The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs
The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs Chapter 3.3

Feng Zhengyang pinched his fingers and started counting again. 

He then looked seriously at Xia Fan’s face and said: “I’m afraid that it’s really a ghost’s doing, the situation you’re describing is exactly what being possessed by a ghost does to a person.”

“To completely remove it, it is necessary to perform a ritual ceremony. This matter should not be delayed. There would be fear for your life if this keeps going on any longer.”

Feng Zhengyang then began to explain the dangers of being possessed by a ghost and the necessity and urgency f performing rituals to purify the soul.

Xia Fan acted as if she was afraid and asked to do it tonight.

Feng Zhengyang looked embarrassed and said: “This spell casting is very draining, it should have been prepared for seven hundred and forty-nine days to be done right, but Miss your current situation is very serious, so I’ll do all it takes to have it done as soon as possible.”

Xia Fan smiled and started talking with Feng Zhengyang about the arrangements, and also asked him about how much this ritual would cost.

Feng Zhengyang pulled a load of merit money that’s used as offerings to the spirits and said that the amount of money offered shows the sincerity of the person asking for help and that the greater the amount is, the better the results would be.

Xia Fan felt disgusted, but still showed a face full of sincerity and said money would not be a problem then.

Feng Zhengyang thanked Xia Fan and then invited her to the living room for her to pay the merit money, do a registration and leave her contact information.

He then told her that he would call her once he has everything ready.

Xia Fan got up and took two steps, then turned back and said: “Master, I can’t bear the thought of my brother treating me so badly, I wonder if Master can do me another favor?”

“Please say.”

“I’d like to do the same thing to him; I’m not as poisonous as him. I just want Master to get him possessed by a ghost too. I want him to fool around with women and let my sister-in-law catch him on the act.”

“I wonder if the Master can do it?”

“This, using a ghost to cast a spell is not a problem, but doing such a thing is… “Feng Zhengyang looked like he was in a bit of a dilemma.

Xia Fan excitedly shook his hand and said: “Master, you must help me. Just let him be caught in a rape case and be taught a lesson, it’s not something that damaging.”

“It’s really nothing compared to what he did to me. Besides, if I don’t suppress him now, how will I ever get a foothold in the family in the future?”

Feng Zhengyang was still hesitating so Xia Fan pleaded again: “Master, this is of course a separate matter, I will give you one hundred thousand for this task.”

“With so many friends and people around me, how would I know who to trust, I will always be in distress. If Master does a good job with this business, will I still be afraid of not being wealthy in the future?”

Feng Zhengyang finally nodded his head and started instructing her about this next deal.

Xia Fan inquired about the effect and Feng Zhengyang explained about how he would arrange for her brother to get possessed by a ghost, control his actions and then erase his memory.

There would be no trail of clues left behind and no tracing, etc.

Xia Fan satisfied went to the living room to leave her contact information and paid 5,000 Yuan.

She also asked for a receipt and for their bank account.

She said she wanted to avoid attracting unwanted attention so she will not be coming over again and will directly transfer the money to the account once the deal was done.

Feng Zhengyang reluctantly gave her the account information, and only then did Xia Fan and Han Zecheng say their goodbyes and left.

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