The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 18 – Is That Person Crazy

“Back when I was a child, the one you gave me was so delicious, but I can’t find it anywhere else when I go to other places.”

“Oh… Alright, I’ll buy some for you later.” Chen Ling thought for a moment: Where did I buy it from?

“Hehe! Okay!”

No one was talking in the restaurant, but as soon as Chen Ling spoke, everyone looked over. Their minds quickly turned, watching Chen Ling talking to himself over there.

Actually, as long as one thinks logically, they can basically guess who Chen Ling might be talking to. Maybe an invisible person or something, after all, this a plane of magic. But because of Sui Li’er’s curse which rendered her non-existent, no one would even think in that direction. So everyone would simply assume that Chen Ling is a crazy person talking to himself.

In short: a fool!

But Chen Ling wasn’t actually embarrassed or bothered. In his eyes, these people were just ants, their lifespans at most 100 years, and within the river of Chen Ling’s life, 100 years, unless he was imprisoned, were just a fleeting glance, passing by in an instant.

He didn’t care at all about what these mortals thought of him.

It was like when a stray dog on the roadside barks at him a couple of times, he certainly wouldn’t pay any attention.

One could also say that as long as I’m not embarrassed, others are the ones who are embarrassed.

Chen Ling wasn’t embarrassed, but Sui Li’er ended up feeling embarrassed for him. “I’m sorry… I won’t speak anymore.”

Chen Ling didn’t say anything either, he put down the chopsticks in his hand. “I’m full, you should eat quickly too before it gets cold.”

“Yeah… You don’t need to pay attention to me, no need to talk!” Seeing the gazes of those around them looking at Chen Ling as if he were mentally challenged, Sui Li’er could guess the extent of the embarrassment Chen Ling was experiencing.

But even in such a situation, he still talked to her, warming her heart. The Lord God is really good to herself…


Just when everyone was treating Chen Ling like a fool, Shen Yuming suddenly spoke up from behind: “Why are you all crowding around me? Go do whatever you need to do, don’t mind me. I want to be alone for a while.”

“Yes! Mr. Shen, we’ll leave!”

After speaking, the waitstaff quickly left. As they left, each person couldn’t help but glance back at Chen Ling.

Their eyes revealed pity, the kind of gaze one would give to someone mentally challenged.

Chen Ling didn’t even look at them, he just closed his eyes and leaned back on the sofa.

“You can all talk freely, don’t mind me.”

Shen Yuming spoke again.

“Alright!” Then everyone started talking, even those who were previously silent began to speak.

It was as if they had received a command.

Shen Yuming couldn’t help but sigh, “Ah…”

Chen Ling appeared to have his eyes closed, but he was actually observing Shen Yuming.

〚 Shen Yuming: Male, Age: 34 〛

〚 Curse Star: Leo 9382 〛

〚 Magic level: High-Level Grandmage 〛

〚 Curse: Nightmares during sleep 〛

This curse is not too bad, why is he so depressed?

But Chen Ling didn’t bother to ask him, perhaps something happened to him. Like having a child and losing his wife or something?

As he thought about it, he suddenly felt that he was being too cynical. He smiled and shook his head, dismissing those absurd thoughts, and began to relax with his eyes closed.

Meanwhile, the people around started discussing him.

“Is that person crazy?”

“The kind of person driven mad by a curse?”

“It’s very possible.”

Chen Ling let the words go in one ear and out the other, not taking them to heart at all. But while listening to their discussion, Sui Li’er felt very uncomfortable.

“Chen Ling, I’m full… Let’s go…” She didn’t want to stay here, she didn’t want Chen Ling to be mistreated.

“You’re full?” Chen Ling raised his eyelids and sat up. In the perspective of others, he was simply talking to thin air.

“Tsk tsk tsk… What a lunatic.”

“So pitiful…”

“Well, who in this world isn’t pitiful?”

“Exactly, who doesn’t have a curse on them? If they have poor mental resilience, who can they blame?”

“That’s right, there’s a man next door to my house who has been cheated on six times, but he still lives a flavorful life.”

“Oh yeah, there’s a young girl in our neighborhood whose hair fell out at such a young age. Now she became a hairdresser, and I always go to her for a haircut.”

“So, if you want to live well, you have to have a more open mindset.”


The people around became more and more audacious in their discussions. Seeing that Chen Ling really seemed like a lunatic, they didn’t fear him.

Shen Yuming sensed the strange atmosphere and furrowed his brow. Did they really have such an open mindset?

No, they also had curses on them, and they were also on the verge of collapse. They just saw someone who was even worse off than themselves, finally finding an outlet, and they unleashed their madness by condemning Chen Ling. This atmosphere made him feel helpless. He, too, lived in a difficult situation and reluctantly stood up.

Originally, he wanted to come here to relive the past feelings, but now he felt nothing at all. Without saying a word of farewell, he quickly walked away.

As he left, he glanced at Chen Ling, his gaze devoid of mockery. Instead, there was a sense of empathy, as if they shared the same affliction. He also thought Chen Ling had mental issues.

Chen Ling couldn’t help but roll his eyes. We’re not the same!

After Shen Yuming left, the discussions among the people around grew louder, and all their focus shifted to Chen Ling. Their words became increasingly harsh.

“Ah… I’m sorry… Chen Ling… It’s all my fault…” Sui Li’er felt truly upset, to the point of wanting to cry. She blamed herself, thinking that Chen Ling shouldn’t have to endure all this.

Chen Ling just smiled and didn’t mind: “It’s okay, you haven’t eaten much. Keep eating, don’t worry about me.”

“I’m full.”

“Have a few more bites of shark fin. *Snort~ Hahaha…” As he spoke, Chen Ling even laughed himself.

People around had puzzled expressions.

Inner thoughts: How did the shark fin make him laugh on its own? Damn, it’s creepy…

Sui Li’er gritted her teeth: “Let’s go then, I am indeed full. Let’s pack these up and take them with us. We can have them for dinner.”

Chen Ling nodded, he ordered a lot, but hadn’t finished eating. He glanced at her lightly: “It’s alright, we can have come here for dinner later.”

“No, we can’t! How can we waste food like that?” Sui Li’er didn’t want to come back. She didn’t want Chen Ling to be laughed at anymore.

“Alright.” After saying that, Chen Ling had a thought and directly stored everything into his dimensional space. He slowly stood up.

The onlookers couldn’t help but show a surprised expression.

What’s going on? What happened to the food on his table? Why is it all gone?

Then, Chen Ling walked up to the front desk: “How much is it?”

“27,333 curse coins.”

“That expensive!” Sui Li’er exclaimed in shock. What kind of treasures did she eat just now?

It costs 27,333 curse coins!

“Chen Ling… I’m sorry… I… I eat too much…”

Chen Ling didn’t say anything, and the staff couldn’t hear her words either. She simply said: “How would you like to pay? Paw Machine or Curse Coin Savings Card?”

Chen Ling was taken aback; he didn’t have either of those. “Can I pay with cash?”

“Cash?” The receptionist thought he was joking. Who goes out with over 20,000 cash on them?

“Is that possible?”

“Oh, sure, it’s possible…” The person handling the payment had overheard Chen Ling’s self-talk earlier.

She thought, “Could he really be crazy?”

Fearfully, she glanced at her colleagues nearby. They all gathered around, thinking Chen Ling was trying to have a free meal.

Looking at Chen Ling’s clothes, with only two pockets and no bag, he didn’t seem like someone who had over 20,000 cash.

“Chen Ling… You don’t have money, do you?” Sui Li’er couldn’t help but express her doubt, feeling even more upset. She wished she hadn’t come here… It’s too expensive.

Chen Ling turned to her and suddenly had an idea. He smiled gently: “Want to see a magic trick?”

“Magic trick!?”



However, the people around immediately gathered with unfriendly expressions, thinking that Chen Ling was about to have a seizure!

Sui Li’er didn’t notice and simply looked at Chen Ling with anticipation.

Chen Ling smiled and said to her: “I can magically produce over 20,000 Curse Coins out of thin air from my hand. Do you believe it or not?”

After saying this, the people around showed dumbfounded expressions.

Inner thoughts: This guy really is a lunatic.

Sui Li’er, on the other hand, said: “I believe!”

Chen Ling shrugged: “Tsk… When I ask you if you believe it, you’re supposed to say you don’t!”

“Huh… Why? But I do believe!”

Chen Ling: =.=

“Say you don’t believe it!”

“Oh… Then I don’t believe it!”

“Sir, please…”

Before the person could finish their sentence, they were initially going to say, “Please stop your foolish behavior.”

Chen Ling suddenly stretched out his hand, palm open, and the center of his hand shot up.

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