The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs
The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs Chapter 1.3

As Xia Fan kept on reading, her brow furrowed and she couldn’t help but shout: “She was possessed by a ghost? What do you mean “possessed”? What the hell is this case ?”

Han Zecheng laughed and mimicking her tone, turned to Geng Bo and asked: “What kind of case is this? “Being possessed by a ghost”?”     

Geng Bo glared and said:” A special Case refers to an unusual and unconventional case. How else would it be given to you? And anyway, of course, this thing about being possessed by a ghost is only just the suspect’s defense tactic.”

“The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea to keep it. The case was pretty simple. The suspect was arrested on the crime scene. Though her reaction was a little strange, but it’s true that she stabbed the victim 27 times. It was pretty brutal. There was also an eyewitness. They said that she was pretty calm when she did it. So basically the case is closed. It’s just that there are some suspicions in there that can’t be explained. So…..”    

Han Zecheng snatched the end of the sentence before he could finish it: “So you gave it to our special team to have fun with it. Right?”    

Geng Bo glared again: “So such a weird case can only be handed over to you. You have to work hard and solve it successfully.” After he finished what he had to say, he walked away with heavy steps.    

Little Li Zi and Mo Yun looked at each other and said: “The current suspect has all the evidence against her. There is an eyewitness, a motive and the murder weapon. They also said that the case can be pretty much closed. So what else is there to investigate?”

Xia Fan finished reading the file seriously and thought for a while.

Then, her eyes light up and said:” This case, indeed, has something to investigate.”    

She ran to the whiteboard, posted on it a few bloody photos from the crime scene that she took from the file folder and then quickly started writing a few lines besides them.

She wrote:    

Suspect: Liao Xiaoqing, 25 years old, 1.58 m tall and weighs 42 kg. Unemployed, psychiatric patient with PTSD.    

Deceased: Wang Rui, 50 years old, 1.78 m tall and weighs 93 kg. Former security guard for a company next to the alley on Xiaonan Street, resigned seven years ago.     

Cause of death: 27 knives stabs in the body, died on the spot, no other injuries.    

While writing, she said: “Liao Xiaoqing reported a rape case seven years ago, saying that when she was coming home from school in the afternoon, someone abused her in this alley in Xiaonan Street. She was a minor at the time.”

“After the incident, she ran home and took a bath but because she was so scared after what happened, she burned her clothes. Her sister Liao Xiaoyu found out about this when she came back home and took her to the police to report it.”

“Liao Xiaoqing clearly saw the criminal’s face, recognized the nearby security guard, but she didn’t know his name. Fortunately, she was studying painting. Yes, after she calmed down a bit, she drew a sketch of the other person’s face. It was Wang Rui. However, that day was Wang Rui’s day off, and Wang Rui’s wife confirmed that Wang Rui had been at home, so he had an alibi. Apart from her own testimony, Liao Xiaoqing couldn’t come up with any evidence, so this case certainly cannot be established. Liao Xiaoqing got post-traumatic stress disorder because of this matter and 1 year later her sister Liao Xiaoyu took her and moved away from that neighborhood.”    

Mo Yun Scratched his head and said: “This was her motive for committing the crime. Revenge, very convincing, and even the location is meaningful.”    

Little Li Zi also agreed:” Even if it took her seven years to do it, it’s still reasonable and logical, it leaves no room for doubt really.”    

Xia Fan turned around, swiped and pulled the map down, pressed a marked pin in the alley of Xiaonan Street, and pressed another at Liao Xiaoqing’s current address, at Donghua Road and said:

“Liao Xiaoqing’s current address is nearly 20 kilometers away from Xiaonan Street. People with post-traumatic stress disorder are timid, sensitive and tend to overreact, they also have a lot of reluctance to be with the person or the place related to their trauma. So, normally, due to this kind of mental instability, she would have little contact with people and seldom go out alone. Yet, curiously enough, at the crime scene, there were only her and the deceased. It was only after her arrest that her sister realized she wasn’t home. So…How did she go to Xiaonan Street alley by herself and coincidentally also happened to have a knife with her. And then, after meeting her enemy, a big guy like Wang Rui, how did she manage to fight him off and then kill him?” 

Little Li Zi thought for a while and then said:

“It’s not that hard to explain. She has a premeditated plan. She might have bought a dagger some time ago and every day when no one was home, she could have secretly went around the alley on Xiaonan Street to see if she could run into anyone who had bullied her. That day, she happened to run into one, so she did it.”

But Liao Xiaoqing was caught red-handed and all the physical evidence pointed to her, making the case very clear.

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