The Duke’s Daughter is Involved in Magical Technology
The Duke’s Daughter is Involved in Magical Technology Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Not Interested Anymore

The steward’s approach was very effective. He asked Aresia about her work and noted the issues she had mentioned, intending to revisit and resolve them later.

Aresia gave him a list of required magical materials and asked the steward to deliver it.

After seeing off the steward, Aresia closed the door, took out pen and paper, and began sketching a design blueprint.

Solving the production problem at the textile factory was no laughing matter.

The looms used by the textile workers were purely manual and even with their utmost effort, it was difficult to improve the weaving speed.

Aresia planned to create a magic weaving machine, using magic power to transform the manual weaving process into a mechanical one, thus increasing production.

This was not a difficult task, and perhaps even a novice alchemist could achieve it. The magic weaving machine was relatively easy to manufacture, with its difficulty level even lower than assembling part of an alchemical puppet.

With Aresia having seen a physical magic weaving machine, the task became even simpler.

Soon, the design blueprint for the magic weaving machine was drawn.

However, Aresia frowned while reviewing the drawing and continued to make modifications. The original high-efficiency, expensive magic weaving machine was changed to a low-cost version, albeit with significantly lower efficiency.

Originally, one magic weaving machine could weave 100 pieces of fabric, but after the modifications, it could only weave 20 pieces, and that too with the cooperation of several textile workers.

Even if Aresia did not understand economics, she knew that the impact of a highly efficient magic weaving machine on the livelihoods of the textile workers who depended on weaving was immense. She did not want her modifications to result in reduced income for the common people. Therefore, she made it necessary for someone to operate the magic weaving machine, ensuring job opportunities for more people.

The modified magic weaving machine was not without its drawbacks. Considering the population and living standards in this world, if a magic weaving machine capable of weaving a hundred pieces of fabric at once were truly built, it would ultimately lead to an oversupply situation. Moreover, the modified magic weaving machine had a lower cost and smaller size. The price of ten machines was only half that of the original high-efficiency magic weaving machine. In this calculation, the modified version was even more cost-effective.

Aresia took the magic weaving machine she modified and drew up a blueprint. When the steward arrived, she handed the blueprint to him.

“Find a reputable alchemy workshop and have them make several machines according to this blueprint. I need them to be functional and efficient.”

Alchemy workshops were rooms set up by alchemists for the purpose of customizing and selling magical tools. People who needed custom magical tools would go to an alchemy workshop and hire an alchemist. If necessary, the workshop would sign a magical contract with the client to prevent leaks. Aresia trusted the alchemy workshop with the responsibility of the magic weaving machine’s blueprint.

Aresia couldn’t handle the task herself. It required a lot of effort and was inconvenient to do alone. Moreover, they needed not just one machine, but several. It was too much for a single person to handle, so it made sense to entrust it to the alchemy workshop.

The steward glanced at the blueprint. Aresia’s drawing skills were professional-level, and what she drew appeared to be a weaving machine. Traditional weaving machines had significant differences, and the various parameter data on the blueprint seemed complex and impressive: “Is this a new type of loom?”

Aresia nodded, “This is a magical weaving machine powered by magical energy. Once it’s made and paired with a few skilled operators, one machine can weave 20 pieces of fabric. Moreover, the magic weaving machine can create intricate patterns that traditional looms cannot. When the machines are made, we will study them and try to create unique designs.”

Aresia’s casual explanation hit the steward like a bolt of lightning.

Although he had already heard of a solution to the production issue the day before, it had only been less than a day, and Aresia had not only found a solution but also provided a blueprint.

Looking at the meticulousness of the blueprint, the steward had every reason to believe that it was a genuine manufacturing plan.

The steward accepted the blueprint with gratitude, “Thank you, Miss Aresia. The Duke’s mansion has a long-standing partnership with a reputable alchemy workshop. Their reputation is guaranteed. I will contact them and discuss the details.”

In a hurry, the steward left and headed straight for the alchemy workshop.

The owner of the Flamel Alchemy Workshop, Flamel, was an alchemist who excelled in creating various defensive magical artifacts. The Duke had commissioned a significant portion of his defense equipment from him, and even had one of his creations on his person. The Duke held the alchemist’s skills in high regard.

The Duke’s residence had been a long-standing customer of the workshop, so the staff recognized the steward. As soon as he arrived, they informed Flamel, who quickly came over.

“Good day, Master Flamel.”

“Good day, Aaron.”

After a brief exchange of pleasantries, Aaron presented the drawing and explained its purpose.

Flamel immediately agreed to take on the project, but requested to first examine the drawing in detail.

To an outsider, the intricate drawing might seem incomprehensible, but to an alchemist, it appeared as if the design had already materialized. Flamel showed his appreciation for the precision of the drawn data, not just the aesthetics.

Regarding Aresia’s request, the magic weaving machine was not difficult to make, but it had yet to be attempted by anyone.

Aaron nodded and asked, “In that case, how many units should we start with? Ten or fewer?”

For a simple machine like this, Flamel’s expertise was more than sufficient to handle the task.

“Let’s start with ten units.”

Aaron asked Flamel to arrange for someone to start making the magic weaving machines as soon as possible. He even suggested that the workshop could notify him when a machine was completed, rather than waiting for all of them to be finished before delivery. The goal was to have the magic weaving machines up and running as quickly as possible.

Flamel chuckled in response, “The Duke’s interest in the textile factory must be quite significant for you to be in such a rush to obtain the machines.”

Aaron smiled but didn’t explain further. The textile factory was not the Duke’s, and there was no need to discuss it.

Flamel sighed inwardly. He had heard about the silk fabric and even had some more specific information about it. He considered sharing this news with Aaron, but seeing that the steward didn’t engage in the conversation, he decided to drop it and focus on the task at hand.

Seeing his lack of response, Flamel simply confirmed, “I’ll start by reserving ten units for you.”

Aaron didn’t refuse and replied with a smile, “Thank you. I’m afraid we’ll have to wait for the workshop to complete the machines before delivering them to you.”

“I’ll make sure to urge them to finish as soon as possible,” Flamel assured.

Over the weekend, Aresia spent some of her free time in her room, preparing potions from the materials Aaron had brought. The potion for treating the soul required weekly consumption, but due to a shortage of materials, she hadn’t been able to prepare enough. This time, when steward Aaron brought the materials, the ingredients for the soul potion were mixed among them. The textile factory had already received a deposit of fifty thousand gold coins, and it was only natural for them to use the Duke’s funds to purchase materials.

In the blink of an eye, Monday arrived. The two morning classes for the magic class were still Alvin’s “Basic Magic” and “Necromancy Class.” These two classes were the core subjects, with five lessons per week for the former and four lessons per week for the latter.

What was different from the previous week was that the Basic Magic class was no longer purely theoretical. It was now time to start practical exercises.

As they walked to the classroom, Karina happily chatted about the weekend tea party.

“Prince Osweid brought the commoner girl at the tea party, and the other students specially girls expression changed when he attended the tea party. It was quite amusing.”

Aresia, however, didn’t engage much in the conversation. Although Karina had a noble’s temperament, she was ultimately a young girl, and Aresia didn’t mind spending time with her.

Ignoring the topic, Aresia sighed inwardly. She had lost interest in Prince Osweid affairs since she no longer had the special feelings she once had.

Noticing Aresia’s lack of response, Karina shifted the topic and asked, “Aresia, are you really not interested in Osweid now? “


It was a reflexive response, but Aresia, who was lost in thought, didn’t pay much attention to what Karina was asking. In fact, the special feelings she once had with Prince Osweid was no longer there.

But that was no longer relevant. Instead of focusing on trivial matters, she should strive to obtain access to a laboratory.

“Aresia, do you truly prefer to stay away from Prince Osweid now?” Karina asked again.

“Well…” Aresia responded with a nonchalant “yes.” To her, the question seemed rather insignificant, especially if Karina only wanted to engage in gossip about the sixth Prince.

In fact, Aresia had her memories of the past, and in reality, it was because of the presence of a commoner girl at the tea party that the sixth Prince began to show hostility at the previous Aresia. But since this information wasn’t of any importance to Karina, Aresia didn’t see any reason to delve into it.

Today’s class for Basic Magic took place on the training field. Alvin had informed them the previous week that Aresia and Karina would field partners.

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