The Duke’s Daughter is Involved in Magical Technology
The Duke’s Daughter is Involved in Magical Technology Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Previous Aresia’s Best Friend (Follower)


Upon hearing her name, Aresia turned her head towards the lounge area and saw a beautifully dressed girl in a brown dress approaching quickly.

Aresia quickly recognized who it was.

Karina, her supposedly bestfriend. Although not as prestigious as Aresia, Karina, as the daughter of a Count’s Family, had her own status. Karina’s family had fallen on hard times, but Karina, being one of the few young people with magical talent, had always been making efforts to gain recognition. Her efforts of making her way in the aristocrats gains her a social circle and because she always pleases the previous Aresia their relationship had become quite close over time.

But… come to think of it, the reason they had such a close relationship might have been because of her older brother.

As Aresia reminisced about her memories of Karina, she found that Karina had already arrived in front of her.

Karina looked around and then expressed a hint of disappointment. “Aresia, why are you alone here? Didn’t the Duke and Master Amos come to see you off?”

Karina might not be aware, but Aresia, who was present, easily sensed her disappointment.

Amidst the conversations happening in the lounge area, Aresia greeted Karina’s mother with a nod, receiving a smile in response, and explained, “I completed the registration yesterday. My father and Amos came to see me off and also visited the headmaster before leaving.”

Karina seemed even more disappointed. She wished she had known and waited for Aresia at the entrance of the Academy.

However, she quickly bounced back. “Well, since you’re alone, why don’t you come sit and have a cup of tea?”

Aresia shook her head. “I’ll go back to the dormitory and rest. I won’t stay.”

Karina didn’t seem too regretful and continued, “Rest for a while, and I’ll come get you later. We can have lunch together at the cafeteria?”

Although tea was provided in the dormitory, the main meals were usually eaten at the school cafeteria.

This time, Aresia didn’t refuse the invitation. She nodded in agreement.

With that, Karina said her goodbyes, and Aresia returned to her room, continuing her studies with the borrowed magic book.

On the desk, a quill pen floated above a blank notebook. Whenever Aresia had insights or gained inspiration, the quill pen would write on its own, as if guided by her hand, leaving behind neat handwriting.

Unbeknownst to her, time flew by, and the afternoon arrived.

Karina came to find Aresia for lunch, and they went to the cafeteria together.

“I’ve never had lunch here before. It’s so crowded.”

The cafeteria at the Royal Academy had tables that could seat two or four people. It reminded Aresia of a restaurant often frequented by nobles, which was always packed.

“The food here tastes great.”

Aresia nodded. The cafeteria’s chefs were specially hired, and the food options were not limited to set meals. Aresia chose a combo meal consisting of white bread, pan-fried meat cutlets, a fruit and vegetable salad, and mushroom soup. It seemed simple, but the meat cutlet was made from the tender and flavorful meat of a magic beast, making the combo meal quite expensive.

Karina’s combo meal was even more extravagant, with a fish fillet salad instead of the fruit and vegetable salad. It was priced even higher.

While eating, Karina couldn’t help but comment, “Aresia, are you getting used to the dormitory?”

“Yes, I am.”

“That’s good. I requested a single room when I registered, but they assigned me to a double room. It seems my roommate and I will get along well.”

“Yes, that’s good.”

“What about the classrooms? When I registered, the teacher told us to gather in the auditorium for the opening ceremony. Shall we go together?”


Karina had a lively personality, and despite Aresia’s short answers, she continued talking non-stop.

By chance, Karina mentioned Wendy, a commoner whom Aresia might remember. Karina mentioned that she lived in Room 217.

The room numbers in the dormitory went from left to right, with consecutive numbers for adjacent rooms. Aresia’s dorm room number was 601, and 217 was on the other side of the corridor, on the second floor. Karina seemed to know and was purposely looking for her.

Karina asked if the rumors about Wendy’s exceptional magical talent were true and speculated that being supported by the imperial family must be no easy feat.

The imperial family sponsored commoners, and their requirements were high. Those who received support from the imperial family were considered exceptional in terms of talent.

“However, there are rumors that Wendy received support because her mother used to be Queen Shana’s maid.”

Karina rolled her eyes, sounding contemptuous.

Queen Shana was the fourth wife of the current emperor and the mother of the sixth prince. The current queen was the sixth wife of the emperor, not only because the emperor himself was promiscuous, but also because of her exceptional power. Although the emperor was almost eighty years old, he looked young, and he could live for several more decades. His previous wives were ordinary people with short lifespans, resulting in frequent changes in the position of the queen.

Therefore, there were some rumors, mostly false.

However, Karina’s words were true. Wendy’s mother did serve as a maid to Queen Shana, which was one of the points that the previous Aresia had always targeted.

But the Aresia now, couldn’t feel any emotion anymore. She had already gone through the memories of the previous generation.

Although Karina talked arrogantly, she was observant of Aresia’s lack of interest. She quickly changed the topic.

“What are your plans for the afternoon? How about exploring the campus together?”

Aresia shook her head. “I already explored yesterday. I plan to go to the library this afternoon.” Her borrowed book was finished, so she wanted to return it and find some interesting books while she was at it.

Karina was about to say something when Aresia interrupted, “Let’s go for a walk. Don’t worry about me. It’s a big school, and it’s better to familiarize early.”

Karina nodded in agreement.

After lunch, they parted ways. Aresia went to the library and spent the whole afternoon there. By the time the sun was setting, she borrowed a book, finished dinner, and returned to the dormitory.

The next morning, the students woke up to the sound of a bell ringing, indicating that it was time to wake up. Aresia got up quickly and efficiently, finished her morning routine, changed into her school uniform, and tidied her hair. She waited for a while and, not seeing Karina, decided to go find her.

Karina lived in Room 408, on the other side of the corridor on the fourth floor. Aresia climbed up the stairs and heard a quietness behind the door. She knocked.

“I’m here.”

Karina had just changed into her school uniform and was tidying her hair when she heard Aresia outside the door. Seeing her, Karina was stunned.

Karina, who was used to seeing Aresia dressed lavishly and extravagantly, always at the forefront of fashion, even if she had toned it down a bit when they met yesterday, was still surprised.

Aresia dressed simply by only wearing the black school uniform, her long golden curly hair is tied into a high pony tail. She looks simple, and exudes a charming with lazy look. It was as if she had seen a girl version of Amos.

The school uniform is so bleak, and boring. Many students don’t like the uniform because it lacks aesthetically. But seeing Aresia with the simple uniform, Karina can’t help but be amazed.

Karina, with a blush in her face couldn’t help but exclaimed “Oh my Gosh, Aresia, you look like your brother.”

Aresia gives a playful smile, “Karina, are you prepared?”

Karina snapped back to reality and realized the urgency of the situation.

“Wait for me! I’ll be ready soon.”

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