The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs
The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs Chapter 6.3

Liao Xiaoqing smiled and slowly wrote down that sentence.

Yang Shufang frowned and watched her habitually draw a flower next to that sentence. It doesn’t matter; a few more flowers won’t delay the meaning of this suicide note.

She dropped two pills in the glass of water in front of Liao Xiaoqing, and then said, “I’m leaving, I’m leaving this room, after a while you will drink this glass of water, and then you will be very relaxed and comfortable, you have been sitting in the room all morning, no one has come, you are lonely, you are tired.”

Liao Xiaoqing did not say anything, only smiled and stayed still; Yang Shufang looked at her, got up and walked out.

Liao Xiaoqing sat quietly for a while and then reached for the water cup in front of her. She didn’t seem to see Xia Fan, who had just walked in to change the water cup, and just quietly and slowly drank the water. Then, she put the glass down and closed her eyes.

Yang Shufang calmly walked out the door of the treatment center and walked towards the parking lot.

When she reached her car, she stopped. Han Zecheng was leaning against her car with crossed arms.

“Officer Han, what a coincidence.”

“Yes, it is indeed a surprising coincidence. I wonder why Ms. Yang has come all the way here.”

Yang Shufang replied calmly, “Last time I heard Officer Han say that the girl who killed the man was related to my husband, so I came to see her.”

“You’re really well-informed, you know she’s here. I thought you were here to visit your old classmate, Dr. Cheng.”

Han Zecheng smiled, “I have a very good memory. Dr. Cheng had some graduation photos on her desk, and I remembered them when I saw yours online.”

Yang Shufang froze and quickly replied, “Yes, she is indeed my classmate, why, is there a problem with that?”

“The fact that she is your classmate is not a problem, but the fact that you learned and illegally practiced mental hypnosis is a big problem.”

“I studied medicine before I went into business, and I’ve still been involved in many research activities over the years, so is this a crime?”

Han Zecheng turned on his laptop placed on the roof of her car and pressed the play button; the scene in Liao Xiaoqing’s hospital room just now began to display clearly.

Yang Shufang’s face changed.

“Yang Shufang, you’re under arrest!”

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