The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 47 – Isn’t Me Wanting You Not Enough?

Li Yuan shook her head and said, “Applying for a job… I’m sorry, but we don’t need anyone here.”

“Um~” Sui Li’er involuntarily whimpered like a sad little cat. Chen Ling, on the other hand, felt a sense of amusement in his heart. He smiled and said, “Well, let’s go then.”

“Um… okay.” Sui Li’er followed Chen Ling with a low mood as they walked out.

“Wait a minute… you were laughing just now, weren’t you?” Sui Li’er frowned and looked at him.

Chen Ling replied, “Was I? No, I wasn’t.”

“No… you were definitely laughing! Why would you laugh when I can’t find a job?”

Chen Ling coughed and said, “Ahem… I really wasn’t laughing. You must have misunderstood.”

“Hmph…” Then Sui Li’er spotted another restaurant.

Chen Ling said first, “Not here.”

Sui Li’er asked, “Why?”

“All the waiters are men. What would you do there?”

“Oh… makes sense…”

They went to a clothing store next.

Chen Ling said, “Not here.”

Sui Li’er asked, “Why again?”

Chen Ling replied, “They sell men’s clothing.”

Sui Li’er questioned, “What’s wrong with selling men’s clothing?”

Chen Ling: “Nothing, I just said it’s not suitable.”

“Um~ Okay”

Of course, it’s because stores selling men’s clothing mostly cater to male customers.

They passed by a foot massage and health care center. Sui Li’er immediately noticed a hiring sign. Before the excitement could even light up in her eyes, Chen Ling extinguished it with just two words, “Not possible.”

“Why not?” Sui Li’er asked.

Chen Ling rolled his eyes and said, “Because it’s a foot massage place. Aren’t you afraid of the smell?” He didn’t want Sui Li’er’s hands touching the feet of those men.

After hearing his response, Sui Li’er also had no intention of going there. There was no need to do that kind of job. However, she still wanted to say a few more words to Chen Ling. Even though they had already passed by the store, she still said, “What’s wrong with foot massages…”

Chen Ling glanced at her indifferently and said, “If you’re willing to give foot massages, you can do it at home for me.”

“Huh?” Sui Li’er’s face instantly turned red and she asked, “Wh-why would I give you a foot massage?”

Chen Ling said flatly, “Then why do you give them massages?”

“I… I…” Sui Li’er definitely didn’t want to! But since the conversation had reached this point, she had to gather her courage and say, “That’s my job!”

Chen Ling sneered, “Well, I can give you money, and you can give me a foot massage?”

Sui Li’er’s heart skipped a beat as she looked at Chen Ling and quickly said, “No! I won’t give you a foot massage.”

Chen Ling: “That’s what I thought. When I say it’s not possible, it’s not possible.”

“Hmph…” Sui Li’er let out a small, disdainful hum, not paying much attention to it. After all, she didn’t want to do it either.

But Chen Ling felt very angry!

She was actually willing to give foot massages to those men but not to him? He instantly felt a sense of unfairness. He was displeased, very dissatisfied.

In simpler terms, he was jealous.

“What about that store? It’s a women’s clothing store.”

Chen Ling: “Whatever.”

“Hmm?” Sui Li’er turned her head and looked at him in confusion. Inner thoughts: He didn’t stop me!

Chen Ling glanced at her but remained silent.

Sui Li’er: Is he angry?

“Are you angry?” Sui Li’er asked.

Chen Ling didn’t even look at her and said, “No.”

“Um… What’s wrong?”


“Are you really not angry?”


“Oh… Then should I go by myself?”

Chen Ling said indifferently, “Whatever.”

“Um…” Sui Li’er stood there, watching him.

Chen Ling also looked at her.

The two of them stood on the street, staring at each other, and passersby would glance at them. People passing by speculated about what happened while being amazed by their looks. A couple passing by quietly discussed:

Girl: “What are they doing?”

Boy: “They’re probably a couple having an argument.”

“Huh?” Sui Li’er’s delicate little ears immediately perked up. Ahem… Do we really look like a couple having an argument? Hehe…

It seems that arguments between couples are sweet as long as they’re labeled as such.

Chen Ling looked at her seemingly ambiguous smile and asked curiously, “What are you doing? Just go.”

Sui Li’er, seeing his stern expression, pursed her lips and said, “Oh… Then I’ll go?”

Chen Ling stood still, expressionless, “Go ahead.”

Sui Li’er clenched her teeth and took two steps forward, then turned around again, saying, “I’m really going now!” Her face clearly conveyed the message: Aren’t you going to accompany me? If you don’t accompany me, you’ll temporarily lose me! Hurry up, hurry up!

Chen Ling couldn’t hold it in anymore when he saw her like that, and he chuckled lightly, saying, “Let’s go.”

Sui Li’er immediately beamed with joy and raised an eyebrow, “Hehe~ You’re not angry anymore?”

Chen Ling replied, “I wasn’t angry in the first place.”


“Keep doing that, and you can go by yourself.”

“No!” Sui Li’er quickly returned, smiling playfully, and bounced in front of him, saying, “Let’s go, hehe!”

She looked extremely adorable.

“Let’s go!” She smiled and reached out her hand.

Chen Ling instinctively took his hand out of his pocket and held her small hand. In that moment of their hands clasping together, they suddenly realized that something was a little off…

Chen Ling: Why did I take my hand out…

Sui Li’er: Oh wow! So as long as I reach out my hand, we can hold hands!

And then they walked hand in hand into that store.

Unfortunately, the store didn’t need any more employees.

“Oh… What should I do? I can’t find a job. It’s so hard to find one.” Sui Li’er sighed.

Seeing her disappointment, Chen Ling wanted to comfort her. “It’s okay if you can’t find one.”

“It does matter. Then I won’t be able to repay my debts. I have to return those things I stole before!”

“I’ll help you repay them, and you can come home with me to sleep. No, come home with me. Isn’t it nice to lie around at home? Eat your fill, drink your fill, and have no worries about food and clothing.”

This statement can be translated as: “I’ll support you.”

However, Sui Li’er couldn’t understand that meaning.

“But that’s not possible, I want to support myself!”

Chen Ling narrowed his eyes helplessly, thinking about how to persuade this person to give up. Her current abilities were too low, and she could only find jobs in the service industry. It’s not that he looked down on the service industry, but he was displeased with Sui Li’er doing that sort of work.

Why should she serve others? If she’s going to serve, she should serve me… Ahem.

Sui Li’er should still be at the age where she should be in school, not working.

Chen Ling thought to himself, maybe he should send her back to school to improve her intellect and abilities.

Just then, a notification from the system flashed in front of Chen Ling:

〚 Ding~ Your ordered Prosperity And Growth Set from the monster realm and it has been delivered! Due to no response, it has been left at the doorstep. Please collect it promptly. 〛

Chen Ling: ???

When did I order this Prosperity And Growth Set?

Those were all randomly ordered by him, without even looking, just based on the price—whichever was more expensive.

He stole a glance at Sui Li’er’s airplane field. He couldn’t help but think: Is that thing useful?

“Let’s go back and have a meal first. We’ll look for something after we’re full.”

“Okay then~”

Afterward, Chen Ling and Sui Li’er returned home.

“This is delicious! Do you want to try it?”

Chen Ling glanced at her airplane field and replied indifferently, “If it’s delicious, eat more. I’m not hungry.”

“But… it seems like you haven’t eaten anything for a long time.”

“Don’t worry about me.”

“Oh… okay then.”

“By the way, Chen Ling, Xuan Xuan told me that this seems to be very expensive. I’m fine with just eating bread! No need to spend so much money.”

Chen Ling calmly said, “Just eat it.”

Sui Li’er asked, “How much does it cost? I’ll definitely repay you!”

Chen Ling smiled and said, “You can work for me for a lifetime and still not repay me.”

“Well, that works too~ Hehe~” Sui Li’er didn’t think too much and casually spoke her mind. After all, she had mentioned before that she wanted to work for Chen Ling, but he didn’t allow it.

“Really?” Chen Ling narrowed his eyes, “Then work for me.”

“Huh?” Sui Li’er was stunned, “Is that okay? But… didn’t you say before…”

Chen Ling cleared his throat and shamelessly said, “I see that no one else wanted you, so I’ll reluctantly take you in.”

They had spent the morning together, and he suddenly changed his mind. Initially, he just wanted to send Sui Li’er away and not be bothered by her. But now, things were different.

Upon hearing this, Sui Li’er immediately frowned unhappily and argued, “Wu~ That’s so unfair… It’s not that no one wants me! It’s clearly because you didn’t let me go. Otherwise, I could have found someone! Why am I unwanted…”

Indeed, Chen Ling had been obstructing her all along.

Angered, he gritted his teeth and remembered her earlier comment about wanting to massage other people’s feet, which made him even more furious: “Isn’t me wanting you enough?”


Sui Li’er was immediately dumbfounded and nodded slightly in a silly manner, “Um… that’s enough…”

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