The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 248 – No Sportsmanship

“Shi Feng!”

Chen Tianming was also alarmed, and he quickly followed, shouting loudly.

At the same time, other Star Leaders also made their moves. Like missiles, they descended from the sky, and Chen Ling could clearly feel that they intended to attack him.

Watching Shi Feng, who was descending from the sky with a crazed smile, Chen Ling’s feet lightly touched the ground, appearing dozens of meters away.


A loud noise echoed as Shi Feng crashed onto the ground. The entire hot spring estate trembled. Everyone was shaken, and the ground had cracked open in several places, further damaging the already devastated estate.

Shi Feng hadn’t even used any spells; it was just a regular landing.


The figure of Shi Feng appeared from the smoke. However, by now he had transformed into a giant lion with a body stretching dozens of meters, pouncing toward Chen Ling and Sui Li’er.


A roar that shook the heavens and the earth echoed.

“Shi Feng! Stop!”

Mi Jiu shouted, but it was already too late.

The Leo Star Leader had already pounced right in front of Chen Ling at lightning speed, making it impossible to stop or react.

At that moment, Chen Ling gently lifted his foot.

“BOOM!” A deafening explosion!

The people with lower strength had their eardrums burst instantly. The terrifying shockwave even made the students from the Aries Academy bleed from their seven orifices.


Even their mental strength suffered severe damage.

As for Shi Feng, his giant beast form was sent flying into the sky with a single kick from Chen Ling.

Chen Ling sent him home, and he disappeared from sight.


Chen Ling let out a yawn and retracted his foot.

The other nine Star Leaders simultaneously widened their eyes in shock. Even the female Star Leaders who were as beautiful as celestial beings were now pale with fear.

Shi Feng was gone? With just one kick?

No way! How could this be possible?

They knew Shi Feng’s strength better than anyone. He was among the top-ranked Star Leaders and unbeatable in close combat. Yet, in the blink of an eye, they didn’t even see Chen Ling’s movements clearly, and Shi Feng was gone!

This was… the Master of the Sun?

The students from the Aries Academy were also staring at Chen Ling as if they had seen a ghost.

Did he just kick the Star Leader away with one foot?

Although they had a premonition that Chen Ling was not someone the twelve Star Leaders could handle, seeing this scene with their own eyes was still unbelievable.

It wasn’t just anyone; it was a Star Leader, someone they had once revered as a god.

Many of the people present were Leo signs themselves. The Leo Star Leader was their idol, their belief. They were destined to follow him for their entire lives.

But now… their belief had been shattered by Chen Ling’s single kick.

Well, maybe they should follow Chen Ling from now on…

Mi Jiu and Chen Tianming were both speechless at the moment.

They regretted bringing that reckless guy here. They couldn’t have stopped this madman…

Serves him right…


The auras of the other nine Star Leaders instantly burst open as they began to prepare their spells.

The entire Flame Blue Secret Realm was covered in golden runes, each one a forbidden curse-level spell!

Energy surged instantaneously, blazing like flames. The entire Flame Blue Secret Realm trembled at this moment. The earth quaked, buzzing incessantly, and stones were directly crushed into powder.

The terrifying energy oppressed everyone, making it hard to breathe. It felt like they might explode at any moment.

The Star Leaders didn’t know whether Chen Ling was a good guy or a bad guy; they only knew that this person had terrifying strength. Without releasing their spells in advance, they wouldn’t even get a chance to use their magic.


Sui Li’er felt the energy from them and turned her head from Chen Ling’s embrace. She saw the sky filled with golden runes.

“Why…?” She couldn’t help but mumble.

It had happened before. The people from the Aries Academy and the Sagittarius Academy had inexplicably fought each other. Tragedy had occurred, and now it was happening again.

Why did these people always have to fight?

Why did they always have to cause trouble for Lord God…

Lord God, no… my husband… works so hard to govern the world~

The world is so beautiful now…

Can’t you guys just behave?

However, this was a world that only she found beautiful~

These people… were all bad… they all wanted to get Lord God… they all wanted to put my husband… in jail!


Bad people~

〚 Sui Sui is unhappy! Points: -10 billion~ 〛

Chen Ling was momentarily stunned, then he looked down at the pouting Sui Li’er with interest.

The Star Leaders didn’t react to her outburst. Sui Li’er’s emotions were written all over her face; it was obvious that she was very upset!

However, they didn’t pay it much mind. How could they be scared by a little girl?

But the people from the Aries Academy were taken aback when they saw Sui Li’er’s expression…

Internally: What are you angry about?

What do you want to do…

“Could you please stop fighting!” Sui Li’er shouted in a fierce tone.

In the past, she would never have had the courage to do this. But things were different now. No one could take Chen Ling away from her. She didn’t want to go through the despair she had felt before, watching him go berserk and leave.

The crowd: ???

Wow… Sui Sui… can you lower your voice? They are Star Leaders on the other side!

They were really afraid that Sui Li’er will provoke the Star Leader and they’ll end up getting caught in the crossfire.

Chen Ling couldn’t help but chuckle when he heard her, not saying anything, just wanting to see what else Sui Li’er would say.

“Don’t fight, okay! Why can’t we just talk things out? Why does it have to be a fight?”

As Sui Li’er spoke, she looked genuinely aggrieved, as if she had been the one beaten up. She was just reminded of what had happened before.

Chen Ling noticed that her expression wasn’t right, so he pinched her cheek gently and comforted her softly, “Alright, alright, no fighting, no fighting. Don’t worry.”

“Ugh~ really… I’m scared…”

Sui Li’er pouted and looked at Chen Ling with puppy-dog eyes, clearly conveying: Don’t deceive me… You promised not to fight.

Chen Ling gently kissed her.

〚 Ding: Sui Sui is shy~ Points: +1 trillion〛

This instantly reset Sui Li’er’s memory, leaving her momentarily blank.

Chen Ling smiled and held her in his arms, then looked at the Star Leaders in the sky, saying, “Did you hear that? My wife said not to fight, and I don’t want to fight either. Go back.”

Star Leaders: ???

However, the spells were still in place, and they looked at Chen Ling with solemn expressions, examining him carefully, as if they wanted to study every inch of him.

Chen Tianming, seeing this, glanced at Mi Jiu, his face showing that he was thinking; How can we hide this? Should I help?

Mi Jiu sighed helplessly and nodded slightly in response.

Chen Tianming turned back to the other Star Leaders and said, “Let’s put away our spells. He said he won’t fight, so he won’t. Let’s have a good talk.”

Upon hearing Chen Tianming’s words, the others squinted their eyes. The way Chen Tianming spoke, it seemed like he and Chen Ling had known each other for a long time. Mi Jiu’s reaction was also quite strange.

What were these two up to?

However, since Chen Tianming had spoken this way, they decided to dispel their spells. To be honest, they didn’t want to engage in a fight either. It was best to resolve the situation through dialogue. Chen Ling’s strength had truly scared them.

They didn’t necessarily want to subdue Chen Ling, but they wanted to ascertain his intentions, as well as understand what had caused the world-shattering scene earlier.

However, just as they were about to dispel their spells…


Like fireworks being launched, there were nine consecutive explosions, sounding like “whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…!” then “Boom, Boom,boom.”

Chen Ling kicked each of them once.

Sui Li’er was startled, and before she could react, all nine Star Leaders had disappeared!

The sound had left the crowd dumbfounded. Many of them had fainted on the spot!

Everyone: ???

No… no sportsmanship!

Didn’t they agree not to fight?

Chen Tianming: ???

“You said you wouldn’t fight, didn’t you?”

Can’t you at least give me some face!

Chen Ling calmly replied, “This is not fighting. I just used my feet.”

Seeing that the Star Leaders had all disappeared, Mi Jiu immediately knelt on one knee and said, “Greetings, Master!”

The crowd: ???

Greetings? Master?

What is happening now?!

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