The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs
The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs Chapter 5.2

Han Zecheng asked Xia Fan to find Pan Li and check what other clues Wang Rui had left behind while he was going to take Mo Yun to meet Li Hai.

Little Li Zi will stay at the police station and keep an eye on the IT division to see what else can be uncovered.

Li Hai’s company is called Xinyang International; it is a well-known company and a big taxpayer.

Both Li Hai and his wife, Yang Shufang, are successful entrepreneurs who have made many appearances in the economic sections of various media outlets.

The meeting with Li Hai didn’t amount to much.

He admitted to having received a blackmail letter, but he didn’t admit to having an appointment to meet the other person.

He even said he didn’t know the other person was Wang Rui.

Li Hai claimed that he didn’t take the email seriously because he hadn’t received any delivery at all and he thought it was just a prank email.

Han Zecheng took the printed copy of the email and placed it in front of Li Hai.

Li Hai looked at it for a moment looking a bit stunned but still shook his head and said he hadn’t replied to that email, he hadn’t seen the other party, and he didn’t know what the other party was planning to use to blackmail him.

Han Zecheng also asked Li Hai if he recognized the murderer Liao Xiaoqing, but Li Hai still said no.

When asked where he was on May 17, he only said he was somewhere outdoors.

Han Zecheng also asked if there is anyone who can testify to his whereabouts, but Li Hai shook his head and said there was no one.

He called his lawyer and told Han Zecheng: “Officer Han, what I have said is the truth. If you ever find any evidence linking me to the murder, please come back with an arrest warrant. I am afraid I still have some business to do so if there’s anything else you want to know, please talk to my lawyer.”

Han Zecheng nodded, but did not leave, leisurely seemingly admiring Li Hai’s office.

He stood in front of a painting of sunflowers, took a closer look at it and asked: “Mr. Li, this painting is really nice, I wonder which master’s hand it is from?”

“It’s from a friend. It is not a famous painting. Officer Han, I’m really busy, so please go back” Li Hai clearly gave the eviction order this time.

Han Zecheng smiled and took Mo Yun with him.

He left the building and called Xia Fan: “It’s me; I know who Liao Xiaoqing’s boyfriend is. You go check now if Liao Xiaoyu’s house and bank account transactions are related to Li Hai.”

Mo Yun curiously asked: “Brother Cheng, is Liao Xiaoqing’s boyfriend Li Hai? How do you know that?”

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