Super Random System
Super Random System Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Xue Ying, Dead!

It was done!

A thrill had run through Xue Ying’s heart. Adrenaline had surged through his body, providing an exhilarating sensation he thoroughly enjoyed.

Every time he carried out a mission, it felt as exhilarating as conquering a beautiful woman for ordinary people. He had meticulously gathered information on his assassination targets beforehand. During the mission, he had practiced extreme patience, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike with the force of a thunderbolt.

The moment his dagger had pierced the body of his target was the moment Xue Ying had felt the most satisfaction.

Now, his dagger had been less than half a foot away from piercing Wang Xiaofei’s body.


A dull ‘thud.’


“Damn it!!!”

Xue Ying had felt something heavy slam into the back of his head. He had been thrown to the ground, his mind going blurry.

“This kid is too cunning!” Xue Ying had realized painfully just before losing consciousness.

By that time, Wang Xiaofei had quickly turned around, his ‘Panlong Sword’ swiftly slashing through the air.

“Crack, crack, crack.”

“Boom, boom, boom.”

In a series of moves, Xue Ying’s limbs had been shattered. Only then had Wang Xiaofei calmly collected his ‘Sanhuang Bricks’ into his storage ring.

“Assassin?” Wang Xiaofei had fastened his pants, the remaining urine casually splashing onto Xue Ying’s face.

“Wondering who would want to assassinate me,” Wang Xiaofei’s eyes had sparkled coldly.

Wang Xiaofei had always adhered to a strict policy against his enemies: an eye for an eye was not enough; he would go for the whole family.

Now that he had come to this continent, he had to follow the rules here.

A cloud of black mist had immediately enveloped Xue Ying, who had already become like a pile of mud, lying motionless on the ground.


Xue Ying had let out a horrific scream, as if undergoing endless torture. His shattered limbs had been flailing on the ground, scattering the surrounding rocks.

Gradually, his voice had gotten softer.

Yet, a profound smile had emerged on Wang Xiaofei’s face.

Wu Fa!

The Wu Family!

With a punch, Wang Xiaofei had killed Xue Ying.

The young man had casually walked into the distance with his hands behind his head.

“The war has begun. I am prepared. Wu Family, are you?” His voice had echoed softly, without a hint of anger.

However, a flock of birds had taken flight in the distance, their wings flapping as they soared away.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated


Xuesha Mountain.

Inside a secret chamber.


A soul tablet that had been placed on the altar had suddenly shattered, startling the young man who had been guarding it, causing him to swiftly run out.

“What is the matter?” A beautiful woman had walked out of the shadows, her eyebrows tightly furrowed.

“Xue Ying’s soul tablet has shattered,” the young man had said, a trace of panic in his voice.

A shattered soul tablet indicated that the assassin had died. Assassins from Xuesha Mountain had been experts at concealment and ambush. Those dispatched on missions had a 99% chance of success, making it exceedingly rare for a soul tablet to shatter.

Such events had been few and far between over the years.

Yet, today, one had shattered.

“Xue Ying?”

“From the task assigned by the Wu Family to assassinate Wang Xiaofei?” The beautiful mountain lord had furrowed her brows in surprise. This had been entirely unexpected. Wang Xiaofei couldn’t possibly have killed Xue Ying. Had Xue Ying encountered some accident? The beautiful mountain lord had been pondering in doubt.

However, this question clearly had no one to answer.

“Notify the Wu Family that the mission has failed. If they still wish for us to take action, tell them to prepare the Gold Coins and re-issue the task,” the beautiful mountain lord had said, her voice icy.

“Yes,” the young man had run off.

“How exactly did Xue Ying die?” In the silent cave, a low murmur had sounded.


Yaori City.

Wu Family.

Wu Fa had gone berserk, ceaselessly smashing various objects.

“Crash.” A valuable white jade vase had been thrown to the ground, shattering into countless pieces.

“Boom.” A chair made of golden silkwood had been kicked to pieces by him.

His eyes had been bloodshot, the veins on his neck bulging, and his hands had even begun to tremble uncontrollably.

Xuesha Mountain! You’ve pushed me too far!

Wu Fa had felt an impulse to storm Xuesha Mountain and enact a massacre.

A hundred thousand Gold coins!

It hadn’t been easy for him to muster that sum.

Yet, Xuesha Mountain had simply said ‘mission failed’ and swallowed it all? When asked for a reason, they had had nothing to say!

Damn it!

Wu Fa had been so furious that he had almost coughed up blood.

If it hadn’t been for…

If it hadn’t been for Xuesha Mountain’s overwhelming strength, Wu Fa wouldn’t have swallowed his anger so easily.

After venting his rage, Wu Fa had finally calmed down a bit.

His chest had been heaving, his fists clenched.

Since Xuesha Mountain couldn’t get the job done, he would do it himself. The Wu Family had plenty of individuals more capable than Wang Xiaofei. Originally, they had merely been cautious due to the laws of the Tianlong Empire and hadn’t wanted to stir up trouble.

Now, however, they could no longer afford such considerations.

“If you blame anyone, blame yourself for being blind!” In the night sky, Wu Fa had let out a cold laugh that had made one’s heart tremble.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated


“At the peak of an enormous tree that had stood over twenty meters tall, its canopy shading an area of hundreds of meters in diameter, Wang Xiaofei had just opened his eyes.

Every moment he could, Wang Xiaofei had never given up on cultivation. At that moment, he had been getting closer and closer to reaching the Two-Star Martial Spirit Realm.

His gaze had moved beyond the canopy to two large mountains in the distance, between which lay a deep valley. That valley had been the location of the Hengyang City branch of the Omnipotent Sect, a detail stored in the memory of his spiritual soul.

Three individuals at the Three-Star Martial Spirit Realm.

Twelve at the Two-Star Martial Spirit Realm.

Along with defensive formations and other unknown techniques only known to those three Three-Star Martial Spirits, the valley’s defense had been exceptionally strong.

It had seemed that rushing in recklessly wouldn’t be a wise course of action.

Wang Xiaofei had been calmly contemplating whether to wait for an opportunity or to break in aggressively, relying on his various trump cards.

Although Wang Xiaofei had been only a One-Star Martial Spirit, he had been confident that, with various rewards exchanged through his random reward system, he could easily kill a Three-Star Martial Spirit.

However, whether he could break through the defenses in the valley, face so many formidable opponents at once, and whether it had been necessary to use his trump cards, Wang Xiaofei had needed to consider carefully.

Just then, a cacophony of noise had suddenly come from afar.

A dozen or so youths had been flying toward him.

Excitement had filled the faces of these youths. They had looked much like the young people from Wang Xiaofei’s previous life who would go out in groups to enjoy nature during a splendid season.

They had been elegantly dressed, each one of them strong and extremely confident.

‘Swoosh swoosh swoosh.’

Soon, these people had flown to the area below the giant tree.

‘Finally, we’re almost at the Omnipotent Sect. This time, we’ll wipe them all out and leave the entire student body of Tianlong Academy in awe,’ a youth with a purple face had exclaimed loudly.”


This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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