The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 12 – I Missed You So Much

Just as he was dazed, she suddenly pounced on Chen Ling and exclaimed joyfully, “I got you!”

It was as if she was playing a game with him.

Chen Ling instinctively dodged, and Sui Li’er missed her target once again. Not only that, but she was too excited and fell forward.

In that moment, Chen Ling caught sight of her perplexed gaze, those familiar eyes filled with despair and loneliness. It caused a tightening sensation in his heart.

“Huh…” Chen Ling sighed, his mind moved, and he appeared in front of her as she fell.

“Bang~” A muffled sound, Sui Li’er felt like she had bumped into something. Warm and solid.

It was Chen Ling’s embrace.

Sui Li’er was stunned for a moment, then suddenly lifted her head, looking at the ethereal figure before her, revealing the happiest smile of her life. At the same time, two streams of tears burst out, no longer tears of sadness, but tears of overwhelming joy.

“I finally… found you…” She choked with sobs.

〚 +100,000 points 〛
〚 +100,000 points 〛

〚 +100,000 points 〛

The points skyrocketed like crazy, instantly surpassing one million.

Messages about Chen Ling’s permission unlocking kept appearing. The system interface was in complete chaos. It was as if it had frozen.

Chen Ling had long anticipated this situation, looking at Sui Li’er in his arms, he whispered:

“Are you crying or laughing?”

“Sob…” Sui Li’er sniffed and wiped away her tears. “I’m not crying! Hehe…”

“I caught you, didn’t I…”

Although it was Chen Ling who had willingly walked into this situation, he didn’t argue, only softly said: “Impressive…”

“Is it really you Chen Ling?” Sui Li’er still found it a bit unbelievable.

Her wish had come true.

Chen Ling originally intended to just nod, but she couldn’t see, so he quietly responded. “Mhm.”

“Hehe…” Sui Li’er smiled happily, wanting to say something, but then she realized, there didn’t seem to be much to say?

Before Chen Ling arrived, she had thought of many conversations, many questions she wanted to ask him, many things she wanted to share with him.

But now, having truly met him, she realized… she couldn’t remember a single thing.

“Sob… sob…” Suddenly, she started crying again.

Chen Ling looked utterly bewildered, what was going on… Why was she crying again? “Hey… stop crying…”

“Sob… oh!” Sui Li’er sniffled and managed to stop her tears.

Chen Ling felt that his clothes were wet. “Alright, stand up.”

As he said that, Chen Ling gently touched her body and helped her stand up, releasing his grip on her shoulders.

Sui Li’er was momentarily stunned, and suddenly felt like she was about to lose something again. Her heart raced with panic, and she instinctively reached out, grasping at the empty space before her.

Although there was nothing there, Chen Ling was indeed present.

She successfully caught hold of Chen Ling’s hand, and as she touched him, the feeling of reassurance returned. Following his hand, she tightly embraced him.

“I don’t want to let you go…” Sui Li’er murmured with tears streaming down her face. She was afraid that if she let go of Chen Ling, she would never find him again.

Chen Ling knew she was afraid that he would run away again and softly said: “I won’t run away.”

“Sob… then can you come out first? I can’t see you, why?”

Upon hearing this, Chen Ling could only reluctantly cancel his invisibility spell, “And now?”

Looking at Sui Li’er in his arms, his face turned slightly red, he cleared his throat twice in a serious manner, trying to hide his awkwardness.

Sui Li’er, in his embrace, bit her lip and slowly raised her head in disbelief, looking at his face. She finally found him… Ten years had passed… What does Chen Ling look like?

No, what do I look like? Would he think I’m ugly? With these thoughts, Sui Li’er became afraid. She was afraid that Chen Ling would stop playing with her because she was ugly.

Previously, he never appeared, Could it be because of this reason too?

Her gaze slowly moved upward, and she caught sight of Chen Ling’s sharp and defined chin. Then his lips, nose, and eyes. When her eyes met Chen Ling’s, they stopped.

Although Chen Ling looked completely different now from before, she remembered those eyes.

It’s Chen Ling! It’s really Chen Ling!

Their eyes locked, her small mouth slightly agape, looking at him in a silly manner.

Chen Ling felt a bit embarrassed being looked at like that, feeling the urge to escape from her gaze. His pupils trembled slightly, and his heart couldn’t help but beat faster.

Her beauty was truly captivating

“Your eyes… so beautiful…” Sui Li’er murmured.

Chen Ling immediately closed his own eyes. “Not letting you see them.”

Sui Li’er paused for a moment, is he acting like a child?

But then she couldn’t help but smile and a gentle laugh escaping her. She was truly happy, indescribably happy.

Chen Ling’s points kept increasing and had already exceeded ten million. But Chen Ling was not worried at all. Even if it wasn’t a bug, the academy couldn’t reset the score.

If necessary, he just needed to break a small rule, and the score would be reset to zero. So he simply turned off the system notifications.

He lowered his head and looked at Sui Li’er, only to find her silently crying. But her face was filled with smiles.

Chen Ling felt a pang of heartache, but he knew she was happy. He didn’t say anything, just gently straightened her body.

“Sob… sob…” This time Sui Li’er didn’t cling to him anymore. Instead, she looked at him, biting her lip and unable to stop her tears from flowing. She kept sobbing.

Chen Ling looked at her teary-eyed appearance, and her eyes seemed as if they were melting. Unable to resist, he softly said, “It’s alright… I’m back now, can you smile?”

Sui Li’er wiped her tears and choked, “I… I’m sorry… I couldn’t help it… I’m just too happy…”

“I’m sorry…” The more she spoke, the harder she cried.

Chen Ling recalled her memories and looked at her, almost involuntarily took a step forward, gently embraced her in his arms.

“Sob…?” Although Sui Li’er’s body was still trembling uncontrollably, her crying abruptly stopped.

Chen Ling: …

Oh no… What am I doing?

Am I possessed? Am I cursed?

Damn it! He immediately regretted his actions!

Subconsciously, he wanted to let go of Sui Li’er.

“Wuuu..!” Suddenly, Sui Li’er burst into loud sobs and held onto him tightly. “I missed you so much!”

Chen Ling was taken aback: Oh no, this is bad!

He could clearly sense that things were heading in the wrong direction. However, Chen Ling didn’t push her away. He simply waited silently.

She cried for a long, long time. Eventually, it seemed like she had no more strength left. Exhausted, she lost consciousness in Chen Ling’s embrace.

“Hey? Sui Li’er?” Chen Ling was contemplating what to do when suddenly he felt his body become heavy, Sui Li’er’s entire weight was pressing down on him. He looked down and realized that she had fainted.

“Uhm…” So he gently lifted her up in his arms. Sui Li’er was very thin, suffering from chronic malnutrition, making her as light as a feather. She wasn’t tall either, reaching at most Chen Ling’s chest, about 1.58 meters.

Chen Ling held her, standing under the moonlight, unmoving. He lowered his head and gazed at her peaceful sleeping face. Her light blue hair was quite beautiful.



Chen Ling was taken aback, why did it turn blue? Is this some kind of illusion? He blinked his eyes and looked again.

Still blue.


He even started to doubt his own memory.

After checking the system thoroughly, he discovered the reason. She had truly turned back to blue.

Through the search in the system’s database, he found the explanation.

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