The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs
The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs Chapter 1.2

Xia Fan was not really bothered by this.

At that time, her enthusiasm made her ideally renovate this big office and she also equipped it with the best supplies.

However, It has been already two months and she had yet to touch a single case.

Last week, she finally could not resist and went knocking on the director’s office door to have a showdown with Geng Bo claiming that if there is no case to investigate within a week, she will ask for a transfer to the District’s Criminal Investigation Team.

Of course Geng Bo would not agree to this, he had promised his old friend Xia Zheng that he would take good care of Xia Fan, so how could he send her to such a dangerous place.

Finally, Geng Bo promised that he would pick a case for the Special Case Team by next week.

Today is Tuesday, the morning sun is just right, Xia Fan took a fashion magazine and sat in a big lounge chair by the window to pass time, she is waiting to see if Uncle Geng can keep his word.

At 10.05, the door of the Special Case Team was gently knocked twice.

Geng Bo led a tall young man into the room. The man appeared to be in his early thirties. He looked about 1.8 m tall with short hair and bright eyes, actually, a little too bright, coupled with a slightly quirked mouth, seemingly smiling, making Xia Fan think that he was being frivolous.

Geng Bo entered the room and began to introduce him: ” This person is called Han Zecheng, originally the youngest Interpol agent in China, solved countless cases, first-class ability, and now transferred back to be the head of the city bureau’s Special Case Team.”

Geng Bo said that the bureau attaches great importance to the Special Case Team and thus has put one of its outstanding members at its service and also said things like: “I hope everyone can work hard together to solve this case seriously” and so on and on for like another ten minutes.

Han Zecheng laughed at Geng Bo’s words: “Director Geng, your words can be so euphemistic sometimes. To put it bluntly, I’m a good cop. I had a case I wanted to solve. My superior told me to let it go so I quit.”

“Director Geng couldn’t bear to see me out on the streets, and it just so happened that the legendary Special Case Team had to have a case to work on. Director Geng also wanted someone to take care of the rookie Missy and the Brothers Dragon and Rat combo. So in order to save him some troubles, I have been given the position of team leader. It is quite logical and it’s the best outcome for all parties involved.”

He pretended not to see the four people in the room staring at him, and just threw a few file folders on the table, he then pulled over a chair to sit across from them and said: “This is a big deal. The first case assigned to the Special Case Team, so if you’re interested, you can study it, but if you’re not, the Bureau won’t be too anxious.” He squeezed his eyes at Geng Bo and grinned: “Isn’t that right, Director Geng? “

Geng Bo coughed twice and said in a serious manner: “Although this case can seem easy to solve, there are still quite a few doubts, so let’s study it carefully.”

Xia Fan ignored all of this, she couldn’t wait to turn the file over, the case she had been waiting for, ah it is finally here and she had to take a good look at it.

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