The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 227 – Life Of The Wealthy

Seeing this, Yan Ran’s expression tightened, and she immediately shouted, “Everyone, move away from that black hole! Get ready for battle!”

Although she didn’t know what it was, a powerful energy emanated from within it.

All the students retreated dozens of meters, some so frightened that they even abandoned the breakfast they had just managed to find. The group of mentors, however, stepped forward, their expressions becoming grave as they gazed at the black hole.

Just at this moment, a voice suddenly emerged from within the black hole, “Heyo! It’s so exhausting… Always moving around… It’s really hard to find, isn’t it?”

With that, a small fox jumped out from inside.

She was wearing a long dress that was completely mismatched with the style of this world. Two ears poked out from the top of her head, and a fluffy tail hung behind her.

Everyone was left dumbfounded.

A curse beast!?

A beast-girl!?

Or a fox that… became sentient!?

The mentors, upon seeing her, were surprised. It was clear from the small fox’s appearance that she wasn’t human. There was only one possibility: a curse beast in human form.

And curse beasts that could transform were mostly Titan-level, curse beasts on the level of a Curse Master!

How could another Curse Master appear? The group of them combined couldn’t defeat a curse beast of that level.

Their guards were immediately raised.

The other students were not only unafraid but some even wanted to play with her fluffy tail! This beast-girl looked rather cute~

Some of the boys present, due to the arrival of the small fox, experienced an awakening of an odd interest.

“Who goes there!” Yan Ran yelled at the small fox with a stiff expression.

Upon hearing this, the small fox turned her head, her eyes icy as she swept a gaze over everyone, devoid of emotion.

As her gaze swept past, everyone’s hearts chilled, and even the mentors sensed an unfriendly presence!

At that moment, the small fox spoke impatiently, “What are you all staring at! Haven’t you seen someone delivering takeout before?”

Everyone: “???”


Delivering takeout?

How could someone delivering takeout be so arrogant!

Then the small fox didn’t bother with them any longer. She walked up to the front of the stone house and shouted, “Sui Sui! Wake up, it’s time for meals!”


What the heck?!

Oh my goodness! It’s for them!

They managed to order food here in this wilderness? Which takeout company is this powerful?

“Wait a moment! I’m coming!” Sui Li’er’s soft voice came from inside, a voice that made it clear she had just woken up.

“Aww~” Sui Li’er opened the door with a sleepy look and greeted politely, “Good morning, Xuan Xuan…”

After she finished speaking, she opened her eyes and found hundreds of people all looking at her.

“Huh!?” Those strange gazes instantly woke her up.

At this moment, she wasn’t properly dressed, and couldn’t help but scratch the floor with her toes a couple of times. Oh my goodness, how embarrassing!

“Good… good morning, everyone…”

Upon hearing this, the crowd nodded, “Good…”

Sui Li’er felt even more embarrassed.

But the little fox was not embarrassed at all. She grinned and said, “Long time no see! You guys haven’t been ordering takeout much lately. Beauty breakfast from the Monster Realm~ Thank you for your patronage~”

“You, you, come in quickly!”

Sui Li’er blushed and hurriedly let Xuan Xuan inside.

“Wait a moment!” Someone suddenly shouted.


“What, what’s going on…”

“May I ask which takeout company this is? I’d like to order something to eat too!”

People around also quickly spoke up: “That’s right! I want to as well. Can you provide a contact number?”

“Do you have a menu? I’m starving~”

Everyone realized that takeout was available here. Why bother eating some bugs?

The little fox’s eyes lit up when she heard this. Oh yes, business is picking up!

“Just wait a moment, everyone. I’ll come find you after I’ve delivered Sui Sui’s meal!”

“Hehehe~ Making money, making money~” The little fox ran inside with great joy.

Seeing how happy she was, Sui Li’er couldn’t help but say, “This is great, Xuan Xuan~”

“Hehe~ I didn’t expect to receive such a big order early in the morning! I’m lucky~”

After quickly setting up Sui Li’er’s meal, she ran out again. With a thought, she conjured a few menus from somewhere, “Come, come, if you want to order takeout, come to me~”

There were quite a few boys and girls who came, especially when the girls heard that Sui Sui’s breakfast was a beauty meal. They were instantly enticed.

Everyone hadn’t slept well last night and needed some good food to make up for it.

“Huh? What’s the universal currency of the major dimension?”

“Damn! Are you kidding me? Tens of thousands for a meal?”

After seeing the menu, those people all had confused expressions.

The little fox grinned, “1 universal currency of the major dimension = 2 curse coins. Just do a simple calculation.”

“I’m flabbergasted… Even the cheapest option starts at a hundred thousand? Is this for real?”

The little fox nodded, “Our company uses top-quality ingredients. This price is already quite reasonable, you know~”

“And how much does Sui Sui’s meal cost?” Another girl asked. She wouldn’t be eating a meal worth over a hundred thousand, would she?

“Sui Sui’s meal is on discount~ The morning meal is originally 123,000, but with the discount, it’s 94,000! Because she’s a VIP, you can also become VIP~”

Sui Li’er in the room widened her eyes at the words, and the food in her mouth suddenly didn’t taste good anymore. How can it be so expensive!?

One of the girls asked in confusion, “How can we become VIP?”

“Accumulate consumption, or top up your card with a fund of 10 million. Chen Ling’s total consumption has already met the requirement.”

Sui Li’er: !?

Everyone else: ???

Oh my god, what kind of shady business is this?

“Forget it… I won’t eat. Only the rich can afford this…”

“So, this is the life of the wealthy! Can’t afford it…”

Everyone quickly handed the menu back to the little fox, as if it were scorching hot.

Those women were inwardly envious upon hearing this. Treatments really differ from person to person! Someone spends over a hundred thousand for breakfast, while they’re eating wild fruits in the morning. Compared to that, the wild fruits taste less sweet and more sour.

They had underestimated Chen Ling’s wealth… he was completely overturning their worldview.

They couldn’t help but look towards the small stone house, thinking: Sui Sui is really lucky.

“Nobody wants anything?” The little fox looked at everyone with confusion, “Should I give you a cheaper menu? The cheapest option is only 20,000!”

Everyone: ???


Twenty thousand?

No way, no way, our poverty is beyond your imagination…

“You really don’t want it?” Seeing their reactions, the little fox suddenly deflated. She had thought she could make a big profit…

“Forget it, forget it, sorry about that.”

The menus that had just been handed out returned to the hands of the little fox.

Some people still felt quite awkward, as they had been clamoring for takeout just now, but now they couldn’t afford it…

Being poor isn’t embarrassing; being embarrassed is thinking you’re not poor…

“Ah… let it go. This isn’t something ordinary people can afford.” The little fox casually said a sentence and opened a dimensional portal, slipping away.

Everyone felt like they were being looked down upon… but there was nothing they could do; they really couldn’t afford it.

Seeing this, Yan Ran breathed a sigh of relief. She didn’t know what that black hole from earlier was, and she couldn’t guess. She just felt that Chen Ling was really damn rich…

“Chen Ling~ I don’t want to eat this anymore in the future… Let’s just eat whatever. This is too expensive.” After Chen Ling got up, Sui Li’er said to him. She realized she had unknowingly spent over ten million…

Chen Ling said casually, “Do you think I’m feeding you?”

With that, he opened his mouth and said, “Feed me!”


Sui Li’er blushed, tremblingly picked up the food with chopsticks, and fed it to Chen Ling.


An indirect kiss…

〚 Sui Sui is happy and shy~ Points +1 million~ 〛

“After I’m full, you can eat.” After saying that, Chen Ling yawned and lay down on the sofa, closing his eyes and saying, “From now on, your job is to finish the leftovers that I can’t eat.”

“Okay~ Then have another bite~ You only ate a little bit.” She picked up another morsel of food with chopsticks and offered it to his lips.

Chen Ling raised his eyelids, opened his mouth, and gently took the chopsticks from which Sui Li’er had eaten into his mouth.

〚 Ding~ Sui Sui is shy~ Points +1 million~ 〛

Chen Ling just smiled and ate a few more bites before stopping. Afterwards, Sui Li’er finished the leftovers, eating to her heart’s content.

And Yan Ran also began to gather the people.

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