The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs
The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs Chapter 3.2

Xia Fan entered the back room and saw a man in his forties with a ponytail on the back of his head and wearing a long robe.

She opened her mouth and greeted him: “You are Master Feng, right?”

Feng Zhengyang nodded and pointed to the chair indicating her to sit and said: “The reason Miss has come here, I’m sure is for the sake of wealth.”

Xia Fan smiled: “Master is smart, but why wouldn’t have come for the sake of life and death.”

“Miss was born wealthy, must have been born in a wealthy family. You have the seal of joy in the corner of your eyes. It is the seal of honey luck in love, but the seal is not deep, the lines are short, must be a hard road to love.”

“In addition, the seal is bright indicating that you have no worries about life. However, the line that points all the way to your forehead above the top of your eyebrow is gradually becoming darker, which means you’ve had bad luck recently and it must be related to money.”

“Master is indeed very discerning. These are all correct, and I would like to ask Master to give me specific instructions.”

“What is the Miss’s birth date?”

Xia Fan reported a number, and then watched Feng Zhengyang pinch his fingers to count in a dignified manner; he then took a brush to write something on a piece of paper.

After a while, Feng Zhengyang put down his pen and said: “I’ll start with Miss Feelings.”

“You have a relationship of master and servant with the one you love. There are many obstacles to your love. Wanting to be together, I’m afraid would not be easy.”

“Your boyfriend moves around a lot. I’m thinking he is in the transportation service. A driver or a security guard, something like that? Am I wrong in what I said?”

Xia Fan looked surprised and kept saying yes, but in her heart she thought that this Han Zecheng was really right about everything.

Feng Zhengyang continued: “You are master and servant lovers, so there is a lot of pressure from home. Your family must be wary of this person’s intentions, and I’m sure there is also some dispute over money matters in Miss’s family right now.”

He then stopped, paused for a while, and slowly asked: “Something weird has been going on lately, hasn’t it?”

Xia Fan nodded repeatedly: “Yes, yes, Master is so right. I have another brother in the family, but my father dotes on me more.”

“Originally, he agreed on the distribution of property, and the will has already been made. But after I got with my boyfriend, my brother tried his best to incite conflict between me and my dad.”

“I’ve been feeling confused lately, and sometimes it seems like I’m doing one thing, but then I wake up and I’m in another place. For example, one time I remember sleeping in my room, but I woke up and found myself standing in the kitchen with the gas on. Another time I was clearly watching TV, but I suddenly woke up to find myself in the bathroom with a razor in my hand, and I don’t remember a thing about what happened in the process.”

With fear in her voice, she said to Feng Zhengyang: “Master Feng, I’m afraid that my brother has found someone to do black magic and control my actions with voodoo to make me die or commit suicide or something like that.”

“My friend said that you are very powerful and introduced me to you, you must help me, you can ask for the amount you want, I can afford it.”

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