The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 21

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 21

It’s the beginning of a new day, Bian Bian opened the metal curtains. Although she knew that the uncle was gone, she was not lost this time because she was sure that uncle would come back.

She first get readied herself, twisting and wriggling to replace the lace skirt on her body. It was just too prickly.

After she was done, she then noticed that the magic ball is still glowing. Bian Bian carefully held it in her hand and curiously turned it around. She saw that there is a hollowed part on the white side of the magic ball, so she tentatively pressed her little finger on it, and then the white light disappeared.

She then pressed the other colors one by one and unexpectedly found that each color pressed will make the magic ball emit the corresponding color. It was not only bright yet not blinding but also very beautiful.

The little girl seemingly gained a novel toy. After playing with all the colors for a while, she carefully placed the magic ball in the bedroom. She didn’t dare to play again in fear of running out of ‘batteries’ because by then, it will not light up.

Bian Bian walked into the kitchen. Zhu Yuan previously moved the stovetop on a chair so that she could use it with her height.

She did not think much and pick a small pot to boil water. Poured the bottle of organic mineral water into the small pot and carefully turned on the gas.

The stove is very dangerous so she squatted away holding the little bear while guarding it. When the water boils, she can turn off the gas for the first time.

It didn’t take long for a bottle of water to boil. After a few minutes, the small pot made a gurgling sound. She stood up to turn off the gas, and then returned to the living room in preparation to open the can of milk powder.

After the can was opened, there was still a layer of sealed iron sheet inside. Bian Bian had little strength and the sides could not be pulled so she had to use a knife to pierce the sheet little by little. Slowly cutting it open.

Although Bian Bian’s arm was sore, she was full of enthusiasm at the thought of the joy of being able to drink milk powder.

After more than ten minutes, Bian Bian finally pried the iron sheet open. She wiped off the sweat from her forehead, and smelled the unique fragrance of milk powder. The little girl licked her petal-like lips, as she couldn’t wait to take out the baby bottle that she hadn’t use for a long time. Carefully washed it with boiling water, and fill herself with a bottle of neinei in one breath!

She lay on the sofa drinking while holding the bottle. Her eyes bent into small crescents, and her thin calves swayed and shook, full of cuteness.

After Nong Jiu Si logged into the game, what he saw was the scene of the little girl holding the bottle with her raised feet while drinking happily.

He glanced at the dining table, and through the bits of powdered milk left on the knife as well as the lid sitting next to it, he concluded that the little girl opened the can with a knife and then boiled some water to drink it.

Nong Jiusi didn’t think about where the milk powder came from, just like how Xiu Jin didn’t think about the appearance of the magic ball. They unconsciously ignored this.

In fact, Nong Jiusi was thinking why he would enter the game through the NR device early in the morning.

He was about to meet with His Highness Xiu Yan, to talk about some matter, and that he should be packing up and preparing at this moment.

However, staring at the little girl who is happily drinking milk, he gave himself a reasonable excuse—just want to see if there is any sequelae after the fever is over.

Now, it seems that she’s fine.

The system popped up: 【 Please increase the intimacy points with Bian Bian as soon as possible. Otherwise, you cannot buy self-defense weapons for Bian Bian in the market. 】

【Note that although the basic laser gun is powerful, it is a disposable weapon. The most important thing is that, it is too heavy for Bian Bian’s current age and physique to use. 】

【There are too many inexplicable changes in the last few days, and there could be danger at any time. As a father, you are obliged to be responsible for the safety of the little girl. 】

Nong Jiusi: “You talk too much.”

System: “……”

Absolute silence.

Nong Jiusi glanced at the floating “0” in the upper right corner, stepped closer to the sofa, lowered his eyes and looked at the little girl.

So small.

A little speaker shaped icon appeared on the little girl’s head. His slender finger lightly tapped on it.

“…What to give to uncle, uncle is so kind to me, but I don’t know what to give, so annoying.”

Nong Jiusi raised his eyebrows.

Want to give him something?

She burped milk and turned over to talk to the little bear, her little face covered in genuine distress.

Nong Jiusi moved his gaze to the little girl, tightened his eyebrows again, and finally forced his eyes away to avoid being polluted by her dirty appearance.

He wanted to see what the little girl would give him.

As for having no intimacy points, and being unable to purchase weapons in the market, Nong Jiusi’s mouth raised. Showing a smile that was not a smile.

System: “…”

bad premonition.

Unexpectedly, Nong Jiusi went offline.

After breakfast, Nong Jiusi changed his clothes and walked out of the palace gate. Nong Tang had already parked the aircraft at the entrance and hurriedly opened the door: “My lord.”

Nong Jiusi bent over and sat inside.

Half an hour later, the aircraft landed on a green lawn, and another aircraft parked next to it, with a long ornate tail fluttering on the top, swaying with the wind.

“My lord, the Feather Clan is here.”

“I see.”

In front of the lawn are several interconnected buildings, which is the empire’s military command center, where they work when they are not on a mission.

After walking forward for a while, the sergeants in military uniform saw Nong Jiusi. Bending over, they all said in unison, “I have seen Lord Jiusi.”

Nong Jiusi nodded in response.

He is a frequent visitor of the military command center, and an untitled instructor in the military department.

What is an untitled instructor?

Someone who can teach everything.

Combat, command, reconnaissance…, as long as he is willing to teach, anything is fine.

Not only that, they are also called devil instructors by many sergeants.

Just before entering the hall, a lieutenant hurriedly greeted and respectfully said, “Lord Jiusi, the general is in the office accompanied by a man from the Feather Clan waiting for you.”

Nong Jiusi asked: “Feather clan?”

The lieutenant answered, “Yes, it’s the Feather king.”

Nong Jiusi didn’t ask any more, but Nong Tang was curious, “What is the Feather King doing here?”

Similar to the Dragon Clan, the Feather Clan has a small population and majority of them live in the phantom forest bestowed by the empire. They usually does not prefer going out, and even if they do, they do not transform to their human form.

The planet that they once lived on was affected by war. A large number of the Feather Clan became infected and died. Later, the previous Feather King joined the Emperor’s battalion to form an alliance to deter the invaders and realize the unification of the empire.

The former Feather King unfortunately died in the final battle. After the unification of the Empire, the Emperor chose a suitable forest for the Feather Clan and named it the Phantom Feather Forest. Allowing the rest of the Feather Clan to live freely in the empire.

The emperor raised the son of the previous Feather King, Huan Tianjue, in the palace. After he became an adult, he would be given the title of the Feather King.

After the previous wars, the remaining Feather Clan longed for a peaceful life. Only a few lively clan members chose to live in the center of the imperial capital like ordinary people. Among them was the current Feather King Huan Tianjue.


The lieutenant replied, “King Tianjue is here to ask the general for a few fighter jets.”

Nong Tang was a little surprised, “What does he want fighter jets for?”

The lieutenant shook his head and explained in detail, “It should be due to the order of the Emperor. King Tianjue was cooperating with His Royal Highness the Seventh Prince to establish a charity foundation, which is intended to help some refugees from remote planets. So fighter jets are needed to transport supplies.”

It’s now clear.

The lack of supplies on the barren planet means that the order there will not be too safe. Therefore, the fighter jets carrying the supplies can also play a protective role.

A group of three people took the elevator to the 22nd floor.

The lieutenant pushed the door open into Xiu Yan’s office: “General, Lord Jiusi is here.”

 “Jiusi.” Xiu Yan smiled and beckoned, “You came so early? It doesn’t look like your style.”

Nong Jiusi said indifferently, “Are you saying that I’m always late?”

Xiu Yan smiled. He didn’t care about the oppression Nong Jiusi showed, and said, “Isn’t it?”

Nong Jiusi: “…”

 “Master Jiusi.” Huan Tianjue sat on a chair beside Xiu Yan. He stood up when Nong Jiusi came in.

Today’s Nong Jiusi didn’t even wear a suit. He was wearing simple casual clothes, a pair of black-framed glasses on the bridge of his straight nose. Nothing fancy at all. He looked like a beautiful gentle teaching professor.

Nong Jiusi’s jaw tip towards Xiu Yan a little bit, “Are you here to ask him for fighter jets?” Huan Tianjue moved his glasses and sighed, “Yes, but third brother seems to be worried, and doesn’t want to give it to me.”

“Why are you hesitating?” Nong Jiusi looked at Xiu Yan, “He and your stupid rich brother are cooperating for charity. Why don’t you invest in a few fighter jets?”

Huan Tianjue picked up the coffee next to him and sipped. A smile flashed across his eyes.

It is said that the eldest master Jiusi has a weird temper. Even if he and Xiu Yan are friends for “so many years”, he will “turn his face” if he doesn’t agree with him.

Probably because Xiu Yan made him “late” just now.

Huan Tianjue put down his cup of coffee and smartly chose not to speak.

Xiu Yan coughed and rectified his brother’s name: “Where is little seven stupid?”

Nong Jiusi smiled, as if to say something silently—everywhere.


“Aye!” Xiu Jin, who’s driving the car to the black market to find NR device, sneezed. Thinking that some bastard was scolding him behind his back.

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