The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 129 – Twin Gods Magic Academy

Seeing Sui Li’er tilting her head with her mouth slightly open, Chen Ling even had the impulse to lower his head and kiss her. But he restrained himself and smiled, taking a step forward to embrace her gently.

〚 Ding~ Sui Li’er feels happy, +10 million points~ 〛

“Hehe~” With a light chuckle, she closed her eyes contentedly in his embrace, and the two of them stood there quietly, feeling each other’s presence.

Then, with a flash of his figure, Chen Ling instantly moved to the location of the assessment, taking Sui Li’er along.

The assessment site was located in the center of the western half of the city, at the Twin Gods Magic Academy.

The Twin Gods Magic Academy, just like the city, was a very distinctive institution. The entire academy was divided into two parts, the God Academy in the west and the Devil Academy in the east. Every new student had to choose one of the factions.

The uniforms on both sides were different, one black and one white. The only goal after entering the academy was to win in the monthly “Battle of the Gods and Demons.”

The victorious side would receive a pouring of resources for the next month, while the losing side would see their training and assignments doubled. When it came to internal competition, perhaps no other academy could match the Twin Gods Magic Academy.

As a result, despite being part of the same academy, students from the two sides would easily start fights if they ran into each other on the street; they were all battle maniacs. They treated their own faction with infinite patience, but when it came to the other faction, they would start fighting without a word.

This academy was also the top choice for the “King of Competition,” Ling Yi.

Whether they joined the God Academy or the Devil Academy, their purpose was to compete and excel!

At this moment, everyone was gathered in a massive sports field within the God Academy. The center of the field was filled with numerous machines, arranged in pairs, with many of them.

Many students from the God Academy heard that this year’s assessment for the Twelve Academies was being held in their academy, so many people came to join in the fun. Their attire was neat and uniform, silver-white magic robes, giving people a feeling as if they had entered a temple of angels.

It felt like a group of angels were standing around them, giving off a strong sense of oppression. However, there were a few guys who looked rather dark; when they put on the silver-white magic robes, they looked completely out of place.

All the students from the God Academy looked to be in a good mood, with relaxed smiles on their faces. The day before was the day of the 1st Battle of Gods and Demons, and they had won the battle. This month, they could relax and easily reap the rewards. This was why they had the leisure to come and watch the assessment. On the other hand, the students from the Devil Academy were still immersed in rigorous practice, with no time for rest this month.

All the candidates stood on the sidelines. Just yesterday after Chen Ling and Sui Li’er left, nearly a thousand people were eliminated, and now there are only more than 2,000 people left.

Luo Yuxiu and Ling Yi were among them, and everyone was waiting for the instructors from the three academies of the Wind element to arrive.

When Luo Yuxiu came, she was constantly looking for Sui Li’er and Chen Ling. Once she spotted them, she immediately recognized them. She wanted to go over and greet them, but when she saw the two of them embracing, she stood still and didn’t disturb them. Instead, she took out her phone and happily took pictures.

Sui Li’er remained immersed in happiness for a while before lifting her head and realizing that they had already arrived at the assessment site without her realizing it. So, she gently turned around in Chen Ling’s embrace. Seeing this, he was about to retract his hand that was holding her.

“Don’t~” Sui Li’er quickly grabbed his hand that he was about to pull back, then tilted her head up, raising her chin high, and even bumped her little head against Chen Ling’s chest. She said with a pitiful expression, “I’m cold~”

Chen Ling chuckled, “This academy has temperature control equipment running all year round, and the temperature is around 26°C. Are you still cold?”

Sui Li’er blushed at his words, lowered her head in disappointment, and released his hand.

With a soft laugh, Chen Ling walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her little belly. Just like yesterday when he embraced her from behind, the two of them stood close together.

〚 Ding~ Sui Li’er, +10 million points! 〛

Sui Li’er smiled shyly, pursing her lips and raised her head, glancing at Chen Ling. Then, she looked at the people in the assessment field and felt that she was happier than anyone else there.

She unintentionally caught sight of Luo Yuxiu, adding even more joy to her happiness. Her little tiger teeth immediately emerged.

Seeing Sui Li’er looking at her with delight, Luo Yuxiu waved at her and was about to run over. However, at that moment, the instructors from the three academies of the Wind element had already descended from the sky.

Seeing this, Luo Yuxiu stopped in her tracks because the assessment was about to begin.

Today, Yan Ran, Chen Tianming, and Mi Jiu were still present, but they were standing on the sidelines as spectators.

“Let me briefly explain today’s assessment rules.”

“This assessment will be conducted in pairs, simulating magical duels.”

“This sports field is the Academy’s magic simulation field.”

“Participants only need to input runes into the machines, and corresponding magic will be simulated. At the same time, special machines in the field will simulate magical reactions.”

“This allows everyone to experience the subtle reactions between magic before, during, and after its formation.”

“It helps everyone better understand and learn new and complex magic more quickly.”

It is well known that casting magic requires three conditions: Sufficient magical energy within the body. Knowledge of the runes required for the magic. And the most challenging step: understanding and comprehending the magic in order to use it.

Simple magic is easy to understand and learn. However, complex magic is inherently obscure and difficult to comprehend, let alone personally understand.

For some complicated magic, sometimes even instructors find it challenging to teach students how to comprehend them. This is where the magic simulation machine comes in handy.

Through a profound perception of its essence and an immersive observation, it helps everyone better grasp the essence of magic. If there is enough time, this machine can even simulate forbidden spells!

However, the machine has one flaw. Unlike normal magic casting, where one can directly control magical energy to draw runes with their mind, using the machine requires manually inputting the runes on the keyboard. This process can be slow and prone to mistakes, leading to redoing the process.

Some magic requires hundreds of runes, which is still manageable, but some need thousands or even tens of thousands of runes, and forbidden spells requires even more. Previously, Huan Yingying’s curse level spell was spread all over the sky of the Nanyun City densely, let alone forbidden spells.

But since it’s a simulation, there’s no need to hurry. The key is to understand and experience the changes and formation process of magic in advance.

Spending some time on it is worthwhile. It can also be used for fun; it’s open on regular days, and you can come here to test your magic reserves. See who knows more magic; after all, you don’t need to be able to cast it, you just need to know the magic formula and input the runes.

This is called a magic simulation battle, a duel of magic reserves and familiarity with magic runes.

The first day of the assessment is to evaluate everyone’s magical energy within their bodies. The second day is to evaluate everyone’s understanding of magical attacks and the third day is to evaluate everyone’s magic reserves and proficiency.

Remembering magic formulae is not the same as memorizing language texts. Each rune is connected together to form a magic formula, just like connecting individual words to form a sentence. Different combinations of runes form different magic formulae. There are countless variations of runes.

Moreover, they are not like a native language; they don’t have specific meanings and are inherently obscure and difficult to comprehend. Memorizing them becomes even more challenging. Some runes look similar and are easy to mix up, but the slightest difference makes them completely different.

So, to become a powerful mage, a strong memory is a must.

From this, we can see just how talented Sui Li’er is. Despite her seemingly foolish and naive appearance, every time Cheng Ling briefly uses the Still Mind spell, she can memorize it and comprehend it successfully. This is not something an ordinary person can achieve.

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