The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 229 – Flame Blue Secret Realm

Not only Flame Blue Town but also all the coastal cities previously damaged by Chen Tianming and the other eleven Star Leaders had already been fully repaired.

However, the people from Aries Academy hadn’t witnessed this miraculous scene. They all took out their smartphones and watched the videos captured by witnesses online. Each of them had their mouths agape in disbelief.

Even the mentors were discussing, what exactly was happening.

However, Yan Ran noticed a detail. It was the timing of the automatic repairs in the cities.

Finding the earliest video published online, Yan Ran realized it was from 8:20 in the morning. And when she had gathered everyone in the morning, she looked at the time; it was 8:15. She told everyone that they were going to repair the cities…

Then the cities repaired themselves!?

Why did they repair themselves right after she spoke?

Yan Ran contemplated this as she looked at Chen Ling, who was some distance away, teasing Sui Li’er. That guy, so carefree.

Today, Sui Li’er had hurriedly gotten up and hadn’t had time to tidy her hair. It was a bit messy. Chen Ling was behind her, playing with her hair. His fingers reached in and gently combed through it, occasionally encountering tangled spots.

And then suddenly, Chen Ling tugged sharply, causing Sui Li’er’s head to jerk back.

“Oh… Chen Ling, be gentle…”

It wasn’t painful, of course. He wouldn’t hurt her. It was just disrupting her while she was looking at her smartphone~ She was currently watching the video of the city’s automatic repair with Luo Yuxiu.

Could it be him? It must be him! But would he be so kind-hearted? Yan Ran expressed doubt.

Previously, he blew up Aries Academy, Flame Blue Town, and caused volcanic eruptions… all his doing, and he never repaired anything. Why this time…

Oh, he wants to soak in the hot springs with Sui Sui!


Yan Ran could now pretty much understand Chen Ling’s thought process. It was so easy to understand. Heroes are vulnerable to the allure of beauties…

However, there was another thing that puzzled Yan Ran.

Just like Chen Ling had thought before, why hadn’t the townspeople of Flame Blue Town reacted when such a big event occurred on the coastline?

Yan Ran asked a few people and found that all their responses were surprisingly consistent. They all had puzzled expressions: “Did anyone die? No, right?”

After Chen Ling returned, he also checked the memories of the people. He was astonished to discover that the memories of the people in this town had been erased for a certain period!

Who did it? Even Chen Ling didn’t know.

But he didn’t feel like delving into it; it wasn’t his concern.

Since the coastal cities had been fully repaired, the people from Aries Academy naturally didn’t need to help anymore. Amidst laughter and cheers, the group set off toward the Flame Blue Secret Realm.

Along the way, people continued discussing the automatic repair of the cities.

Sui Li’er was also asking Chen Ling, “Chen Ling, do you know what’s going on? It’s so magical!”

Chen Ling responded casually, “All things have spirits.”

Sui Li’er nodded in admiration, not fully grasping the concept. “That’s amazing…”

As expected of a god. He knows things I don’t understand!

Chen Ling’s thoughts: Truly worthy of my wife. She believes everything I say no matter how absurd it sounds.

At this moment, Yan Ran in front suddenly spoke up, “Everyone, be careful. We’re about to enter the Flame Blue Secret Realm. There will be a mist when we enter the realm, so make sure not to get lost.”

Upon hearing this, Sui Li’er shook Chen Ling’s hand and smiled, “With me here, you won’t get lost~”

Chen Ling chuckled softly at her words. “You should worry about yourself.”

Initially, Sui Li’er wasn’t worried, but his comment made her suddenly afraid. She quickly tightened her grip on his hand and changed her tune, “Don’t let me get lost…”

As they continued walking, the voices of the people around grew quieter and gradually faded away. The mist ahead became denser, and visibility was limited to about half a meter in front.

With their vision obstructed, they relied solely on sound to determine direction. Hence, everyone naturally quieted down, listening to the footsteps of those around them, finding reassurance in the sounds.

Now Sui Li’er could only see Chen Ling by her side; the people in front, behind, and to the sides were all invisible.

At the same time, a cold wind blew, and it seemed like they could see the mist rolling.

The overwhelming mist and the feeling of the unknown intensified Sui Li’er’s fear. She moved closer to Chen Ling.

“Don’t be afraid, just watch your step. We’ll be out of the mist zone soon.”

The secret realm was a mysterious existence, covering a vast area. However, it didn’t exist on any map. Viewed from the sky, the secret realm was absent; there was only an entrance.

But upon entering the entrance, it opened up into an expansive region that couldn’t be seen from the outside.

This entrance was like a portal, leading to a wondrous otherworldly place. Within it lay spatial mysteries that the people of this world couldn’t comprehend.

Chen Ling, however, understood exactly what this secret realm was.

It was the result of powerful mystical energy from this world causing spatial distortions, connecting to other planets within this universe. This led to a climate and environment within the secret realm that was vastly different from the Rune Continent.

Entering the secret realm was akin to traveling among the stars…

There were exotic life forms on the other planets, but they lacked civilization. A small universe constituted a dimension, and within this dimension, only the Rune Continent had given birth to civilization.

In some secret realms, the ecological environment is exceptionally suitable for living, while others are extremely harsh and uninhabitable. The Flame Blue Secret Realm, however, is a small planet located 19 light-years away from the Rune Continent. It’s a relatively habitable secret realm.

Many have developed it into a tourist attraction. But there are also powerful extraterrestrial beasts within.

However, as a secret realm within the jurisdiction of the Aries Constellation Palace, the ruling power of the Fire Nation naturally governs it. Additionally, the nearby Sagittarius Constellation Palace also sends people to assist.

Thus, the Flame Blue Secret Realm is quite safe.

At this moment, within the milky-white mist ahead, several streams of black mist suddenly appeared. In just a blink of an eye, everyone was enveloped by it.

The black mist blocked all light, causing even the last bit of visibility to vanish. Startled by this, everyone was taken aback, but they weren’t overly concerned and continued moving forward.

However, Yan Ran furrowed her brows, feeling a bit worried. She had been to the Flame Spirit Blue Realm before, and there definitely wasn’t this black mist!

What on earth was this black mist?

Just then, a resounding boom of thunder erupted in everyone’s ears!

The light of thunder illuminated the black mist.

Everyone was shocked, thunder and lightning flashed by, darkness returned, and nothing could be seen again. Everyone halted in their tracks, causing an eerie silence around, with only faint breathing sounds audible.

In this pitch-black situation, those faint breathing sounds became even more unsettling. One couldn’t determine whether it was the breath of a companion or an enemy.

Who knew if there was a fierce beast right behind you, its mouth gaping, about to pounce on you in the next second.

“What the heck? Mentor? Can you hear me?” Someone couldn’t help voicing their fear.

“It’s okay, don’t be afraid!” Yan Ran quickly reassured the group.

“Sob~ Help…” It was another pitch-black sky, another thunder that terrified her the most. Sui Li’er was close to being scared to death, clutching onto Chen Ling’s arm tightly.

By now, she couldn’t see Chen Ling at all. She couldn’t even see her own hand; the black mist was just too thick.

In the darkness, Chen Ling bent down and simply picked her up.

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