Super Random System
Super Random System Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Finally Arrived!

Seeing the calm and composed expression on Wang Xiaofei’s face, the landlord had grown even angrier.

He had wanted to rush forward, break Wang Xiaofei’s nose, knock out all his teeth, and then drive him out of Chengguang Town.

However, he had tried to charge forward a few times but had been held back by the landlady each time.

“This really is troublesome,” Wang Xiaofei had sighed internally, preparing to calmly speak with the landlord. After all, he knew the landlord had misunderstood him and shouldn’t just start a fight.



A loud noise had resonated.

Cries, screams, the sound of collapsing buildings, and arrogant laughter had all come at once.

Wang Xiaofei and the others had looked out the window and saw a figure soaring through the sky. A fearsome aura had been radiating from his body, resembling a demon and instilling fear in people.

“It’s him!”

“The demon who has slaughtered many villages.”

“He has finally come here after all.”

Everyone’s hearts had filled with dread. This demon had been a shadow over everyone’s peaceful lives for some time.

People had hoped that perhaps he would be killed by some strong practitioner.

Perhaps he wouldn’t come to Chengguang Town.

But he had come anyway.

Even the Nine-Star Warrior Realm Practitioners had felt a profound sense of powerlessness when they saw the figure in the sky.

In front of a Martial Spirit Realm expert, a Nine-Star Practitioner was nothing.

“Ah Hua, quickly hide, go to the wine cellar,” the landlord had yelled, attempting to push his wife away, only to find that his own body had grown weak.

Of course, all of this had happened in an instant. Just when the people of Chengguang Town had begun to feel desperate.


Another ‘boom’ had sounded.

The landlord had been knocked down by the intense force. Then he saw the young man whom he had wanted to reprimand had already soared into the sky, rapidly flying toward that airborne demon.

“He, he’s also a Martial Spirit Realm expert!!!” The landlord had gone even softer, feeling warmth between his legs from sheer fright.

What had he been thinking?

He had wanted to break the nose and knock out the teeth of a Martial Spirit Realm expert. If that expert had gotten angry, he would probably have been buried without a trace.

Thinking about how he had just been at death’s door, the landlord’s heart had raced, his face turning pale.

On the other side, Wang Xiaofei hadn’t been aware of the landlord’s mental shift at the moment. Or perhaps, he hadn’t had the leisure to consider these things, his eyes glaring ahead.

“Stop!” Wang Xiaofei had yelled.

Opposite him, Kong Yun had glanced at Wang Xiaofei.

“Oh? There’s actually a young Martial Spirit Realm practitioner, probably just broke through recently. What a pity, you’ve met me.” Kong Yun had dismissively glanced at Wang Xiaofei, not taking him seriously at all.

He is a two star martial spirit. Dealing with a one star martial spirit is still very easy.


This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Meanwhile, Kong Yun had effortlessly killed dozens of villagers with a punch, grinning cruelly as he looked at the panicked people below. But Wang Xiaofei had already reached him, wielding his Panlong Sword and releasing Middle-Grade Earth-Rank combat technique “Thundebolt.”

Wang Xiaofei had been at the peak of the One-Star Martial Spirit Realm, but his understanding of heavenly dao of thunder and lightning was comparable to a Three-Star Martial Spirit Realm expert. Coupled with the bonuses from his Panlong Sword, his actual strength had far surpassed a regular Two-Star Martial Spirit Realm expert.

Kong Yun hadn’t expected Wang Xiaofei to be this fast. Two Thunderbolts had instantly appeared beside him. Kong Yun’s face had changed drastically; a punch with a fiery glow had met the two Thunderbolts, resulting in a powerful impact that had sent him flying, hands trembling and mouth bleeding.

Seeing Wang Xiaofei’s true strength, Kong Yun had been shocked and had chosen to flee. Wang Xiaofei had then pursued him, using his Earth-Rank Middle-Grade combat technique Nine Thunder’s Grasp, which naturally had high speed.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

However, Wang Xiaofei had not been in a rush to kill Kong Yun right there. Because both of their cultivation levels had been so powerful, if they lost control, they would harm the innocent and cause many villagers to die.

“Not good, the demon is coming. Run, run, run!”

“Hide, quick!”

“My brother!!!”

Below, the people of Chenguang Town had been running around frantically, screaming and shouting, each scared out of their wits.

Suddenly, someone had noticed something was off.

Why had the demon attacked only a couple of times and then stopped?

Moreover, a huge noise had come from the sky.

These people had looked up and seen a young man in white, standing in mid-air. With a swing of his sword, two streaks of electric light had flashed by, and the demon had been forced to retreat. Even his mouth had been bleeding profusely.

Immediately after, the demon had quickly fled.

“Our savior!!!”

“Thank you for saving our lives!”

One by one, the villagers of Chenguang Town had knelt down. They had known that, without Wang Xiaofei, most of them would have died. Even if they had miraculously survived, their loved ones would have perished.

Therefore, when they had seen Wang Xiaofei drive away the demon, each person’s heart had been filled with immense gratitude. Many had knelt down involuntarily after their narrow escape from death.




The two figures had quickly left Chenguang Town.

At that moment, Wang Xiaofei had noticeably increased his attack pace. With a flicker, he had quickly closed in on Kong Yun.

“Boom, boom, boom.” Wang Xiaofei’s Panlong Sword had been attacking Kong Yun continuously, leaving Kong Yun in complete disarray and unable to dodge at all.

“Who the hell are you?!!!” Kong Yun had roared, his eyes now filled with the fear of death.

“That’s exactly what I want to ask you. Who are you?” Wang Xiaofei’s voice had been icy cold.

“Hahahahaha.” Kong Yun had burst into maniacal laughter. He had seemed extremely deranged, like a mad demon. In his eyes, there had been a sort of fanatical belief, similar to those in the ‘cults’ of past lifetimes, which had made Wang Xiaofei’s heart skip a beat.


Wang Xiaofei had roared and suddenly increased the ferocity of his attacks. However, unlike earlier, his focus had now been on Kong Yun’s limbs. It had seemed as if he did not intend to kill Kong Yun, but merely to disable him.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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