The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 31 – Do You Have Any Wishes?

Wait a minute, Chen Ling, calm down!

This is just a friendly hug! If anything happens, it will ruin our friendship!

Stay calm! Stay calm!

But can he really control himself in this situation?

If he can, he must be a god.

“Still mind!” Chen Ling silently recited in his mind. Several golden runes illuminated the entire room.

However, Sui Li’er, nestled in Chen Ling’s embrace, didn’t notice a thing.

Then, several smaller golden runes entered Chen Ling’s forehead. He suddenly felt a coolness from head to toe, penetrating his very being.

It was as if icy water drenched him from top to bottom, leaving him feeling like a wet chicken. His consciousness instantly awakened, and the restless surge of hot blood stopped flowing downward.

Phew~ He couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

He thought he would never use this world’s pathetic spells again. But unexpectedly, in a critical moment, it came in handy. It successfully preserved the purity of his friendship with Sui Li’er.

After a while, Sui Li’er stopped crying as well.

Blushing, she gently pushed Chen Ling away and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes with her small hands.

“Thank you.”

Her little mouth was still pouting, looking extremely aggrieved. It was irresistible, making one want to take a bite of those half-red lips.

But when she saw the tears on Chen Ling’s chest, she couldn’t help but purse her lips and chuckle.

“Mhm, hehe, sorry about this. I’ll help you wash these clothes~”

Chen Ling waved his hand. “No need.”

With a single thought, everything was cleaned up.

“Are you done crying? Are you hungry? Have you eaten?”

“Mhm, not yet.”

Chen Ling nodded. “Hurry up and go out. The dishes will get cold if we don’t eat soon.”

“Mhm, okay~”

After that, the two of them returned to the living room.

Ten minutes passed.

Ten minutes is a magical time.

Sui Li’er memory seemed to be reset every ten minutes. After every ten minutes was a fresh start. She had already forgotten everything that happened earlier.

“Aren’t you hungry?” Sui Li’er looked at Chen Ling lying beside her with his eyes closed, feeling a bit puzzled.

He hasn’t eaten anything all day?

Without even lifting his eyelids, Chen Ling yawned.

“Not hungry. I’m just really tired.” After saying that, he yawned again.

Chen Ling’s exhaustion was not without reason. It wasn’t just that he was idle and wanted to sleep. The story behind it is long, but let’s not get into it for now.

Seeing his condition, Sui Li’er asked with concern, “Chen Ling, being a god must be exhausting. It seems like you haven’t slept in a long time.”

Chen Ling nodded. “Yeah, I’m exhausted.”

That’s why I don’t want to be a god.

“Oh, then you should eat well! Eat until you’re full so you can work properly.”

“I’ll give you mine! It just so happens that I have leftovers from yesterday’s lunch~ Hehe~”

Upon hearing this, Chen Ling glanced at her indifferently.

“A friendly reminder, that leftover from yesterday’s lunch is now teeming with over 390 types of molds, bacteria, and viruses, with an uncountable total number.”

“It’s comparable to a pile of feces in terms of the quantity of bacteria and viruses, so eating it is like eating shit.”

“If you’re willing to eat it, go ahead.”

“Ugh” Sui Li’er couldn’t help but retch, frowning at Chen Ling. “Why would you tell me that? So disgusting!”

Chen Ling shrugged, closed his eyes, and didn’t say a word.

Of course, Chen Ling was exaggerating. But he really could use the system to scan the amount of bacteria and viruses present. That’s why he never ate leftovers and only ate fresh food. Although bacteria and viruses were everywhere in the world, it’s different when you know the details.

“Um, can’t you just clean up all those bacteria and viruses? Then you can eat it again!” Sui Li’er looked at Chen Ling expectantly, her face expressing: The Lord God can surely do it!

Chen Ling was speechless. “You really know how to play with me. I’ve really been played by you.”

“Hehe, thank you, Lord God.”

“When did I say I was going to clean it up? Why would I bother cleaning up a pile of shit? I’m not a sanitation worker.”

“You…” Sui Li’er frowned and covered her mouth.

Inner thoughts: Can’t vomit, can’t vomit. This rice Chen Ling bought was so expensive!

But thinking about it made her angry. Chen Ling was clearly trying to disgust her.

“Hmph, then I won’t eat it!” Sui Li’er stubbornly put down her chopsticks and refused to eat anymore.

“Oh, you won’t eat it? If you won’t eat it, then I’ll throw it away.” As he said that, Chen Ling sat up.

“Wait, wait!” Sui Li’er was startled and quickly stopped him.

Chen Ling coldly snorted, looked at her with a smug expression, and then continued to lie down and rest his eyes.

Sui Li’er stuck her tongue out at him, making a mischievous face while he had his eyes closed.

She couldn’t help but mutter in her heart: Really now. If you didn’t want me to eat the leftovers, you could have just said so. Why did you have to say it in such a disgusting way? If you don’t want me to eat it so much, then I won’t eat it.

Ten minutes later: “Oh yeah, Chen Ling, what kind of work do you usually do? Do you need any help? I can work for you!”

Chen Ling, with his eyes closed, replied in a deep voice: “If you don’t cry anymore, that would be a help.”

“Oh, okay~ I got it! Anything else?”


“I can really be helpful! Tell me!” By now, Sui Li’er had finished eating and was leaning against the sofa, looking at Chen Ling expectantly.

She wanted to work and earn money.

Because she had been stealing for so many years, she wanted to repay all the money she still remembered. To give herself peace of mind.

For the money she couldn’t remember, there was really nothing she could do. After all, she wasn’t a god and couldn’t have a photographic memory.

“There is!”

“Hey, what is it?”

“Quiet down a bit, I’m really tired.”


Although Sui Li’er was reluctant, she wanted to talk to Chen Ling a bit more. But seeing how exhausted he was, she wisely closed her mouth.

Chen Ling discreetly lifted his eyelids and glanced at her.

He thought to himself: Did she not cry? Was I too harsh again?

Now he was starting to be a little afraid of Sui Li’er.


Women are so troublesome!

Although he thought so, Chen Ling still spoke honestly, “Um, do you have anything you want to do? I can help you fulfill your wishes. That’s my job as a god.”

Sui Li’er’s eyes lit up with joy when she heard that, “Really? Is the job of a god to help people fulfill their wishes?”

Sui Li’er suddenly felt that the people in this world would definitely be very happy in the future.

Because the Lord God is so kind!

Chen Ling opened his eyes and nodded, “Yes.”

I’ll be your god alone.

That was the only way he could compensate Sui Li’er.

“Well, do you have any wishes? Tell me, if you insist on working for me, that’s also possible.”

Sui Li’er shook her head, “No, I really don’t have anything to do.”

She felt that if she worked for Chen Ling, it might just cause trouble for him. She didn’t want that. She couldn’t help him in the first place, so why add to the trouble?

Then, without thinking, she blurted out, “I want you to stay!”

Chen Ling thought she was going to say something else and nodded absentmindedly, saying, “No problem, anything else?”

“Hehe~” Sui Li’er grinned, extremely happy.

“Well, there’s also… um…”

“And don’t erase my memories.” Her smiling face suddenly collapsed, feeling wronged.

Chen Ling’s heart skipped a beat as he watched her, “I understand! I was wrong! I won’t do it anymore, don’t cry!”

“Hehe~ hehehe~”

Sui Li’er’s sweet laughter filled the air, and Chen Ling sighed helplessly, “Anything else?”

“Let me think…”

“Well, okay then.”

But suddenly, Chen Ling had an idea. There was a way that would allow him not to be with Sui Li’er every day, yet still make her happy!

He narrowed his eyes and looked at her seriously: “Do you want everyone in this world to be able to see you?”


Sui Li’er turned her head in astonishment.

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