The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs
The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs Chapter 1.1

At the city police building, there was a large office on the 8th floor facing south. It was spacious and bright, luxuriously decorated, with computers, printers, copiers, electronic whiteboards, large screens and other office equipment, even the desks and chairs were all made from high-grade materials.

On that office door, a golden doorplate was nailed indicating that it was the special case team’s office.

The SCT, whose full name is the Special Case Team, only takes on strange and difficult to solve cases.

This was what Director Geng Bo said to Xia Fan when she first joined the bureau office.

Even though Xia Fan heard these words, she still entered the Special Case Team!

But she didn’t expect that the main job of this team is indeed to deal with strange and unconventional crime cases!

However, what case could be considered on par with their criteria of selection was up to the Bureau to decide on.

Xia Fan has been working there for two months and so far there was not a single case dubbed as “strange or unconventional”.

In other words, she has been idle for two months, and based on her observations, she felt that it is very likely that she will continue to idle indefinitely.

Xia Fan was the daughter of Xia Zheng, the chairman of the top three ranked Huaxia Group in China.

She has always been a smart kid.

In junior high school, she was hooked on mystery detective novels and dramas.

In college she was even more out of control, although at the request of Xia Zheng, she had gone abroad to study business administration, but she had also secretly enrolled in a criminal investigation program.

While she had to get good grades in business administration, she also had to run to another school without telling her father!

Her life abroad, juggling two different studies was very hard, but Xia Fan is a persevering person and she finally returned home after graduating from both schools.

After some long arguments with her family, she finally got to work at the police station as she wished, but she did not expect her father to set her up like this, coaxing her to sit on the cold bench.

In addition to Xia Fan, there are two other members of the Special Case Team.

One was called Li Hong General, known as Little Li Zi. He is not very tall and seems to barely make 1.6 m Xia Fan feels that if she wore high heels, she would be obviously taller than him by at least half a head.

Little Li Zi had a frail and thin constitution. He looked like those petty thieves bandits. It was said that he have been ostracized before being sent to the Special Case Team.

The other team member is Mo Yun, who contrary to his gentle name is a 1.88 m big man with a rounded and thick waist.

When Li Hong and him stood side by side, they would look like dragon brother and mouse brother. It goes without saying that he too looked like an offender.

The first time Xia Fan saw the two of them, she thought that the rest of the group had gone out on the field to handle a case, but that was not it.

This so-called Special Case Team is really only the three of them.

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