The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs Chapter 5.1

hat night, Xia Fan had a sleepless night.

That mysterious boyfriend and the strange number 27 kept spinning in her head.

The next day she returned to the police station early but she found Han Zecheng and The Dragon-Mouse Brothers [1] TL’s note: Little Li Zi and Mo Yun were already there.

Xia Fan asked: “Is there any new development?”

“Yesterday you reminded me that a lot of black market private detectives are taking jobs online. So we went to Wang Rui’s house last night, got his computer back, and found out that he once sent a blackmail letter to a guy named Li Hai.”

“Li Hai? The CEO of Xinyang International?”

“Yes, according to the email address and the IP of the received email, it should be him.”

“In the email Wang Rui just told Li Hai that if he had already received the delivery and didn’t want things to be posted online, he would have to do what he says.”

It turns out Wang Rui was blackmailing Li Hai for 1 million.

The email included information about the account where the money would be transferred.

But what could make Li Hai gave such a great amount of money?

The reason was not disclosed in the email. They just talked about that delivery.

In the email Li Hai wrote back, he said that direct transfer of money was risky and asked for a cash transaction.

He told Wang Rui to bring the delivery with him and then do an exchange:

Give the money with one hand and get the delivery with the other hand.

They agreed to meet up at the Pavilion in the street garden on Hengyang Road at 2 p.m. on the 10th of April.

After that, the two emailed contact discontinued.

Judging by this email Wang Rui was not that smart.

He thought he would be safe if he gets the money sent to a personal account.

But Li Hai’s side was much shrewder.

This happened a month before Wang Rui’s death.

Is it possible that the results of that deal didn’t satisfy Wang Rui?

He was too greedy and that’s what finally got him killed?

But what does this have to do with Liao Xiaoqing?

Why would they let Liao Xiaoqing kill him though?


1 TL’s note: Little Li Zi and Mo Yun

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