine-Star Martial Spirit Realm practitioner would find it difficult to resist.

“This ‘Bloodlust Bead,’ as far as I know, had been accidentally acquired by an elder many years ago. That elder had been unable to refine it and had sold it to our Tianlong Academy. Actually, even the Dean hadn’t wanted it back then. He had accepted it only out of courtesy,” Elder Lie Huo had explained.

Suddenly, he had remembered something.

“Xiaofei, you’re not thinking about taking this ‘Bloodlust Bead,’ are you? The elder who had it before had been a Martial King Realm practitioner, and even he couldn’t refine it. You certainly can’t either,” Elder Lie Huo had said with a smile.

Wang Xiaofei had smiled faintly, pretending to be indifferent. However, his eyes had hidden a trace of fervor.

“Elder Lie Huo, could I take a look at it?”

“Hehe, you’re really curious about everything, aren’t you? Alright, I’ll let you take a look. But be careful; although the ‘Bloodlust Bead’ won’t attack on its own, the malevolent aura it carries is not to be underestimated. If you’re not careful, your soul could be damaged,” Elder Lie Huo had warned as he opened the small box.

A deep red bead had lain quietly inside. At first glance, it had appeared very ordinary. However, upon closer inspection, it had given one a headache-inducing sensation.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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