The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

“Sir, I’m really sorry, I bought this set of NR virtual device from someone else, but yesterday, I sold it to another seller.”

When Xiu Jin went to the boss’s shop in the black market, the door was closed for a few days. The boss finally opened the door today, however, before he could be happy, the boss who learned of his intention showed regret.

“I haven’t been here these past few days. I just went home to deliver something.” The boss said.

Xiu Jin: “…”

“You only have that set? Nothing else?”

“Yes.” The boss nodded.

Xiu Jin almost died of anger. Anxious, he furiously said: “Who did you sell it to?!”

The boss’s chubby face squeezed together, his eyes can’t be seen. He shook his head and smiled like a Maitreya Buddha. “Sir, there are rules in our business. We can’t reveal the privacy of our customers.”

“I really need it urgently!” Xiu Jin searched on his body and took out a small crystal card. This is an unspecified star coin card. As long as you swipe it to your photon computer,[1]TN: This refers to an advanced computer in the future that performs digital and logical operations, information storage, as well as processing through light signals. Basically, a computer that … Continue reading the stars inside will automatically be deposited into your account.

“This is one hundred thousand.” He pushed the crystal card to the boss, “Tell me who you sold it to.”

The boss’s eyes fell on the crystal card. Dollar signs flashed shrewdly in his eyes, but he did not answer immediately. He still maintained his expression, and replaced it with embarrassment: “This…Aren’t you embarrassing me, I…”

Xiu Jin narrowed his eyes: “Boss, this is the only chance, if you truly don’t want it then…” He gestured to take back the crystal card.

The Seventh Prince may be “naive” in some aspects. But in business, there are plenty of people like this boss who first want to sit down and negotiate the price.

He wants the NR device very much, but this doesn’t mean that he will let the other party open their mouth as big as the lion’s.

The boss is also a shrewd person, he immediately understood what he should do.

He took the crystal card and said honestly, “Sir, to tell you the truth, I don’t know who the buyer is. The buyer gave me a generous price. The address is on a remote planet called Gurley. I was asked to send it manually. When I arrived at the designated location, I did not even see the buyer himself… The only information I can give you is that, I handed the item to an advanced intelligent robot. “

Judging that the boss did not lie, Xiu Jin had a headache.

However, as far as the two NR device are concerned, one is in the hands of Nong Jiusi. Just that, it is impossible to buy something from Nong Jiusi.

―or rather, no one can “buy” something from Lord Jiusi, unless he doesn’t want it anymore.

This one may be possible.

As long as the other party is not someone like Jiusi, there is a high probability that he will be able to get it.

However, based on the description of the boss, the other party does not live on this planet, but on the planet called Gurley, which is a certain distance away from the Empire. So the fussy coward— let the boss personally send it over, instead of the interstellar express, and even send a robot to the designated place just to receive it.

It can be seen that the identity of this person should not be low, or at least not poor.

“Give me the place and time of the transaction.”

The boss who easily took one hundred thousand star coins gave it to him.

He feels that he has been quite lucky recently. The NR device he sold was bought from an old woman for less than ten thousand star coins. It was then sold at a high price and was bought by a mysterious buyer. Now, another rich second-generation wanted it.

If he knew that this would happen, he would not sell it so quickly. If he let both parties bid, making the price higher, he estimated that he would make more.

But it’s also good now.

Contentment begets happiness.

Sending away the rich second generation who was obviously wearing a disguise mask just now, the boss smiled and swiped the 100,000 stars into his account.

While the Seventh Prince was struggling to find NR virtual device, Bian Bian was seriously thinking about giving gifts to his invisible uncle.

The little girl thought for a long time, but she didn’t know what to give.

Also, she has nothing special to give.

“Ah yes!” With a clever move, she opened the drawer under the coffee table and took out a drawing book from it. The front pages were filled with colorful flowers, which were painted by her with a paintbrush.

The little girl turned to the blank page at the back and carefully tore off one page. She decided to fold little animals for her uncle.

Bian Bian can fold several kinds of small animals—frogs, butterflies, bunny, pigs, fishes, etc., which Lu Yu used to make for Bian Bian as toys.

Sometimes the little girl mischievously takes apart the small animal that grandpa folded, and then folds it back according to the crease, and she naturally learns how to do it.

“I don’t know if the invisible Uncle would like it, but this is the only gift I can give.” She folded while talking to the little bear.

Grandpa said that giving gifts is not about the value, but more about the thought in one’s heart.

If invisible Uncle doesn’t like it…

“If he don’t like it… I don’t know.” She said looking at the little bear’s eyes while pursing her lips.

Nevertheless, she continued to fold seriously.

Recalling the steps carefully, she was immersed in her own thoughts, not knowing that the time has passed. However, after drinking a whole bottle of brain development milk powder brewed with organic mineral water, she was not hungry at all.

The first animal she folded was a bunny. After folding, she used a paintbrush to paint it. After applying a little paint here and there, a colorful bunny emerged.

“Gray, is it okay?” She proudly shook the colorful rabbit in front of the little bear, and then nodded the little bear’s head with her fingers, indicating that it was so pretty.

The little girl’s vanity was greatly satisfied. She put the finished work aside, and started to fold a little frog.

Bian Bian folded several of them in one breath, and when she was making the little piggy, the folding suddenly stopped—she forgot the next step.

She tried several times without success. Instead, she accidentally tore the paper. While looking at the little bear, her tender face flashed with discouragement.

Suddenly, she remembered something, her eyes lit up, she hurriedly got up, ran back to the bedroom, opened the second drawer of the bedside table—there were full of origami animals inside, all made by Lu Yu before for his granddaughter.

She almost forgot that she put them here.

From the many origami toys, she found the little piggy that grandpa folded. She noticed a blue dragon with wings. It looked good, so she also took the blue dragon out and returned to the living room.

The little girl carefully disassembled the little pig and the blue dragon, and then fold it back according to the crease. In this process, after learning how to fold, she tear off a new page in the drawing book and start folding a new one.

Of course, she wouldn’t take what her grandpa made.

In the spacious living room, the little figure sat quietly on the cushion, folding the slightly hard drawing paper in her hand, while occasionally raising her head to talk to the little bear who was sitting opposite.

Next to her, are several lifelike origami animals, all of different colors. She now only has the last origami in her hand, which is also the most difficult one—the blue dragon with wings.

“Ah, my hands are sore.” She shook her little hand, put down the half-folded dragon, and lay on the floor mat to rest.

Turning her head, she looked at the five origami that she has folded with big eyes. She felt a sense of accomplishment.

“If uncle doesn’t like it, I will just give it to myself.” She thought.

Lying on her stomach, the tired little girl felt sleepy. Rubbing her long eyelashes, she soon fell asleep.

Through Nong Jiusi’s “help”, Huan Tianjue finally got Xiu Yan’s funding as he wished. Knowing that these two “billion-year-old” friends had something to discuss, he took the initiative to leave.

As for what Nong Jiusi and Xiuyan had specifically talked about, no one knew. Even Nong Tang didn’t know, only that the master’s expression when he left Xiu Yan’s office was pleasant.

“Shall we go back Sir?” Nong Tang asked.

Nong Jiusi thought for a while, and said, “Go to the palace.”

He immediately agreed. As he was about to start the aircraft, he heard Nong Jiusi said: “Forget it, go back.”

Nong Tang didn’t dare to ask why.

Of course, he wouldn’t know. The reason Nong Jiusi changed his mind was because he suddenly remembered a certain kid, who said that she wanted to give him a gift when he entered the game early this morning. After so long, he wonder what the little girl would give him?

Thinking about it this way, hurrying back for the little girl’s gift is more important than going to the palace to find the Emperor. Nong Jiusi chose the former without hesitation.

How capricious!

Back to his palace, Nong Jiusi told Nong Tang to retreat and close the door. Only then, did he casually turn on the NR device and log in to the game.

As soon as he entered the game, what he saw was the picture of the little girl lying on the ground sleeping soundly with her ass raised.


A prompt came out from the system: [Bian Bian is sleeping soundly, please don’t wake her up.]

Silently glancing at her, Nong Jiusi squatted with his long legs, poked the little dumpling’s face with his finger, and said in disgust, “Who did she learn this sleeping posture from?”


1 TN: This refers to an advanced computer in the future that performs digital and logical operations, information storage, as well as processing through light signals. Basically, a computer that replaces wires with light.

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