The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 16 – I Am Pure!

“Um…. What else can I get you?” the waiter ultimately just chose to repeat the question.

Chen Ling finally looked up at him and said, “Are you in a hurry?”

“Ah, no!” The waiter quickly shook his head.

For some reason, as the waiter looked into Chen Ling’s icy gaze, he felt a chill run down his spine. It was as if he wasn’t being stared at by a young man, but rather a venomous snake fixated on its prey.

“Um…” Sui Li’er flipped through the entire menu without picking a single dish.

“It’s so expensive… Let’s go somewhere else,” she said. It was the first time she realized that a meal could be so costly, with every dish priced in the hundreds and nothing cheap.

Chen Ling calmly replied, “Just choose, I have plenty of money.”

The waiter thought to himself, ‘Someone, please save me! There’s something wrong with this person’s mind!’

Sui Li’er bit her lip and said, “Um… I suddenly don’t feel like eating at this place. Why don’t we…”

“No, I want to eat here,” Chen Ling interrupted.

“Um… Then you choose by yourself,” Sui Li’er gently pushed the menu away.

Chen Ling heard her and took the menu. “I’ll order whatever I want, and you can eat it,” he said.

“Okay~ Order a little less, I don’t eat much~” Sui Li’er replied.

Then Chen Ling casually made some selections. The waiter finally felt relieved.

‘I survived? Geez, that was so awkward.’ Before leaving, he couldn’t help but look back at Chen Ling and silently cursed in his heart, ‘Thank goodness I have good mental resilience!’ He quickly returned to the front desk.

At this moment, the receptionist rushed over. “Did you see that? That person is so handsome!” she exclaimed.

The male waiter shook his head in fear. That was too damn awkward just now. “He’s handsome, yes… but unfortunately, there’s something wrong with his brain!” he muttered.

The receptionist frowned upon hearing his words: “You’re the one with a problem! Why would you casually insult someone like that?” She rolled her eyes and walked away.

The male waiter was speechless: I wasn’t insulting you, what is your problem!

While waiting for the food to arrive, Sui Li’er kept joyfully gazing at Chen Ling in front of her, unable to take her eyes off him.

Meanwhile, Chen Ling leaned against the sofa with his eyes closed. He didn’t like Sui Li’er staring at him like that. It made him feel uncomfortable and a little embarrassed. So he pretended to be tired.

“Oh, by the way, Chen Ling…”

“What’s up?” Chen Ling didn’t even lift his eyelids.

“How did you know that I always come here? When did you come back? You weren’t following me, were you?”

Chen Ling paused for a moment, realizing that her memories of encountering him had been blocked. But he couldn’t be bothered to explain. With a thought, he returned her blocked memories.

He let her know that he was a god. This way, many things wouldn’t need further explanation.

Sui Li’er, with her restored memories, sat across from him, staring at Chen Ling in a daze.

“You, you… you’re a god!” she exclaimed.

Her small mouth opened wide, probably wide enough to fit an egg.



The scene seemed to freeze for more than ten seconds.

Sui Li’er stared at Chen Ling in a daze, finding it hard to believe.

“So, you’ve been watching me from the heavens?”

“No, I just came down and happened to meet you.”

“Well… What a coincidence! It must be Mr. Meteor granting my wish! Hehe.”

“You’re actually a god…”

“Oh my goodness… No wonder you can see me…” Sui Li’er was overjoyed upon realizing that she had encountered a god.

“Oh, Lord God!”

“Lord God?” Chen Ling, seeing Sui Li’er about to start that boring repetition again, spoke plainly, “If you call me that again, I’ll take back your memories.”

“Aww… Alright then.” Sui Li’er quickly closed her mouth.

Inner thoughts: I only said it twice…

But in the next moment, the corners of her mouth involuntarily lifted, revealing her adorable little fangs. “Hehe~”

Chen Ling, seeing her silly expression, quickly closed his eyes. Too cute, he couldn’t handle it.

“Lord God, is your home in the heavens?”

“I live on a clay slope.”

Sui Li’er: “Oh… It must be very high up then…”

Chen Ling was speechless.

“Lord God… then…”

Chen Ling interrupted her directly, “Don’t call me Lord God…”

He never wanted to be one in the first place. Hearing Sui Li’er calling him that all the time made him feel uneasy.

“Oh, then… Lord Chen Ling?”

Chen Ling: (-.-) Is there something wrong with you?

He regretted restoring her memories. It only made things more troublesome than before. She kept addressing him as a lord, making Chen Ling feel uncomfortable.

In reality, Sui Li’er also felt that it wasn’t appropriate to address him like that. It felt unfamiliar…

She and Chen Ling were supposed to be good friends… Calling him like that was definitely inappropriate.

But Chen Ling is the Lord God!

“What’s wrong, little brat?”

“Huh? I’m not a little brat!”

Chen Ling made a sound of acknowledgment and glanced at her chest with a look that said: Small.

Sui Li’er was momentarily stunned, following his gaze, she lowered her head to take a look. Blushing, she clenched her teeth and said, “You…”

Chen Ling smiled and interrupted her, “Just call me Chen Ling.”

“Yes!” Sui Li’er nodded with a blush and didn’t say anything further. From time to time, she stole glances while lowering her head.

In her heart: Does the Lord God like big things?

After a while, the dishes that Chen Ling ordered were served one after another. Each dish was exquisitely presented, with vibrant colors and an appealing appearance. Sui Li’er hadn’t started eating yet, but she showed an expression of anticipation.

Chen Ling happened to be hungry, so he picked up his chopsticks and started eating.

However, when Sui Li’er tried to pick up a piece of meat that looked delicious, a teardrop fell into her own plate with a splash.

Chen Ling heard the sound and looked up. He was speechless in an instant. Crying again…

Sui Li’er saw Chen Ling looking up and quickly wiped away her tears. “Uh… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to!”

She bit her lip and looked at Chen Ling with some fear. She couldn’t even dream that she could openly sit here, eating like a normal person. The days of relying on stealing for survival in the past came to her mind, and she couldn’t help but shed tears.

Tears of joy.

Because the person sitting in front of her could see her. Her most important person.

Chen Ling couldn’t bear to see her like this: “Never mind, cry if you want to cry. Don’t mind me.”

“Uh… It’s okay… I’m happy.” Sui Li’er still had tears on her face, but she smiled happily at Chen Ling.

Her smile made his heart tremble.

What does ‘tears like pear blossoms’ mean? He suddenly understood, it was referring to Sui Li’er. She was as beautiful as a painting.

Just as Chen Ling was lost in thought, Sui Li’er had already composed herself, and she picked up the couple’s special drink, “Look at this, it has two straws! We can drink it together!”

Chen Ling snapped out of his daze and looked at the colorful beverage, with two straws inserted in it, a large cup, obviously meant for two people to drink together.

Or more accurately, the correct way to drink this beverage is for both people to bite one end, facing each other, and drink at the same time.

Chen Ling glanced at Sui Li’er’s slightly pale lips, and imagined himself and Sui Li’er… his face immediately turned red, cough…

He shook his head lightly and said: “You drink it, I won’t.”

“Oh…” Sui Li’er didn’t mind and didn’t think much about it. She took a gentle sip.

Her expression turned to surprise as she looked at Chen Ling. “It tastes so good!”

“Try it!” She handed it over.

“I don’t want to.”

“Come on, try it! It really tastes good! I’m not lying.”

“Come on, come on! Take a sip!”

Chen Ling scratched his head and reluctantly took the cup, directly putting the straw in his mouth.

“Wait a minute… that is…” Sui Li’er’s hand froze in mid-air as she stared blankly at Chen Ling.

Confused, Chen Ling looked up: “What’s wrong?”

“Um… nothing!” Blushing, Sui Li’er looked at the straw that Chen Ling had released, It was the one she had just used… ( °ー° )

Using the same straw… isn’t that like indirectly kissing!

Wait a minute…

Sui Li’er finally realized the problem. She was still stuck in the mindset of the orphanage when they were children, where everyone was just kids…

They would even share an apple, taking a bite each. But now that she had grown up, clearly that wasn’t acceptable anymore. Drinking from the same cup was a big issue too! Wouldn’t there be my saliva in it… um…

Wouldn’t the taste be weird?

“Um… is it tasty?”

Chen Ling nodded: “It’s alright, quite delicious.” As he said that, he took another sip.

Um… He said my saliva is tasty…

〚 Ding~ Target feels happiness, +100,000 points 〛

However, Chen Ling didn’t pay any attention to it. He already had nearly a billion points.

Ah, what the heck! Sui Li’er! What are you thinking!? You pervert! (>_<)

Sui Li’er frowned, mentally berating herself for her unhealthy thoughts just now.

Chen Ling didn’t have a clue about any of this. He simply handed the cup back to her.

“You drink it.”

“Oh…” Sui Li’er looked at the straw that Chen Ling had just used, lightly biting her lip. She sneakily glanced at Chen Ling’s slightly thin lips.

Ahem, it’s nothing… I’ll just change to another straw…

Sui Li’er thought to herself as she picked up another one, unable to help but wonder: Would Chen Ling’s saliva be inside?

“Thump thump thump…” Her heart suddenly started racing.

She hadn’t even taken a sip yet, and she let go of that straw… No, I can’t do this…

“Cough… Um, Chen Ling, you’re not drinking?” Sui Li’er thought that if Chen Ling liked it, she would give it all to him.

Chen Ling shook his head: “You drink it, I don’t like sweet drinks.”

“Oh…” Sui Li’er nodded, once again looking down.

inner thoughts: What should I do then… Isn’t this a waste… It’s quite expensive. I can’t waste it! That’s right… what’s wrong with a little saliva… I have no other thoughs… I am pure!

Yes… pure.

And then she took a gentle sip. Her heart was pounding.

But soon, she forgot about everything, It’s really delicious~

“What is this?” Sui Li’er chewed on something in her mouth and felt a strange texture.

Chen Ling glanced at her: “It’s shark fin.” With that, Chen Ling scooped a bowl of shark fin soup and started drinking.

Sui Li’er, a bit puzzled, asked: “Em~ Why is it called shark fin and not shark arm?”

He had just taken a sip of the soup when “Splurt…”


Sui Li’er screamed, as the soup from Chen Ling’s mouth sprayed all over her face.

“Cough cough cough…” She nearly choked on it.

Sui Li’er’s face was covered in soup, and she stared at Chen Ling with a blank expression.

S-Saliva… (◉_◉)

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