The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 33- Is This Your Girlfriend?

While Sui Li’er was staring blankly at Chen Ling, she completely failed to notice that her projection had already appeared.

Chen Ling glanced over at the projected Sui Li’er standing straight in the middle of the living room. Just like a mannequin, her eyes were still bright but devoid of any life, motionless.

But even though she was just a projection, she was the most perfect projection in this world. Well, apart from her chest.

She was identical to Sui Li’er in every way. However, the projection still had a somewhat ethereal appearance.

Chen Ling spoke again: “Adjust transparency to 0%.”

〚 Ding~ Transparency adjustment of the projection complete! 〛

With that, the ethereal image became solid like a physical entity.


Sui Li’er didn’t react, and she continued to gaze at Chen Ling, her mind a mystery.

Chen Ling felt a sudden jolt in his leg when he noticed her staring blankly at him. He had an instant reaction: Wow, that was close. I almost kicked her again. Whew.

He had almost instinctively given Sui Li’er a kick! But fortunately, he managed to hold back.

“Ahem, hey, it’s done!”

“Uh…” Sui Li’er paused for a moment, then snapped out of her daze.

“Really!? So fast!? Hehe~” She exclaimed happily, lowering her head in excitement and extending her hand, wanting to see if she could see her own hand.

However, there was nothing.

She thought there might be something wrong with her eyes, so she rubbed them and opened them again. Still, she couldn’t see anything.


“Oh no, I still can’t see anything.” Sui Li’er pouted sadly and looked at Chen Ling, thinking that even he couldn’t help her.

But she noticed that Chen Ling was looking at her with a mix of helplessness and amusement. “Are you stupid?” he said.

“I’m not stupid,” Sui Li’er protested. She felt wronged and pursed her lips. “I just can’t see. Maybe my IQ isn’t high enough? Only smart people can see.”

Chen Ling couldn’t help but laugh and cry at the same time. He chuckled and said, “Please turn your silly little brain to the left by 90 degrees.”

“I’m not the silly one, you are!” Sui Li’er glanced at him with some resentment and then looked to the right.

Still, there was nothing!

Chen Ling: ???

“Fool! I said left!”

Sui Li’er paused, realizing that she had turned in the wrong direction!

Though it was her mistake, she was still annoyed!

“I’m not a fool!” she retorted.

“Your left is my right, you didn’t say otherwise~ Hmph!”

Chen Ling scratched his head. “Well, you make a valid point!”

But I won’t admit it!

She thought he was referring to his left and her right. Chen Ling was just afraid that she would turn in the wrong direction, so he instructed her based on her perspective. Unexpectedly, they both overthought it and perfectly misunderstood each other.

He couldn’t help but comment, “You only use your brain in useless situations.”

“Hmph, really,” Sui Li’er muttered quietly, then turned to her left.

And there she saw her 3D projection.

Her eyes went blank for a moment, and the next second, she opened her mouth in astonishment.

Wow. She didn’t actually make a sound, she just opened her mouth wide.

She was truly amazed. “Who is this? So beautiful!”

“Wow! Really beautiful!”

Chen Ling: ???

He looked at Sui Li’er, whose eyes were sparkling, with a speechless expression. It was the first time he saw her praising herself like this!

But there was absolutely nothing wrong with it.


Indeed, she was beautiful, Chen Ling had to admit. But there was something strange about it.

“Chen Ling, who is this? So beautiful!”

“I really want to know her!”

Chen Ling rolled his eyes. “This is a 3D projection, you tell me who it is.”

“Wow, could it be me? Oh no, is it your sister?”

“Wow, your sister is so pretty!” Sui Li’er wondered if it could be herself, but subconsciously she felt it was impossible. She couldn’t dare to imagine herself looking like this.

Sui Li’er had been to many places and seen countless people, although she couldn’t remember much now. In her impression, she had never seen anyone so beautiful, otherwise she would definitely remember.

And Chen Ling was the most dreamy-looking man she had ever seen. As she thought about that, she remembered that Chen Ling had a sister. Subconsciously, she believed that the person in front of her must be Chen Ling’s sister, otherwise how could she be so good-looking?

Upon hearing this, Chen Ling pursed his lips and thought of his troublesome sister. “Don’t mention my sister in front of me from now on. It’s not her, guess again.”

Sui Li’er stared at her 3D projection without shifting her gaze, she truly envied it.

Why can some people look so beautiful? If only I could look this beautiful!

Then she suddenly thought of something, The light in her eyes disappeared instantly. Could it be…

So she looked at Chen Ling, gently biting her lip, and whispered: “Oh, then this must be your girlfriend. She’s so beautiful.”

She thought that if Chen Ling had a girlfriend, she could only look like this to match him!

But she still felt a little bit sad.

Chen Ling: “My girlfriend? Sorry, I don’t date.”

“Aww, okay, hehe.” For some reason, Sui Li’er felt a little happy and relieved.

Not his girlfriend! Yay~

She automatically ignored the second half of his sentence.

Chen Ling didn’t know why she was happy, rolled his eyes: “It’s you! Are you a pig?”

“Woo, you’re the pig…eh!” Sui Li’er’s eyes went blank for a moment, but in the next second, a flash of light seemed to pass by!

She suddenly turned her head and stared at her own 3D projection in a daze. This… is actually me!?

Sui Li’er was too shocked and her mind became a little confused.

〚 Ding~ Target feels surprised! Points +100,000! 〛

〚 Points +100,000! 〛

Besides meeting Chen Ling, the happiest thing in her life now had one more addition.

That is, she looks really good!

But she still couldn’t completely believe it: Is this really me? Am I really so beautiful!

Hehe! ( °▽° )

“Chen Ling, Chen Ling!”

Sui Li’er finally reacted and looked at Chen Ling excitedly, her face was filled with disbelief: “Is this really me?”

Chen Ling helplessly shrugged: “Who else could it be? Besides you, who else looks so flat?”

“Wow~ wow~ Really? Wait, what did you just say?”

Sui Li’er: ???

She doubted if she had misheard. Did the Lord God just call her flat!?

Chen Ling was taken aback, quickly coughed, accidentally letting slip what he was thinking! His face turned red, and he said seriously: “It really is you. The clothes you’re wearing are exactly the same.”

“Really, really! Hehe~” Sui Li’er naturally noticed the matching clothes, but Chen Ling was also dressed the same way. There wasn’t much difference.

She thought that everyone Chen Ling knew dressed like this.


“Really, really!” The more Sui Li’er said it, the happier she became.

Chen Ling: =.=

“It’s fake!”

“Aww, you’re lying.”

“Then why did you ask?”

“Um, I, I can’t believe it.” Sui Li’er couldn’t believe that the 3D projection in front of her was her own appearance. It was too much of a pleasant surprise, so she needed to confirm with Chen Ling repeatedly.

“If you keep asking, I won’t help you.”

“Oh!” Sui Li’er quickly closed her mouth.

But she couldn’t hide the joy in her eyes and couldn’t wait to run to the front of the 3D projection.

She circled around it again and again.

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