Super Random System
Super Random System Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Please Grant Me Strength!

At the top of a towering tree that had stood over twenty meters tall, its canopy covering a radius of more than a hundred meters, Wang Xiaofei had been sitting on a large branch. He had slowly opened his eyes.

Every moment, as long as there had been an opportunity, Wang Xiaofei had never given up on cultivating. By this moment, he had been getting closer and closer to reaching the Two-Star Martial Spirit Realm.

His gaze had moved beyond the canopy to two distant mountains, separated by a deep valley. In his soul’s memories, he had known that the Hengyang branch of the Omnipotent Sect was located within that valley.

Three Three-Star Martial Spirits.

Twelve Two-Star Martial Spirits.

And the defensive formations, along with other measures known only to those three Three-Star Martial Spirits, had made the valley’s defenses very strong.

Rushing in recklessly had not seemed like a good idea.

Wang Xiaofei had been calmly pondering whether to wait for an opportunity or to forcefully make his way in relying on his various trump cards.

Although Wang Xiaofei had only been a One-Star Martial Spirit, he had been confident that with the various rewards he had gotten from the random reward system, he could easily defeat a Three-Star Martial Spirit.

However, whether he could break through the defenses in the valley, and whether it was necessary to use his trump cards at this point, Wang Xiaofei had still needed to carefully consider.

Just then, a sudden commotion had come from the distance.

A group of more than ten youths had flown over.

The youths had been full of excitement, resembling the young people from Wang Xiaofei’s previous life, who would go out in small groups to enjoy nature during the glorious spring season. They had been elegantly dressed, each one powerful and full of confidence.

Soon, these people had flown down below the tree.

“We’re finally about to reach the Hengyang branch of the Omnipotent Sect. This time, we’ll eliminate them completely, making all the disciples of Tianlong Academy admire us,” a youth with a purple face had loudly said.

“Yin Hong, be careful with your words; walls have ears,” a disciple from Tianlong Academy in Hengyang City had reminded him.

Yin Hong had sneered dismissively. “We’re almost at the Omnipotent Sect’s Hengyang branch. Who could hear us in these desolate hills? Even if someone does, they’re probably from the Omnipotent Sect, and we can just kill them.”

Just as he was saying this, Yin Hong had looked up and found a young man smiling bitterly at him from the top of the tree.

“Who are you?” Yin Hong had asked, his voice sinking.

“Ah, I really was just passing by,” Wang Xiaofei had answered helplessly.

“Did you hear what we were just talking about?” Yin Hong had continued, feeling as if a million ants had just run over his heart.

“How could I not hear you when you were speaking so loudly?” Wang Xiaofei had shrugged.

Yin Hong had assumed Wang Xiaofei was mocking him and, filled with rage, had flown into the air to throw a punch at Wang Xiaofei.

Their fists had collided in mid-air, and Yin Hong had fallen to the ground even faster than he had risen, stepping back several times uncontrollably.

This had shocked the Tianlong Academy disciples who had come with him from Hengyang City.

Wang Xiaofei had seemed young, so they hadn’t taken him seriously. Yet, his strength had turned out to be greater than Yin Hong’s.

Wang Xiaofei’s hearty laughter had echoed as he disappeared into the sky, leaving the Tianlong Academy disciples with no way to track him.

Sighing deeply, Yin Hong had punched the tree trunk, aware that he had created a big problem.

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The young man’s identity was unknown. If he really belonged to the Omnipotent Sect, the leak of their information could have resulted in additional casualties, or even failure, during their attack on the Omnipotent Sect’s Hengyang branch. All of this had been caused by Yin Hong’s carelessness.

“Enough, discussing this now is pointless. We must attack the Omnipotent Sect’s Hengyang branch as quickly as possible to avoid any mishaps,” said a handsome young man in a grave voice.

He was known as He Jun, a prodigious disciple from the Tianlong Academy in Hengyang City, and currently was at the Three-Star Martial Spirit Realm. He was also the leader of this operation.

Upon hearing what He Jun had said, no one else had anything to add.

At He Jun’s command, a dozen figures shot like arrows toward a distant valley.

Not far behind them, Wang Xiaofei cautiously peeked out, his gaze distant, lost in thought.

“Boom. Boom, boom.”

From afar, earth-shaking sounds erupted, as if the world itself was trembling. It was He Jun and the others who had begun their assault on the Omnipotent Sect’s Hengyang branch. Before coming, they had made full preparations and had already broken through the defense formation of the area.

“Hahaha, and here I thought the Omnipotent Sect’s Hengyang branch would be formidable. It turns out they are nothing,” Yin Hong laughed uproariously. He was holding a long spear and marched forward with great momentum.

Behind him, the disciples from Hengyang City’s Tianlong Academy also displayed proud expressions. They were all elites.

Hundreds of thousands resided in Hengyang City, but the Tianlong Academy only had a few thousand disciples, each a rare gem. At the moment, none of them took the assault on the Omnipotent Sect’s Hengyang branch lightly.

And since the attack had gone smoothly so far, it seemed that their plans hadn’t been leaked, which made them even more confident.

“Who are these people?!”

“Who dares to act so arrogantly?!”

Angry roars resounded.

Soon after, a dozen figures flew from various parts of the valley. They wore the same attire as Kong Yun and wore furious expressions.

Seeing that their defensive formation had also been broken, these people became increasingly frenzied.


“Kill them!”

“For the Omnipotent God!”

“Boom, boom, boom.”

The ferocious attacks made Yin Hong and the others change color.

“Eliminate them all!” He Jun’s deep voice echoed in everyone’s minds through soul transmission.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.”

The disciples from Tianlong Academy dispersed in all directions. After dodging the first wave of attacks from the Omnipotent Sect’s Hengyang branch, they began to counter-attack.


Like a spear piercing through a balloon, the long spear in Yin Hong’s hand rotated rapidly. Within the blink of an eye, it reached one of the disciples of the Omnipotent Sect.


This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Their furious assault made Yin Hong and the others change their expressions.

A muffled sound followed, and a large hole had been pierced through the arm of the Omnipotent Sect disciple.

“Ahh!!! For the Sect Master!!!”

That disciple screamed hysterically, seemingly unable to feel the pain, even more crazed than Kong Yun had been when fighting Wang Xiaofei.

Perhaps it was because the disciples of the Tianlong Academy had put tremendous pressure on them from the get-go, making them realize that there was no escape unless they fought desperately.


A counter-stroke flashed with a bright silver light, narrowly missing Yin Hong’s scalp and leaving him with goosebumps on the back of his neck.

“Holy shit!” Yin Hong screamed, shocked, his previous contempt for the disciples of the Omnipotent Sect lessening.


From a distance, a scream was heard. It turned out that He Jun had already killed one of the Omnipotent Sect disciples.

He Jun was a Three-Star Martial Spirit Realm practitioner, while these Omnipotent Sect disciples were only Two-Star Martial Spirit Realm practitioners; naturally, they were no match for him.

At the same time, several other Three-Star Martial Spirit Realm disciples from Tianlong Academy also killed their respective opponents. They charged at the remaining Omnipotent Sect disciples, and the situation quickly tilted in favor of the Tianlong Academy disciples.

If they had had more time, they would have surely killed all these Omnipotent Sect disciples.

“Hahaha, the intelligence report made them sound so formidable. They seem rather ordinary to me,” Yin Hong sneered, looking disdainfully at the now-disarrayed disciples of the Omnipotent Sect.

At that moment, high up in the valley, there was a huge cave.

Inside the cave, three individuals dressed like Omnipotent Sect disciples were seated cross-legged. They were swiftly but meticulously moving their arms, and mysterious symbols appeared in the air before absorbing into their bodies.


A deep roar, as if from the depths of ancient hell, suddenly made everyone’s hearts sink.

Upon hearing this sound, the faces of those three Omnipotent Sect disciples showed ecstatic expressions.

“Great Omnipotent God, please bestow upon me your strength!” Their mutterings were devout and mysterious.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated


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