The Duke’s Daughter is Involved in Magical Technology
The Duke’s Daughter is Involved in Magical Technology Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Show Off Your Skills

In the instant of the fireball’s appearance, Aresia realized something was amiss. She had underestimated the situation. Although her soul was injured and her power weakened, her physical body was not her own. The body didn’t perfectly align with her as a seasoned mage soul, the strengthened spell effect allowed her fireball technique to work but her control was greatly reduced.

The people around her were astonished, such a big move will naturally alarm everyone. The target was left with scorched and blackened marks.

Alvin, who was instructing on the other side, approached the situation and asked curiously, “Who attacked?”

“It was Aresia!”

Karina, who had witnessed the whole process, had bright eyes and an excited expression. She eagerly exclaimed to Alvin, “Teacher, Aresia’s fireball technique was just as impressive as the one you demonstrated!”

Alvin noticed the blackened marks on the target and had an inkling. The targets they practiced on were made of special materials, capable of recovering within a certain period of time. The condition of the target could determine the power of the attacker’s magic. The marks on the target were more severe than he had anticipated, leaving no doubt about the power of this fireball technique.

What surprised him was that the caster was none other than Aresia.

Alvin had some knowledge about this Duke Roqest’s daughter, Aresia. Based on what he knew, she had a spoiled temperament and was quite arrogant. She was a fiery character, but unfortunately, her high status made it difficult for even the headmaster to keep her in check. Seeing this situation, Alvin decided to turn a blind eye and let things slide.

Unexpectedly, this noblewoman, the Duke’s daughter, seemed quite well-behaved on the surface, contrary to the rumors.

Although not entirely unfriendly, but Aresia sometimes look arrogance. Alvin found out that except for occasional interactions with Karina, Aresia mostly ignores everyone else. Apart from that, it’s hard to say much else. Even though she doesn’t pay much attention in class, her academic performance is outstanding, and her level of completion is exceptionally high.

If her exam results improve a bit more, she would definitely become a teacher’s favorite student.

Looking at it now, she looks like she doesn’t need to worry about her grades.

“Did you do this, Aresia?”

Aresia nodded, feeling a bit embarrassed. The fireball spell she had just cast was an inadvertent display of her uncontrollable power. Although others may not know, she couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed.

“Can you cast it again for me to see?”

Aresia hesitated for a moment but eventually agreed.

Even though it was external pressure, since she had already done it, she must continue. Besides, Aresia’s goal is to become a grade chief leader, so she should try to control her magic a bit better.

With this in mind, Aresia confidently stepped forward.

Following Alvin’s request, Aresia cast the fireball spell again, and the power was just as impressive as before.

Others who were already gathered around this area were amazed by the fireball spell. Their previous confidence in their own spellcasting abilities seemed to have been dampened. Compared to Aresia, their fireball spells were simply not enough.

Alvin applauded enthusiastically and generously praised Aresia, saying, “Very well done! Your Fireball spell is more than enough to pass the exam for junior fire mages. It’s even better than my previous graduation performance.”

Due to the scarcity of people with magical abilities, reaching the level of a junior mage is already considered an achievement for graduates of the Royal Academy in Magic Department. In fact, it is the standard requirement to become a junior mage. However, the outstanding graduates, even without the assessment for advanced mages, are not far behind in terms of skill.

The assessment of a mage’s level is the responsibility of the Magic Guild. Alvin’s words serve as proof that Aresia’s abilities have reached the standard of a junior mage.

However, while Alvin praised her, he wasn’t surprised by Aresia’s abilities. This Fireball spell was just one of many spells one’s had to master to become a true junior mage.

Moreover, new talents like Aresia, who have recently entered the field and possess impressive abilities, are quite rare, but it is not impossible. There are also geniuses who were tested for extremely high magic talents and it’s not just anyone who has the opportunity to be assessed by renowned mages and learn magic. Their performance upon entry surpasses even the more established figures, making their results more noteworthy than those of Aresia.

It’s just that there are no such students this year that makes Aresia’s performance outstanding.

Aresia’s outstanding performance has garnered attention during the ongoing events.

Because of her performance, Alvin excused her from the class assignment for that day.

Upon hearing this result, Karina exclaimed in amazement, “I didn’t realize your magic was so powerful!”

Aresia didn’t want to dwell on this topic and changed the subject, saying, “Anyway, practice quickly. We only have half a period left.”

In the center of the Royal Academy, there was a tall tower with four large clocks embedded, ensuring that no matter where you were on campus, you could always tell the time accurately.

Realizing that half of the class period had already passed, Karina hurriedly put aside idle chatter and focused on practicing.

Aresia had just revealed her talent during Karina’s practice, attracting many students who had mastered the Fireball spell to seek her guidance.

At first, they hesitated to approach her due to her aloof demeanor, but one brave student mustered the courage to ask for help and received valuable advice. This encouraged others, and soon a crowd gathered around Aresia, all seeking her guidance.

Aresia was generous in sharing her knowledge with those who actively sought her help. She didn’t mind teaching individuals or groups, as the problems encountered by the new students were similar.

Aresia was originally a teacher and had exceptional proficiency in magic. In her second world, she was renowned as a mage goddess, and even just listening to one of her lectures benefited others greatly. In reality, teaching a Fireball spell was just the tip of the iceberg for her.

Just like how she taught Karina, she taught in a simple and understandable manner, and the group of students already had a foundation so after listening to her explanations, they quickly understood where their problems lied and improved significantly through practice.

As the final exam approached, Alvin was surprised to find that the entire class had passed. This good result made him decided to ask Aresia to assist as a teaching assistant.

Being a new student herself and with Aresia’s status, she would most likely decline. However, to everyone’s delight, she accepted, and many students approached her to express their gratitude.

Through this experience, Aresia found out that her classmate attitude towards her changed significantly. They were no longer afraid of her like before.

The next class was a meditation lesson, an essential skill for every mage. While it was challenging to grasp, this group of new students behaved quietly and attentively throughout the entire class.

After three classes, the first one is a Warcraft class that taught Warcraft knowledge, the remaining two were potion classes, which Aresia had been looking forward to.

Although they weren’t taking magic experiments on the top floor, this potion class was held in the potion classroom on the first floor of the magical arts building.

After enduring the Warcraft class and finally waiting for the potion class Aresia was anticipating.

The new potion teacher, Victor, was a well-known potion master. He was originally responsible for teaching advanced potion classes to the third-year students. The first and second-year potion classes were handled by his assistant. However, the assistant who was supposed to teach Aresia and her classmates had taken a sudden leave, so Victor had to temporarily take over their potion class for this week.

Having a potion master teach beginners’ potion class was either lucky or unlucky for the newcomers.

Learning from a potion master was indeed challenging. This particular potion master had a reputation for being strict. If students didn’t perform well in class, they would be scolded or given extra assignments. Aresia’s classmates were afraid of his strictness.

But Aresia didn’t mind him.

The potion class still consisted of pairs, and they could choose their own partners. The seating arrangement in the potion classroom was different from the main class. Aresia and Karina arrived just before the break was about to end.

When they arrived at the potion classroom, the others had already arrived, and they had chosen seats almost all at the back. Only a few seats in the front and the middle of the classroom were left.

It seemed that the teacher paid particular attention to those seats.

Karina complained, “If only we had come earlier.”

But she couldn’t blame anyone for this. She decided to stay in the classroom to finish some assignments because the potion teacher had explicitly stated that they couldn’t bring anything unrelated to the potion class, including assignments from other courses so she finished her other assignment in other classroom.

As the break was about to end, they quickly rushed to their assigned room for the class.

The tables in the potion classroom were workbenches filled with crucibles and various tools used to make potions.

On both sides of the classroom were medicine cabinets that occupied the entire wall. The cabinets had drawers labeled with different ingredients. The ones on display were common materials, while the valuable ones were not placed here to be wasted by a group of newcomers.

The potion teacher entered the classroom as the bell rang.

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