The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 4 – This Girl Is A BUG

“What did he do exactly?” The mentors were full of doubts.

Lin Moyu shook her head in amazement. “I don’t know… I didn’t see it. Must be a system error.”

“I think so too…”

Everyone thought it was a system bug and that there was a problem. How could someone earn 100,000 points just by arriving in a new plane? Other people’s points were earned in small increments.

This 100,000 point issue was too big.

Hold on!

Chen Ling, who had been sighing, suddenly realized something. His despairing eyes regained clarity.

I still have a chance!

Chen Ling suddenly thought of the strictly forbidden things to do and immediately searched for them in the system.

〚 It is strictly forbidden to fall in love with mortal beings in small planes, otherwise all points will be deducted, and serious cases will result in expulsion from the academy. 〛

Falling in love?

Chen Ling glanced at Sui Li’er, who was sitting next to him. Sui Li’er looked at him with her beautiful eyes quietly, showing a puzzled and somewhat frightened expression.

To be honest, she was really pretty. But Chen Ling gave up on the idea. Falling in love? Who the hell has time for that? He continued searching.

〚 It is strictly prohibited to expose one’s divine identity, otherwise all points will be deducted.〛

Okay, that’s it!

Chen Ling seemed to have found a glimmer of hope and finally breathed a sigh of relief. Looking towards the side, he saw Sui Li’er.

“I’ll tell you a secret.”

“Um… okay!”

Sui Li’er obediently nodded, staring at Chen Ling without blinking. She also perked up her little ears, afraid of missing anything.

“In fact, I’m a god.”

〚 Ding! Report! Class A’s Chen Ling violates the Article 3 of Divine Personnel by exposing divine identity, all points deducted! 〛

The message spread throughout the Divine Systems of every interns across all planes.

Mo Suyan was speechless. “I thought this guy had changed his ways and was working hard… turns out…”

He knew Chen Ling was deliberately exposing himself.

Lin Moyu in the Main God Realm was furious. What is this guy doing! The report with their class name went to everyone… really embarrassing!

But Chen Ling was ecstatic. Glancing at the stunned Sui Li’er next to him, he happily opened the leaderboard:

〚 Rank 1999: Chen Ling, Points: 0 〛

It’s fine now. Can’t be bothered anymore!


〚 Ding~ Target feels happy because of you, Points +100,000! 〛

〚 Current Rank: 1 〛

〚 Congratulations on accumulating a total of 200,000 points, unlocking unlimited currency for small planes 〛

Accumulating points can give Divine Personnel interns higher permissions. With high enough permissions, they can even go back in time, stop time, and even reset the world they are on!Unlimited currency is used to regulate the world economy, which meant that he has now become the richest person in this world.

But his smile froze instantly. He looked at Sui Li’er next to him in confusion. The problem isn’t the system, it’s her! Is she like a bug in a game!?

Why did he get 100,000 points for making her happy just one time?

Sui Lier saw Chen Ling looking over again and quickly got up from the ground. Wiping away her tears,

Whoosh She bowed directly to Chen Ling!

“Oh… Lord God! Thank you!” Her voice was trembling, just looking at Chen Ling’s shadow in disbelief.

Is this Lord God!?

I… I… I met Lord God!

He even saved me!

〚 Ding~ Target feels happy because of you, +100,000 points! 〛

〚 Current points 200,000, Rank: 1 〛

Chen Ling: ???

This girl… She… is a bug!

“Memory block!”

〚 Ding~ , memory block is being used on target! 〛

Sui Lier’s eyes went blank and she fell into a daze. Chen Ling directly blocked all her memories of himself. He then disappeared into thin air.

With a thought, he appeared in the sky outside the Main God Realm. He immediately called his mentor.

“Hello? Teacher, please clear my points, there’s a system bug.”

Lin Moyu was speechless, to be honest, she didn’t want to deal with Chen Ling. But if the first-ranked person on the leaderboard is a due to a system error, it will inevitably affect her reputation.

But as soon as she talks to Chen Ling, she gets so angry she sees red! She can’t help but want to scold him!

〚 What did I say the day before internship! 〛

〚 I said to check if there are any problems with the system, and if there are, go fix it on the system interface 〛

〚 What did you do?! Huh? 〛

Chen Ling’s head was buzzing from the shrill voice. He rolled his eyes and said with emphasis: “Mentor…now that we have a problem, we need to communicate effectively to solve it, not argue.”

〚 You…..〛

“I was really wrong! I’m sorry!”

Chen Ling said decisively, knowing what she was about to do, which was to scold him. He replied directly and left her speechless. The urgent matter was to quickly resolve the problem with the system. Lin Moyu could only grit her teeth and roll her eyes fiercely at him, even though he couldn’t see her.

〚 I’ll help you call the system maintenance personnel, just wait. 〛

“Thank you, teacher. You’re so kind.” Chen Ling said, winking at the sky, knowing that Lin Moyu could see it.

At the same time, he said: “Teacher, I take back what I said earlier. I was wrong about your chest being small. It’s actually so big that it could store a whole fleet of boats!”

Lin Moyu was stunned for a moment, and was so angry that she gritted her teeth:

〚 Get lost! You’ll have to pay for the travel expenses of the repairman who comes 〛

“Oh! Sure, I’ll pay for it myself, no need to be polite.” The cost of having someone come to repair from another dimension was expensive…

〚 Okay, now get lost! Your voice is annoying! 〛

“Oh, wait! What about my points?”

〚 When the repairman comes, get a bug report to clear it 〛

“Okay, thanks, mentor!” Chen Ling’s thanks were sincere. He knew that Lin Moyu and him were on the same front. They both wanted him to be expelled!

〚 Ding~ Your appointment for system maintainance service has been confirmed and is expected to arrive within two days. 〛

“Two days? That long?” But there was no other choice but to wait. Just as Chen Ling was about to find a place to lie down where no one was around, the system’s voice suddenly rang out:

〚 Ding~ Target feels happy, and you have gained 2000 points 〛

〚 Current points: 202000 〛

〚 Rank: 1 〛

“Why? Didn’t I block her memories?”

“But why was only 2000 points added this time?”

That girl named Sui Li’er was too mysterious! With a thought, Chen Ling tried the invisibility spell of this world. Several golden runes suddenly appeared out of nowhere and then disappeared.

Chen Ling looked down at his hand and couldn’t see any difference. It was no different from the invisibility skill that he had in his system.

“The magic in this world is okay…”

Locking onto Sui Li’er’s coordinates, Chen Ling instantly teleported to her side. At this time, she was sitting on the ground, looking at the world with a bewildered look.

This made Chen Ling somewhat puzzled. He didn’t do anything, so where did the 2000 points come from?

Just as Chen Ling was looking at her, she also turned to look at Chen Ling. Her eyes were still a little sad. Biting her lip, she hesitated to speak.

Finally, she mustered up the courage to say, “Can you see me?”

Chen Ling was stunned. Why could she see me? Didn’t I use the invisibility spell?

Sui Li’er saw that he had no reaction, thinking that Chen Ling couldn’t see her like everyone else. She bit her lip in sadness and lowered her head, feeling a wave of sorrow: What was I even hoping for…

“You…why can you see me?” Chen Ling looked at her in confusion.


After hearing this, Sui Li’er suddenly raised her head and looked at Chen Ling in disbelief. “You…so you can really see me!”

Seeing her surprised expression, Chen Ling suddenly had a bad feeling.

〚 Ding~ Target feels happy because of you, +100,000 points. Current points: 302,000. Rank: 1 〛

“Memory block!” Chen Ling didn’t hesitate.

〚 Ding~ , memory block is being used on target! 〛

Sui Li’er sat dumbfounded again, while Chen Ling stayed far away from her and started to research why his invisibility spell didn’t work. He found out that in order to prevent criminals from using magic, countless blocking towers were established in this world to block magic spells, including invisibility spells, long-distance viewing spells, and eavesdropping spells. These intrusive spells that violated people’s privacy were all blocked.

Everyone also had a magic communication device with a privacy blocking function. Turning on the blocking function was as easy and quick as turning on Bluetooth. Everyone had this device, and the blocking range covered the entire world. So, the invisibility spell was useless.

Chen Ling was speechless… If only he had read a bit more about the world introduction, he wouldn’t have ended up like this. Now, he regretted it deeply. The system’s invisibility skill cannot be blocked, why did he have to use that useless spell? It’s ridiculous.

At this moment, the system’s voice rang out again.

〚 Ding, the target feels happy, points +2000. 〛

〚 Current points: 304,000 〛

〚 Ranking: 1 〛

Chen Ling: ???

Why? Does the system’s skill and memory blocking not work? What is she thinking?

“Mind reading, activate!”

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