The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 26 – Am I Becoming More Sensitive

“Well… um, wearing this… isn’t it like not wearing anything at all?” Sui Li’er picked up a thin sheer pair of pants and examined them in front of her eyes.

Although she couldn’t see what they would look like on her, she could imagine that wearing them would be the same as not wearing anything at all; they were completely see-through. After contemplating for a while, she couldn’t help but blush and grit her teeth…

What is this! This… this… it’s too embarrassing to wear! No, I won’t wear it!

Let’s change to another one… change to another one… Sui Li’er continued to search through the box. Inside, there were actually some normal ones.

“But wait… why aren’t there any tops?” There were no tops in the box, although there were quite a few stockings, which was quite strange.

“Hmm… maybe the Lord God forgot~ It’s okay… hehe~”

“After all, guys don’t seem to need tops… so maybe he forgot? That must be it~”

Sui Li’er happily took another shower. This time, she was smarter and directly turned on the hot water.

After washing up, she quickly dried herself off, sat on the bed, and blushing, she put on the underwear that Chen Ling had bought. Then she stood up on the bed, lowered her head, and took a glance. There was nothing to see, only a pair of clothes being supported by an invisible substance.

She then ran into the bathroom and spun around in front of the mirror, examining herself. In this world, only she could see herself wearing clothes through the mirror. Once the clothes were on her, no one could see them. No matter what method they used.

This was the only thing Sui Li’er could see that confirmed her own existence. Although she couldn’t see herself, she could see the clothes. If she couldn’t even see that, she would probably be even more devastated. It truly was a situation where there was no proof of her existence.

“Do I look good…” She couldn’t help but murmur.

“It fits perfectly! Just right! But how does he know my size…” Um… Sui Li’er blushed as she suddenly remembered that he had seen her. He remembered after just one look…

Of course, Chen Ling didn’t remember. It was just that all of Sui Li’er’s data was stored in the system interface.

As she was thinking, she remembered the nosebleeds that Chen Ling had. It seemed like the Lord God easily got nosebleeds. Hehe…

No, what am I thinking!

Sui Li’er quickly covered her slightly flushed face with her cool hands.

“Hurry up and get dressed… don’t get distracted!” She muttered to herself as she ran out of the bathroom and put on the pants, hoodie, and beautiful new shoes that Chen Ling had bought for her. Everything fit perfectly, just right.

Then she ran back to the mirror and looked at herself. Sui Li’er couldn’t help but exclaim: “Wow… these clothes look so good!”

The clothes on her body seemed to float as if suspended in mid-air. But it could also be seen that these clothes were indeed nice. Although the style was simple, they were very pleasing to the eye.

“Hehe~ I really like them! Aww…”

“Is this a gift? A surprise?” Sui Li’er gazed absentmindedly at the clothes in the mirror, murmuring to herself. This was the first time in so many years that she had received a gift like this.

And it was from Chen Ling, which made her even happier! She couldn’t help but make a silent vow to cherish them.

Then she thought of gathering the two boxes of clothes on the floor and putting them neatly into the wardrobe in her room. When she opened the wardrobe, she saw a few of Chen Ling’s clothes. The wardrobe was large and empty, with Chen Ling’s clothes thrown inside haphazardly without being folded.

“The Lord God is surprisingly lazy… I’ll help him fold them.” Saying that, she picked up Chen Ling’s clothes and happily straightened and neatly folded them in the wardrobe. It was as if she were a virtuous wife and mother, tidying up her husband’s belongings.

While folding the second piece of clothing, she suddenly thought of something and secretly glanced at the doorway. Chen Ling was not there…

Then she gently bent down, leaning closer to the clothes in front of her, and took a light sniff.

“Wow… it smells so good!” Sui Li’er’s face turned red, and her heart couldn’t help but beat faster and faster.

Then she continued folding. With each piece, she would gently sniff it. “Um… this one smells good too~”

“Weird… why does the Lord God smell so nice?” Saying that, she opened her collar and lowered her head to smell herself. Instantly, a disappointed expression appeared on her face. There was nothing!

“Nothing… I also want to smell nice…” She actually had clothes, but she couldn’t smell her own scent because she didn’t exist. To know if she smells good or not, she could ask Chen Ling.

Chen Ling didn’t have many clothes, so Sui Li’er quickly finished folding them. Then she put all her own clothes into the wardrobe, and looked at her masterpiece in front of her with great satisfaction. “No one can criticize it! Hehe~”

Finally, she could go out and find Chen Ling~

Sui Li’er immediately wanted to rush out and play with Chen Ling, but before going out, she went to the bathroom to look in the mirror.

“Um… it should look pretty, right? I just don’t know if this suits my face…” After saying that, she couldn’t help but cover her invisible face with her small hand.

What do I look like…

And my hair hasn’t been cut in a long time… Will I look like a crazy person?

Sui Li’er smoothed her invisible hair and imagined different hairstyles in her mind. Over the years, she had always relied on imagination to arrange her hairstyle. Fortunately, her hair was very smooth, even silkier than a dove’s chocolate.

Meanwhile, Chen Ling was sitting on the sofa casually browsing through his Divine System. He had over 2 billion points, still ranking first on the leaderboard.

The other interns were dumbfounded. They worked tirelessly day and night, risking their lives, and yet their total points were only a few hundred or a few thousand. How did Chen Ling reach 2 billion points? Even after five years of internship, they might not be able to earn that much! This was definitely cheating.

Everyone thought so, except for Mo Suyan. If Chen Ling made any noise, he probably wouldn’t be surprised because he believed in Chen Ling’s abilities.

With 2 billion points, Chen Ling unlocked a bunch of permissions directly. These permissions were something others could only unlock through hard work. If each permission was utilized well, it could rapidly increase points.

But Chen Ling couldn’t be bothered to use them at all. He never wanted those damn points in the first place. Besides helping Sui Li’er, he had no intention of touching the system.

It’s worth mentioning that he didn’t even notice the system’s update notifications. In the system message prompts, there were dozens of unread messages, but Chen Ling wasn’t inclined to look at them.

He yawned, feeling a bit tired.

It felt like he hadn’t slept for a century. After having dinner with Sui Li’er later, he had to go straight to bed! He absolutely couldn’t give her a chance to disturb his sleep. He couldn’t look at her for too long!

Click The sound of the door unlocking echoed.

Chen Ling subconsciously glanced over and couldn’t take his eyes off. I’ll just look once…

Sui Li’er was spotlessly clean at this moment. That face was truly flawless. Her eyes were bright like the moon, sparkling with radiance. Her long eyelashes gently curled up, quivering ever so slightly with each blink.

Chen Ling’s heartstrings seemed to tremble along with them. Her small nose, cute yet not too small, gave her an adorable touch. But her lips were pale and dry, appearing somewhat unhealthy.

At this moment, a faint blush adorned her pale face, seemingly expressing shyness. There were tiny droplets of water on her aqua blue hair. As her body swayed slightly, the droplets fell off.

The simple outfit she wore didn’t appear plain on her but rather full of vitality and the princess shoes on her feet suited her perfectly, adding a touch of elf-like liveliness.


Incredibly beautiful!

She was beyond description!

Like a painting.

She transformed completely from a miserable beggar in tattered clothes to a vibrant, youthful girl. Except for the bustline, everything about her was so perfect.

Chen Ling looked at her from top to bottom, then from bottom to top, and once again from top to bottom. He looked back and forth several times.

“Um… Is it not suitable for me?” Sui Li’er stood there for a while, waiting for Chen Ling’s evaluation. But he seemed to have no reaction. It was awkward.

“It suits you! Well… cough… it’s pretty good! Quite nice!” Chen Ling’s face turned slightly red as he calmly said, “It’s good, suits you well.”

“Hehe~” Upon receiving Chen Ling’s praise, Sui Li’er couldn’t help but bite her lip and smile. Chen Ling’s praise felt like the most beautiful words in the world. She looked at him sitting on the sofa with joy in her eyes.

She had an impulse to rush up and throw herself into his arms, but she resisted it, grinning foolishly as she walked towards Chen Ling.




Chen Ling: “…”

“Don’t cry!”

“Um… it’s not…”

Chen Ling looked up and noticed that she was covering her mouth.

“What’s wrong?” Sui Li’er felt a bit embarrassed and removed her hand.

Chen Ling then noticed a trace of blood at the corner of her mouth. Her lips were dry and slightly chapped, and they cracked a bit when she laughed too much earlier.

“Did you crack your lips from laughing?”

“Um…? Not really… Oh well…” Sui Li’er awkwardly pursed her lips and licked the trace of blood. Hmm~ Blood doesn’t taste good… It feels like I’m eating iron.

Chen Ling suddenly found it both amusing and heartwarming. He stared at her lips and with a thought, used the system to help her. The wound instantly healed.

Not only did the wound heal, but all the wounds on her body, including the blister on her ankle from walking barefoot and the scars that shouldn’t have been there, were restored to their original appearance by Chen Ling. Then he calmly said, “Done.”

He had a few lip balms in his hand and handed them to her, saying, “Hold onto this, apply it when you need to.”

“Okay~” Sui Li’er licked her lips, nodded happily, and took the lip balm from Chen Ling’s hand.

By accident, her little hand brushed against Chen Ling’s hand and unintentionally tickled him. Chen Ling suddenly felt a bit itchy and discreetly rubbed his hand against his pants.

He also felt a bit puzzled in his mind: Strange… Am I becoming more sensitive?

Is it just an illusion?

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