The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 140 – Encountering Shen Yuming Again

Shen Jingbing and Min Jiangyun didn’t understand the meaning of this robot at first. Then suddenly they realized, “baseless” = “show-off”?

〚 Ding~ Target Min Jiangyun points -5 million!〛

〚 Shen Jingbing – 1 billion!〛

Chen Ling’s robot was really playing with their minds. Every sentence and every word seemed to have a hidden meaning.

Min Jiangyun and Shen Jingbing were driven almost crazy by his rambling. This was much harsher than Sui Sui’s murmuring. A normal person wouldn’t be able to stand listening to it for ten minutes. They had already endured it for a whole day, and their sanity was almost tormented.

“Sob sob sob!” (M! Kill me!)


Two thunderbolts struck at the same time, and both Shen Jingbing and Min Jiangyun shut their mouths.

Shen Jingbing hung his head, glaring at the robot that was hopping around and annoying them. When I’m rescued, I swear I’ll stomp you to pieces!

Now he hated this robot, and he hated Chen Ling even more. He wouldn’t be named Shen if he didn’t crush this robot.

After both of them had been struck hundreds of times tonight, the thunder finally stopped. But it seemed that Shen Jingbing wasn’t affected by this, as being struck by lightning didn’t deduct any points from him.

Otherwise, Chen Ling’s points would have been reduced to zero tonight.

The next day at 3 PM, after Sui Li’er was ready, Chen Ling took her directly to the Aries Constellation Palace.

The entire Aries Constellation Palace stood above the clouds, a massive temple in the sky. The fiery red main hall symbolized the fierce attacking power of Aries. The palace was filled with heat, with a remarkably high density of spells, making it difficult for people to breathe.

It wasn’t because of a lack of oxygen but due to the high density of spells, which made it very uncomfortable. People without sufficient strength would find it hard to adapt here.

However, with Chen Ling by her side, Sui Li’er naturally had no problem.

Outside the fiery red building were the students about to be divided into their respective branches. They gathered in a city next to the Misty Rain City and were then brought here by the people of the Constellation Palace.

The people participating in the assessment today had not yet completed it and hadn’t arrived yet. Once everyone was present, the division would begin.

The Constellation Palace had dispatched several experts to maintain order at the scene, 13 high-level Grand Mages!

This was just a small part of it; there were plenty of high-level Grand Mages available. The Constellation Palace even sent them as security guards, as only the Constellation Palace had such strength.

The new students present were all excited. They saw many faces that they had only seen in the news before. They discussed who was who, but it was all meaningless chatter.

Chen Ling and Sui Li’er were quietly holding hands on the side.

“Hmm? That person, isn’t he the one we met at the restaurant last time?” Sui Li’er saw a familiar face.

Chen Ling nodded, “Yes, he’s a high-level Grand Mage, Shen Yuming.”

“Yes, he seems unhappy… He didn’t seem too happy when we met him last time.”

Chen Ling smiled and said, “Because of his curse, it’s quite unfortunate.”

“Oh~” Sui Li’er glanced at him, curious, “His curse is quite unfortunate, why are you laughing?”

Chen Ling raised an eyebrow, “I’m happy when I see you, okay?”

“Huh? Okay… okay! Hee~”

〚 Ding~ Sui Li’er feels happy, points +1 million!〛

“Then what’s his curse?”

Chen Ling looked at her mysteriously and said, “Do you really want to know?”

“Hmm? Suddenly, I’m not so sure anymore.” Sui Li’er had a bad feeling about it, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. She always felt that whenever Chen Ling spoke like this, he was going to tease her, and she was a bit afraid. “No thanks…”

Chen Ling chuckled, “Silly girl, I was just scaring you. There’s nothing much to it; his curse is just insomnia.”

“But his son’s curse is the curse of a dead mother, which means his wife died.”

“Ah?” Sui Li’er frowned upon hearing this. This was too tragic! Have a son, lose his wife. She looked at Shen Yuming with a sense of pity.

“Um? How do you know about his son’s curse, and how do you know about his curse?”

“Who am I?”

“Ugh~” Sui Li’er blushed, “Lord Hubby?”


Chen Ling was taken aback and looked at her.

Sui Li’er opened her mouth and immediately understood his meaning. His meaning was that he was a god! “Uh, yes, I’m sorry. I thought you wanted me to say the password! I, I, I…”

Chen Ling smiled and didn’t say anything more. Shen Yuming’s curse was directly scanned by the system, while the curse on his son was something he learned through mind-reading.

Shen Yuming was preoccupied with this matter, sighing every ten seconds. The day they went to the restaurant in Nanyun City was also the place where he and his wife first met. He went there to seek memories of him and his wife.

At this moment, twelve figures descended from the sky like gods coming to earth.

Each one was a renowned Curse Master!

“The deans of the twelve academies are here!”

“Wow! Finally, it’s starting! I beg the Aries Constellation Palace to accept me!”

At the same time, in the distant sky, behind the crowd, a gigantic flying vessel was slowly approaching. Those who had passed the assessment today also arrived.

It also caught the attention of the surrounding people.

Sui Li’er did not look up at the Curse Masters in the sky but turned around to look at the flying vessel behind them. The massive whale-shaped flying vessel landed behind the crowd, and many people came out of it.

Sui Li’er immediately spotted Luo Yuxiu and Ling Yi. If they hadn’t encountered Chen Ling yesterday, they would have passed the assessment. Today, although they participated in another assessment, they easily passed it.

Sui Li’er happily waved at them.

As soon as Luo Yuxiu got off the flying vessel, she immediately searched for Sui Li’er. Since she and Chen Ling were at the back of the crowd, she saw her at a glance and quickly ran to her side.

At this moment, a surge of energy spread through the area.

The gates of the Constellation Palace’s main hall opened!

An aura of solemnity and divinity rushed out, making everyone show reverence.

The twelve deans walked in the front, not uttering a word, followed by over a thousand new students. The rear was guarded by the thirteen high-level Grand Mages.

Everyone was shocked along the way, but no one dared to make a sound, afraid of disturbing the deity in the temple, Lord Shen Tianming.

Soon, they arrived at a strange formation area.

The symbols of the twelve constellations were drawn around the central formation, emitting different colors of strange light. The peculiar stellar power permeated the area, an extraordinary energy that no one had ever experienced.

The Star Array connected to the stars in the sky, making one feel as if they were in the Milky Way. If this energy could be absorbed into the body, it would greatly benefit the magicians.

At this moment, the twelve deans were also puzzled. This was the Star Array, which, through cultivation, directly connected to their Curse Stars, allowing them to absorb the power of the stars and convert it into their own energy.

This was a holy land for the Curse Masters to cultivate, so they didn’t expect the Aries Constellation Palace to choose this place to allocate them into their respective academies.

At this time, Qitian Ming walked to the front of the crowd and said indifferently, “Come forward one by one, the order is random. If any of the twelve academies want you, they will give you an admission badge. If they don’t like you, you get nothing. Just go home.”

Everyone: ???

What does that mean?

In other words, even if we pass the assessment, if any of the twelve deans don’t like us, our efforts would be in vain?

Everyone looked at each other. At this moment, someone stepped forward and shouted, “Why is everyone so timid? Is there no one stepping forward? If no one goes, I’ll go first!”

A boisterous voice resounded, and everyone turned to look. It was a burly man with a beard.

“Eh? Isn’t he the one from the registration day?” Chen Ling said with a smile, “That ‘250’.”

“Yes! Ah, no, what was it… what’s his name again…”

Chen Ling calmly said, “Lin Ming, 18 years old.”

“That’s right, that’s right! Wow, you have such a good memory!”

Chen Ling raised an eyebrow, “Who am I?”

This time, Sui Li’er instinctively wanted to say “Lord God.” But when he asked again like this, she remembered her previous response, blushed, and quickly shut her mouth.

〚 Sui Li’er is shy~ +10 million~〛

At this time, Lin Ming had already walked onto the Star Array. The entire Star Array suddenly lit up, but all the symbols of the twelve constellations around it darkened, only Leo remained bright.

At the same time, in the distant sky, Lin Ming’s Curse Star suddenly burst out with an unprecedented brilliance. A stream of stellar power poured directly from dozens of light-years away and fell onto him.

Chen Ling instantly understood what the Aries Star Leader wanted to do. They wanted to test his Curse Star.

Because Chen Ling didn’t participate in the assessment at all, when he registered, he didn’t even have his Curse Star tested. The reason why he could accompany Sui Li’er in the assessment was entirely because of the orders of Chen Tianming, Mi Jiu, and Qitian Ming.

Otherwise, he would have been driven away long ago.

“Heh…” Chen Ling sneered, looked up, as if his gaze could penetrate the ceiling and directly see Mi Jiu and Chen Tianming in the sky: I’m afraid of scaring you to death.

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