The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs
The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs Chapter 4.4

Xia Fan stood outside the door in complete shock and heard Liao Xiaoyu crying loudly inside the house.

Xia Fan stood there for a while, feeling that something was strange.

When she returned to the police station, Han Zecheng and the others had not returned to the office yet, so she took this time to look once more at the case information on the board by herself.

A mysterious boyfriend that no one except Liao Xiaoqing had seen before.

Was this really just a beautiful imagination that Liao Xiaoqing’s illness had conjured up?

How did the weird number 27, which to Liao Xiaoqing represents happiness and joy, turn into a bloody 27 stabs?

What’s the connection there?

She searched through the data files, checking all these people’s birthdays, account numbers, house numbers, phone numbers, license plates, etc.

But she couldn’t find anything to do with the number 27.

Xia Fan tired, held her head in her hands. She really couldn’t make sense of any of this.

Han Zecheng and the others came back with some news: “Pan Li has an alibi. She wasn’t even in the city that day. The 10,000 she gave to the Feng Zhengyang was because her husband’s death in Liao Xiaoqing’s hands made her think it was the gods’ revenge.”

“Seven years ago she had helped her husband, Wang Rui, commit perjury so she was worried that Liao Xiaoqing or someone else would come and get her. After getting the insurance money, she went to a shaman to keep her safe.”

“And that Feng Zhengyang was scared shitless as soon as the interrogation started. He said he will admit everything.”

“So turns out he is just a liar and a fraud. He just uses tricks to manipulate people. He doesn’t know how to kill a ghost and cannot perform any miracles.”

“Pan Li is just a client that he had fooled and he doesn’t recognize any of the Liao sisters.”

“How did Pan Li explain that huge insurance policy thing?”

“The insurance was bought by Wang Rui. He resigned seven years ago and became a private detective.”

“He called himself private detective but in fact it was more like catching adultery. Doing such an odd job, the risk factor is very high.”

“Because of what he did seven years ago, he always felt guilty towards his wife and so he bought that insurance policy.”

“If something were to happen to him one day, he would be able to leave some money for his wife, which is also some form of compensation. “

Han Zecheng sat on the chair and continued: “We checked all of this and it is indeed true.”

Xia Fan exhaled: “So now our only hope is with that Dr. Cheng?”

“Her account transactions are clean and on the surface there’s nothing suspicious to be found. She also has no motive to be involved in such a case, the only thing that we have is that she has the skills to do hypnosis.”

As Xia Fan listened, she felt a little disappointed.

She told Han Zecheng: “I think the sisters are a bit strange, I can’t explain it, but today I suddenly feel that they don’t seem to be as harmonious as we thought they were before.”

“Liao Xiaoyu, just like Dr. Cheng said, reacted very strongly to the fact that Liao Xiaoqing has a boyfriend. But it’s so hard to find true love for a person in a situation like her sister’s, if she really has a boyfriend, then she should be very happy for her. Their marriage should be a good thing since it would help to lighten her burden. But she’s very unhappy, one could even say angry about it.”

“If this boyfriend doesn’t have good intentions, then it’s a different story.”

Han Zecheng thought about it and said: “A pair of beautiful sisters with no one to depend on, rich, living in a mansion and driving a good car. The little sister is lonely and fragile, very much in need of some attention then why not give it? Take care of the little sister and then leisurely enjoy the money of the big sister.”

“But if he is really a bad man, her sister wouldn’t need to deny his existence, so something else must have happened.”

Xia Fan suddenly remembered: “You just said that Wang Rui has since been working as a private detective. Now isn’t there a lot of these black market unlicensed so-called private detectives who are secretly taking jobs online.”

“Could it be that Liao Xiaoyu wanted to get rid of this bad boyfriend and then found Wang Rui by mistake? Liao Xiaoqing killed Wang Rui not because of what happened seven years ago, but because of a new grudge. “

“So how do you explain the bizarre circumstances of the crime scene? The initial doubt we had is the fact that Liao Xiaoqing was incapable of killing Wang Rui on her own.”

Xia Fan thought for a long time, discouraged she fell down on the table and said: “So we are back to square one.”

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