The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs
The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs Chapter 2.4

At this point Xia Fan felt discouraged, the older sister’s answers were perfect, there is no flaw or inconsistency with what was recorded on the case file.

It seems that only the murderer, Liao Xiaoqing, knows the whole truth, but the latter still insists that she doesn’t remember what happened.

The evidence was solid and she was arrested on the spot.

So is this really a closed case that doesn’t need to be investigated any further?

After Han Zecheng finished checking out the house, he went to use the bathroom.

Then he suddenly asked: “Miss Liao, are you two sisters the only ones in your family? Do you have any other relatives?”

“No there aren’t any more relatives, my parents passed away in a car accident 10 years ago.”

“Then you are taking care of your sister all by yourself. That’s pretty tough! By the way, how much does a house in this area cost?”

Liao Xiaoyu froze for a second but she quickly took hold of herself and said somewhat cautiously: “It’s not cheap, when my parents passed away, they had left us my sister and me a sum of money.”

Han Zecheng smiled and then asked a few more questions concerning Liao Xiaoqing’s health condition, and asked for the phone number of her attending doctor, then took leave with Xia Fan.

Liao Xiaoyu was escorting them to the door when Han Zecheng suddenly asked again: “Miss Liao, after Wang Rui’s death, did his family ever look for you? Or have you been approached about a settlement through a lawyer or something?”

Liao Xiaoyu was stunned and shook her head quickly: “No, I entrusted everything to my lawyer, I didn’t hear him say there was such a thing.”

Han Zecheng nodded and returned to the car with Xia Fan.

“What does Team Leader Han think about this?”

“This woman is a mistress, should we find out who is her sugar daddy?”

“How do you know that she is a mistress? Can’t she be in a normal relationship with a rich man?”

“She didn’t say a word about having a boyfriend, and there were no pictures with him in the photos displayed in the house, but there was a razor in her bathroom and a pair of men’s slippers in the shoe cupboard by the door. She wasn’t forthright enough when I mentioned the house price, and she chose to stress out the fact that her parents had left them money, which showed she has a guilty conscience.”

The two returned to the police station and found that unexpectedly Little Li Zi and Mo Yun had some good news.

It turns out that Wang Rui’s wife, Pan Li, had applied for an accidental death insurance policy of 3 million within a week of Wang Rui’s death, and interestingly, after she received the money, she did a transfer of 10,000 Yuan to the account of a certain Feng Zhengyang.

After some investigation, it was found that this Feng Zhengyang has a fortune-telling studio; in fact, to put it bluntly, he is what you would call a medium, he claims, among other things, to speak to the ghosts, destroy bad luck and predict the future.

The news revived Xia Fan’s spirit and she said: “That’s great, so it’s very likely that Pan Li killed her husband for money, paid off Feng Zhengyang, and did some scheming to have Wang Rui killed by Liao Xiaoqing. This way, there is evidence and motive for the murder, and her insurance money would be secured and safe.”

The more she thought about it, the more excited she was, so she marked these important points on the whiteboard again.

“Sounds reasonable, but there has to be evidence to prove that she and that Feng Zhengyang did control Liao Xiaoqing and Wang Rui, prompting the murder. Also, why did she pick Liao Xiaoqing? While having a case from seven years ago as a backdrop seems like a credible motive, it’s too cumbersome and complicated to operate, and complicated means easy to make mistakes. It would have been simpler for them to just find a small thief to do it and claim it was an accidental death caused by a robbery.”

Han Zecheng then said: “Little Li Zi, Da Yun, you guys go keep an eye on Pan Li, check her activities and whereabouts in the period before the murder, what was she doing on May 17th? Also, besides Feng Zhengyang, look at what other suspicious people she’s had contact with.”

He went to the whiteboard, drew a line between Pan Li and Liao Xiaoqing, and put a question mark on the line: “If the main culprit is her, why did she choose Liao Xiaoqing? And how did she manage not to get noticed by Liao Xiaoyu who is constantly by her sister’s side? I’ll check again Liao Xiaoyu’s side.”

Xia Fan said: “Then I will check on Feng Zhengyang.”

“Of course, there is no one better suited for this task!”

“And why is that?”

“Those who are in the profession of fortune-telling are very fond of the rich.”

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