The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 214 – Savior

After Mi Jiu and the dark mage both fell into the sea, they continued to sink, still unable to release their spells to continue attacking.

They stared at each other intensely.

Mi Jiu was quite puzzled; just who was this dark mage?

All dark mages who had reached the Forbidden Curse Master level had records in the Constellation Palace, but she could confirm that this person before her was not in the records.

Moreover, his methods gave Mi Jiu a feeling of familiarity.

Suddenly, a sense of unease washed over her.

But at the moment, there was nothing she could do. Everything could only wait until Chen Ling’s anger subsided before proceeding with further verification.

People around Chen Ling felt like they were going to die…

Really going to die; that oppressive feeling made them feel like they had been run over by a big truck, their pores already congested. If Chen Ling applied a bit more force, they might burst and die.

All the spells that had just gathered around Chen Ling lost control, some vanished, and others went haywire.

The Curse Spell in the sky, having lost control, also dissipated instantly. The Curse Master in the sky, like a clumsy bird, fell heavily to the ground. She tried to stand up but was powerless.

Just then, the whole earth trembled, causing everyone who was unable to move in their original positions to lose their balance.

Chen Ling’s foot, which was stepping on the dark mage, directly crushed his chest, shattering bones and pulverizing flesh and organs. With a loud “bang” as his foot met the ground, blood and an unknown fluid splattered.

Sui Li’er, who was sitting on the ground, was also lifted by the ground’s movement and then plopped back down heavily…

“Ugh…” She couldn’t help but make a soft moan.

Her small hand quickly reached beneath her butt, wrinkling her cute brows, her bottom hurt…

She was the only one in the entire world not suppressed by Chen Ling.

Seeing her wince from the pain of the impact, the dark mood on Chen Ling’s face vanished. He asked gently: “Does it hurt?”

“Ugh… not hurt~” Sui Li’er hurriedly got up from the ground, patting the dust off her rear.

She revealed her adorable dimples: “Hihi~ Not hurt at all~”

Then, Chen Ling lifted his foot. The crushed organs, flesh, and blood were stuck to his shoe, and the unknown fluid formed long strands.

Seeing this, Sui Li’er wrinkled her brow and quickly covered her eyes.

People around were already trembling in their hearts. Their stomachs churned and roiled; it was so nauseating.

But the dark mage, though his lungs had been crushed, hadn’t lost consciousness. His eyes were nearly rolling back into his head, but he remained conscious, never slipping into unconsciousness. Chen Ling didn’t let him pass out; he wanted him to be fully aware of this pain.

Then Chen Ling’s foot, raised up, lightly descended.


The earth trembled again, everyone around was jolted, and the ramshackle buildings and walls that had already been on the verge of collapse collapsed in response.



With each step, a portion of the dark mage’s body would be trampled into a pulp. He convulsed madly on the ground, and those around him watched with horrified trepidation.

Chen Ling, step by step, his gaze icy, treated it like crushing ants underfoot, mercilessly killing. He really didn’t like this method; usually, he just used one punch to blow everything up.

But this person was an exception.

He, deserved no mercy!

Foot, leg, waist—after everything was crushed by Chen Ling.

He then calmly stated:〚 Repair 〛

The next second, the pile of mangled mess suddenly swelled, and flesh, bones, and organs were instantly reformed.



The dark mage regained his ability to scream.

His piercing screams could make even the hovering ghosts around recoil in fear.


For a long ten minutes, repairs happened repeatedly, crushings happened repeatedly.

Chen Ling’s aura had actually dissipated at some unknown point. He was merely suppressing the people around him, preventing them from interfering.

Finally, he grew a bit tired of it. A burst of flames ignited, reducing the dark mage before him to ashes.

〚 Notification: Host committed murder, points deducted – 100,000! 〛

Regardless of being good or bad, the points deducted for committing murder were the same.

Then he turned around, casting a gaze over the devastated estate and the dark mages.

Every dark mage was in shock!

There was only one thought in their hearts: Run… save our lives.

However, they couldn’t move at all.

“Tuk… tuk…”

Everyone was frozen in place, unable to move, only able to watch as Chen Ling approached step by step.

He walked up to a male dark mage whose heart nearly jumped out of his chest as Chen Ling approaching. He wanted to cry out but was powerless: I didn’t touch her! Don’t kill me! It’s not my business!

Chen Ling, of course, granted his wish. He lightly touched his hand.

〚 Notification: Target Kang Cheng successfully bound 〛

Then, with a thought, Chen Ling placed the Curse Stone on him and gave him a kick.

“BOOM!” He was sent flying.

It was just an ordinary kick, but the energy swept all the people around, sending them tumbling through the air several times. And that person had disappeared into the pitch-black sky.

Next, Chen Ling replicated the same process, kicking away all the dark mages present, leaving no one behind. All of them were being sent in the same direction.

Yes, back to Chen Ling’s home. Tens of thousands of miles away from here, with one kick, a precise shot.

This bunch of people couldn’t withstand this kick. Chen Ling used a little trick, leaving himself the satisfaction to kick them but not killing them.

The students and mentors/instructors present had also been sent tumbling several times by that energy. Several unfortunate ones even landed headfirst and immediately fell unconscious.

And the walls that had still been standing around eventually couldn’t withstand Chen Ling’s impact. They all collapsed, and the entire estate became completely levelled.

Afterward, the terrifying aura that had shrouded the surroundings with Chen Ling also disappeared.

〚 Restoration 〛

Everyone who had been injured in the fierce battle just now had all returned to their original states. The severed limbs on the ground vanished and returned to their owners.

Everyone present was stunned.

Who exactly was this guy!?

What kind of strength? What kind of identity?

At this moment, he was like a savior in everyone’s hearts. The way they looked at Chen Ling had changed.

Yan Ran breathed a sigh of relief. If something happened to these students, she might never forgive herself. The gratitude in her eyes when she looked at Chen Ling was evident.

Fortunately, he was here…

Now she was even more certain that Chen Ling was a good person. She even believed that his appearance was meant to save this world.

In Yan Ran’s heart, his significance seemed to outweigh even the Twelve Star Leaders.

Chen Ling was gently patting Sui Li’er’s head, “Alright, don’t cry. I arrived late, I’m sorry…”

“Ugh… it’s not that. I don’t blame you… I was just scared…” Sui Li’er hadn’t fully recovered yet and wiped her tears away.

He had been a terrifying god of death just a moment ago, and now he was so gentle. This strong contrast left everyone in astonishment and admiration.

The boys were envious of his power, while the girls envied Sui Li’er for having someone so powerful to protect her.

Just then, another surge of powerful energy swept through the area.

Everyone was shocked and looked in the direction from which the energy was coming.

The surrounding spells suddenly became violent, sweeping toward the direction of the energy. Then, another layer of energy built up like waves, pushing back, making everyone feel that intense pressure again.

It was no less formidable than Chen Ling’s aura from before!

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