The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs Chapter 3.1

The next day, Xia Fan drove an Audi S8 to meet with Han Zecheng, the latter who was waiting for her at a coffee shop, whistled with a smile when he saw her coming.

Xia Fan quickly parked the car, got out and waved at Han Zecheng, then she walked to the back seat and got into the car.

Han Zecheng got into the car and said: “I thought I was playing the role of your boyfriend, that’s why I especially dressed so handsomely to match you today.”

Xia Fan rudely replied: “My driver dresses no worse than this when he comes to work.”

Han Zecheng was amused: “You’re so blunt.”

“That’s fine” Xia Fan was a bit old-fashioned.  

“What story did you think of?” Han Zecheng began to confirm the plan with her.

“The classic hero’s grudge.”

The two of them reached Feng Zhengyang’s studio without incident.

It was actually an old residential building, a few old men were sitting under a tree playing chess, and there was also a small separate shop on the floor below where a few people were buying cold drinks and chatting.

Han Zecheng acted like a standard chauffeur and bodyguard, opened the car door for the lady and escorted her upstairs.

Once inside the building, he approached Xia Fan and whispered: “This building has an aura, and I’ve been affected by it. I can see that Master Feng has already foreseen our arrival, he will greet you warmly, and he will also know about our relationship as a couple even though we appear to be just a master and her servant.”

As he was saying this, the two arrived at the 5th floor.

Han Zecheng didn’t give Xia Fan a chance to speak, he took her hand and said with a normal volume: “Don’t be nervous, I’m here.”

As he said that, he also affectionately took a stray hair on her cheek and pinned it behind her ear for her.

Before Xia Fan could react, the door opened.

A young man stood at the door and asked: “The two of you are here to see Master Feng, right? Master knew there would be guests coming and asked me to come and greet them.”

Xia Fan and Han Zecheng looked at each other and walked in.

The young man walked to the door of a room inside and said: “Master, the guests have arrived; it is indeed a man and a woman.”

“It’s a young man, right?” A calm male voice came from inside, speaking with such accuracy without even looking, it almost had a deity demeanor.

“Yes” The young apprentice answered in a respectful tone.  

“Well then, invite them in.”

The young apprentice did as he was instructed and made an inviting gesture to Xia Fan and Han Zecheng.

When Xia Fan looked at Han Zecheng, she suddenly felt that she understood the meaning in his eyes, so she said: “I’ll go in by myself, you wait for me outside.”

As expected, Han Zecheng was quick to respond: “Okay.”

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