Super Random System
Super Random System Chapter 88

Chapter 88: The Omnipotent Sect

With a crackle of electricity, a bolt of lightning arrow had mercilessly struck Kong Yun’s arm.

“Zizz zizz.”

Although Kong Yun had used his qi to protect his body, he simply couldn’t withstand Wang Xiaofei’s attack.

After a series of sharp cracking sounds, the smell of scorched flesh filled the air. Instantly, that arm of his had drooped down, unable to be lifted again.


Another muffled noise resounded as a lightning arrow blasted Kong Yun’s left leg apart, sending blood and flesh flying everywhere. Kong Yun’s face had already turned deathly pale.

“Boom, boom, boom.”

Wang Xiaofei’s attacks were relentless. At this point, Kong Yun had already lost his ability to counterattack. However, he was not afraid, but rather kept shouting.

“Master will avenge me.”

“You despicable human, wait for your death!”

“You will be torn to pieces by Master!!!”

Curses came out one after another, as if he himself wasn’t human.

Finally, under Wang Xiaofei’s ferocious attack, Kong Yun couldn’t hold on any longer. He had tumbled and fallen to the ground, his breath weak, clearly on the brink of death.

At that moment, a black mist had suddenly surged from Wang Xiaofei’s body, instantly enveloping Kong Yun’s head.

Like water falling onto a sponge, the black mist had entered Kong Yun’s mind in an instant.

“Ahhh!!!” Kong Yun screamed. His maimed limbs struggled ceaselessly, as if encountering some great terror.

Soul Searching!

One of the mysterious applications of the Heavenly Dao of Shadow. However, Wang Xiaofei’s understanding of the Heavenly Dao of Shadow hadn’t been sufficient yet, so he had to exhaust Kong Yun until he was incapable of resisting before he could execute the technique.

Moments later, Wang Xiaofei’s face was as grave as still water. Rage burned in his eyes.


With a punch, Kong Yun was sent flying far away, crashing into a towering tree before heavily falling to the ground.

“These people all deserve to die!!!” Wang Xiaofei murmured in a low voice.

Just now, he had searched Kong Yun’s soul and had discovered some of Kong Yun’s secrets.

He had turned out to be a core disciple of a mysterious sect called the Omnipotent Sect, which worshipped magical beasts. They had a branch nearby, and Kong Yun had been a disciple in that branch.

“What trash!!!”

From Kong Yun’s soul, Wang Xiaofei had learned that he, along with all the other disciples of the Omnipotent Sect, had joined the sect willingly. Their aim was to acquire mysterious legacies to quickly enhance their cultivation levels.

However, it came at the cost of killing the innocent.

“These people all deserve to die!!!” Wang Xiaofei clenched his fists tightly, his knuckles even beginning to turn white.

From Kong Yun’s soul, Wang Xiaofei had found out the location of the branch and the strength of its members. After a brief consideration, he felt that there was a reasonable chance he could destroy the entire branch.

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At worst, Wang Xiaofei had thought, he should have no problem escaping with his life.

With that thought in mind, he began. A cold smile had formed on his lips as he had stored away Kong Yun’s storage ring and then headed toward the Hengyang City branch of the Omnipotent Sect.

Along the way, Wang Xiaofei had checked Kong Yun’s storage ring and had found a treasure with a function similar to that of the ‘Bloodlust Bead.’ It could store the vital energy of the deceased. However, the grade of this treasure had been far inferior compared to the ‘Bloodlust Bead.’ Furthermore, the stored vital energy had not been much.

Although the practitioners from the Omnipotent Sect had often massacred entire villages, the vital energy value from low-grade practitioners had been too low. After Wang Xiaofei had absorbed the energy in the treasure, he had only gained a bit over 30,000 points of vital energy.

Suddenly, Wang Xiaofei had stopped abruptly. He had pretended to nonchalantly sit by the root of a towering tree, but a glint of cold light had flashed in the depths of his eyes.

After he had executed the Soul Search and had taken away Kong Yun’s storage ring from his finger, Wang Xiaofei had sensed an eerie, cold presence that had silently appeared and had followed him. He had been especially sensitive to this kind of presence since cultivating the Shadow Heavenly Dao.

Throughout the journey, this cold aura had tried to approach him at least a dozen times, to the point where Wang Xiaofei had even sensed a killing intent.

However, each time this had happened, Wang Xiaofei had quickened his pace, and the owner of this eerie aura had seemed hesitant to make a move immediately.

“Interesting. Someone wants to assassinate me?” Wang Xiaofei had pulled a blade of grass from the ground, put it in his mouth, and the somewhat bitter juice had invigorated him.

He had stretched, stood up, and slowly walked away.

Behind him, about several dozen meters away, Xue Ying had been frowning deeply.

Earlier, he had happened to be near Chengguang Town. When he had heard the battle sounds between Wang Xiaofei and Kong Yun and had hurried over, their fight had already concluded.

When Xue Ying had seen Wang Xiaofei’s face, he had been elated; this had been his target after all.

He had stealthily followed behind Wang Xiaofei, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

However, every time he had wanted to make a move, Wang Xiaofei had conveniently accelerated his pace. After a few occurrences, Xue Ying had started to wonder whether Wang Xiaofei had already discovered him.

That shouldn’t have been possible.

Xue Ying had been confident; he had been a three-star Martial Spirit Realm practitioner, and relying on the stealth technique passed down from the higher-ups of the Xuesha, he had even killed a four-star Martial Spirit Realm practitioner.

According to the information provided by the organization, Wang Xiaofei had been just a one-star Martial Spirit Realm practitioner; there was no way he could have detected him.

However, although Xue Ying had trusted himself and his stealth technique, he had grown more cautious, resolving not to make a move until he found the most suitable opportunity.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

As an excellent assassin, Xueying had always excelled in resilience and patience.

In this manner, Xueying had been following Wang Xiaofei for a considerable distance, covering at least a dozen miles.

Suddenly, Wang Xiaofei’s figure flashed, and he sped away rapidly.

“Hmm?” Xueying felt a slight surprise in his heart but hurriedly followed.

Turning past a foothill, Xueying was thrilled to find that Wang Xiaofei was standing with his back to him, hands at his waist, as a clear ‘stream’ noisily flowed forth.

Wang Xiaofei had been relieving himself!

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Xueying was immediately overjoyed.

“Damn, I’ve finally found my chance,” Xueying sneered.

Today, he had surpassed ordinary people in patience to find a golden opportunity.

As an excellent assassin, what was most important? Was it one’s own strength?

No, personal strength was just a basic requirement.

The most crucial aspect was having a heart that could withstand loneliness.

Being strong was meaningless because there would always be someone stronger. However, if one could endure solitude and be persistent, one could wait for the perfect assassination opportunity.

And now was that perfect moment!

Wang Xiaofei was in the process of fastening his belt, a time when a person’s mental focus was at its most relaxed.

“Die for me!” Cold light flickered in Xue Ying’s eyes as he suddenly burst out from his hiding spot. A blood-red dagger cut through the air and had almost instantly reached the back of Wang Xiaofei’s head.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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