The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 27.2 – Takeaway From The Monster Realm

While she was eating, Chen Ling suddenly stood up from the sofa and walked slowly towards the door.

“Hmm! Hmm?” (Chen Ling! Where are you going?)

Sui Li’er happened to have something in her mouth, and when she saw Chen Ling about to leave, she became anxious. She couldn’t swallow it down for a while and quickly stood up, making muffled sounds without knowing what she was saying.

“I’m getting takeout, I’m not leaving.”

“Hm hmm!” (Oh, I see~)

Sui Li’er finally sat back down with a relieved expression and continued to chew and savor her food.

Suddenly, she couldn’t help but think: Huh? How did he know what I was saying?

Just like that, Chen Ling could even guess without using mind-reading techniques. Sui Li’er was too easy to understand.

But she couldn’t help but start to doubt: Could the Lord God read minds?

Suddenly, she became flustered and looked at Chen Ling with some fear. Although mind-reading spells would be blocked by magic barriers and the Tower of Mind Shielding, the Lord God should have a way. He seemed to be able to use even invisibility spells.

At this moment, Chen Ling happened to open the door.

Standing at the door was a creature of unknown origin, causing Sui Li’er to freeze on the spot. It was a little fox, with two adorable ears on top of its head. Behind it, there was a fluffy tail wagging happily. It was wearing a pink maid outfit that Sui Li’er had never seen before.

One word to describe it: cute!

Two words to describe it: Too cute!

The adorable little fox held a large box in her hands, which was considerably wider than her shoulders. With a delighted expression on her face, she happily wagged her tail and said, “Hello, esteemed Mr. Chen Ling, here’s the Monster Realm’s Vitality Hot Pot you ordered.”

Sui Li’er watched in astonishment. This was a creature she had never seen before. But it was so cute, wow. She really wanted to touch its ears and tail.

Chen Ling had his back turned to Sui Li’er as he took the large box from the little fox’s hands. The little fox had a charming smile, and every movement and expression revealed a seductive feeling.

“Oh, Mr. Chen Ling, we need to take the box with us. Shall I help you take the dishes out?” As she spoke, she took the box from Chen Ling’s hands.

“Come on in then.”

Sui Li’er continued to stare in surprise at the creature she had never seen before. Was it a little fox? Or a human? So cute!

Chen Ling returned expressionlessly and casually glanced at the stunned Sui Li’er as he passed by. Then he sat on the sofa, next to her.

“Hehe.” The little fox bounced over, but paused for a moment when she saw Sui Li’er.

“Oh? Is this your girlfriend? She’s so beautiful!”


Sui Li’er was taken aback, her eyes showing an expression of disbelief. “You can see me!?”

“Huh?” The little fox looked at Sui Li’er with a puzzled expression.

“Why shouldn’t I be able to?”

“Wow!” Sui Li’er looked at Chen Ling with excitement.

But this was also within Chen Ling’s expectations. The reason why this little fox could deliver food across dimensions was because of the food delivery system. It could quickly locate and travel between dimensions, but had no other abilities.

Although it was a trash system compared to Chen Ling’s, as long as a person had a system, they could see Sui Li’er’s presence.

“Wow, hello! I’m Sui Li’er! I’m 17 years old this year!” Sui Li’er looked happily at the little fox in front of her.

The little fox, seeing her enthusiasm, was at a loss for what to do.

Inner thoughts: Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen such an enthusiastic customer!

The smile on her face didn’t fade as she said, “Hello, Miss Sui Li’er, you look really beautiful! You and Mr. Chen Ling are truly a match made in heaven.”

“Oh?” Sui Li’er was taken aback for a moment, her face turning red as she secretly glanced at Chen Ling.

“Well, actually…” As she spoke, she glanced at Chen Ling again.

Chen Ling frowned and said, “Stop wasting time and get on with it.” He couldn’t be bothered to explain anything and wanted to finish quickly.

“Oh! I’m sorry! Right away, right away.” The little fox didn’t dare to waste any more time when she saw how stern Chen Ling was. She quickly opened the box.

The aroma immediately filled the room, spreading throughout. Then the little fox took out the dishes one by one from the box. The box seemed to hold an infinite amount of food.

The table was soon filled with various dishes. Chen Ling had ordered a bunch of items.

While she was arranging the dishes, Sui Li’er curiously watched the little fox wagging her tail and asked, “Um, are you a fox?”

“Hmm?” The little fox glanced at Sui Li’er and smiled, saying, “Yes! I’m a jade-faced fox.”

“A jade-faced fox? What’s that? But you’re really adorable!” Sui Li’er sincerely expressed her admiration.

Upon hearing this, the little fox couldn’t help but happily move its two ears. “Hehe~ Oh no, no, you’re even cuter.”

“Well, what do I look like?”

The little fox looked at Sui Li’er with a puzzled expression. Don’t you know what you look like? Have you never looked in a mirror?

She was unaware of the curse, as her food delivery system didn’t have that function. It was her first time delivering food to this world, so she didn’t have much knowledge about it.

“Um, you…” The little fox looked at Sui Li’er who had an expectant gaze, her mind racing.

Suddenly, she understood. Was Sui Li’er asking her to compliment her?

“You are breathtakingly beautiful, captivating, and mesmerizing. You are the epitome of grace and charm.”

Sui Li’er: ??

She thought the little fox was joking with her and said somewhat disappointedly, “Okay, okay, thank you.”

The little fox finally breathed a sigh of relief inwardly.

“I need to read more books and learn more vocabulary. Customers these days are really difficult to please!” Then she quickly packed up her things and left.

“Thank you for your patronage. We appreciate your support. Wishing you both a happy life and everlasting harmony.”

After saying that, she directly entered the dimensional portal in Chen Ling’s room and disappeared.

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