The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 23

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 23

Regardless who the little girl learned this sleeping posture from, and no matter how ungraceful it is, she sleeps as if she has an obsessive-compulsive disorder where her feet are levelled evenly!

He turned her side over and placed her soft body into a normal sleeping position. After doing all this, he nodded in satisfaction.

Then he noticed the colorful origami animals next to him, picked up a pink piggy, and carefully look at it. He glanced at the brushes, drawing book, and some discarded papers scattered nearby. Without thinking about it, he can immediately guessed what happened.

――the little dumpling fell asleep due to exhaustion after doing origami.

Is this his gift?

[This is all I had work hard for just to give to my father, please don’t dislike it.]

The corner of Lord Jiusi’s mouth faintly raised. Of course, he knew what a game character set by the system as a five-year-old child can give to a player. It wouldn’t be too valuable anyway.

What he is looking forward to is what kind of gift the little girl would be able to come up with.

Unexpectedly, it really gave him a big surprise.

Soon, his attention fell on the blue dragon that she haven’t finished folding. It was a coincidence. There happened to be a member of the Dragon clan with dragon wings behind him, which caused Nong Jiusi to recognize this semi-finished origami as a dragon at a glance.

Whether it was a coincidence or a deliberate setting by the system, Nong Jiusi’s expression was slightly startled when he saw this dragon. He chuckled lightly.

Suddenly he felt a strange sensation from this childish game of child raising, which even surprised him.

This feeling is like hearing her call “Dad” next to him. It is a little illusory, but also real, and it subconsciously affects his feelings for the game.

Nong Jiusi took two steps and sat next to her. Holding the semi-finished dragon, he gently move his beautiful and slender fingers, taking apart the semi-finished dragon.

His fingers turned quickly. After a while, a completely different blue dragon appeared. The body was elongated, unnecessary corners were cut off, and there is no dragon wings. Instead, there were two more claws under its feet. Its nine claws are bent.

This is the Nine-Clawed Azure Dragon.

Ordinary blue dragon has only three claws, while the dragon king has five claws. Only Nong Jiusi has nine claws, representing the strongest power and the purest bloodline.

But after folding, Nong Jiusi took the little dragon away, the more he looked at it, the tighter he frowns.

――It seems that the origami failed to show the mightiness of a dragon, and the iconic nine claws were stuck in the belly. How to say, it looks a bit…silly.

Nong Jiusi thought about it for a few seconds, and finally tore the claws blankly. Then, the nine-clawed azure dragon that he had personally folded turned into a silly azure snake.

Lord Jiusi, who is fascinated by his own origami technique: “…”

Just as Jiusi was trying to destroy it, the little girl woke up. When Bian Bian sat up rubbing her eyes, she saw the floating “Nine-Clawed Azure Dragon” in mid-air.

Bian Bian: “?”

Seeing that the little dumpling woke up, Nong Jiusi had no choice but to give up after losing the opportunity to destroy it.

“Uncle, you are here!!” Bian Bian quickly realized that the invisible uncle was here. She yelled out happily.

Call daddy!

“Uncle, did you fold this little snake? It’s so beautiful!” The little girl didn’t even know that her words made the corner of the handsome man’s mouth twitch.

The sight of her uncle tearing down the blue dragon that she originally folded into a snake did not make her angry, but made her especially happy— because uncle can also fold small animals. This means that he himself likes it, so he won’t dislike the other small animals that she made.

As if offering treasures, she pushed all the finished product over: “I don’t know what to give, and I can only fold small animals. In the past, my grandpa would fold small animals to make me happy. Every time I got a new small animal, Bian Bian will be very happy.”

“Uncle, I hope you like it.”

The little girl unknowingly hugged the little bear tightly in her arms and clenched her small fists. Her big grape-like eyes are looking towards the “little snake”.

The invisible uncle must be there.

Faced with the little cutie’s longing look, it is difficult for anyone to resist the attack. Obviously, Lord Jiusi could not resist either.

After two seconds of silence, he picked up the few-finished origami, then glanced at his folded “self” with disgust, and finally put “himself” to the side resignedly.

“Thank you, uncle.”

Nong Jiusi can put real weapons into the game, but he can’t bring things out of the game. Just standing here with these small animals seems like not accepting the little girl’s gift.

At that time——

He looked at the clear black eyes beside him, afraid that she would cry.

Nong Jiusi sighed secretly, got up, took the animal origamis, and left the room.

Bian Bian was stunned watching the door opened and closed; she then realized that her uncle had left.

However, she has confirmed that the uncle liked the gift she gave. She instantly became happy, and started playing with the little snake in her hand.

Although the little snake was a bit ugly, she put it solemnly in the second drawer of the bedroom together with the little animals that grandpa folded for her.

Nong Jiusi walked out of the room and tried to think about how to deal with the origamis.

Looking at these little animals, which seemed especially childish to adults, Jiu Si looked around for a moment; he noticed the metal wall and already had an idea.

He approached the metal wall, stuffed the little animals along the hole, and said lightly, “It’s best if you keep it.”

At this time, several system prompts popped up in succession:

Ding! High-level zombies can evolve up to an extent where they are able to restore part of their consciousness. Are you willing to help Lu Yu evolve successfully and restore his consciousness? 】

【You have two choices: 1. Help evolution. 2. Give up help.】

【Attention! Successfully evolving to level 5 can restore 10% of consciousness. Lu Yu’s current level: level 4. The more you evolve to a higher level, the more difficult it becomes. The success rate of promotion is only at 20%. Once the promotion fails, Lu Yu will die. Please choose carefully. 】

Nong Jiusi read the system prompts that simultaneously popped up.

――Is this the time for the player to deal with the side story?

Also, if an ordinary child raising game just revolve around the child’s daily routine, with no other plot to unlock, the player will get bored sooner or later.

However, Nong Jiusi only played this game because the little girl’s “Daddy” moved him. He is only interested in the little girl and had no interest in other side plots. He didn’t want to waste time on this side story. Therefore, He did not hesitate to choose 【Give up Help】.

The system seemed to have expected this result a long time ago, and another prompt pop up in the next second–―

【Attention! Chen Jiahe and Zhao Jue who are going to the base was chased by their enemy Flying Dragon organization on the road. They lost each other. Zhao Jue was injured but luckily escaped. However, the people from the Flying Dragon caught Chen Jiahe. In order to prevent accidents, Chen Jiahe not only told those people that there is a large amount of food in Jinxin Supermarket, but also told about Bian Bian. They are about to come at Jinxin Supermarket and they are expected to arrive in ten minutes. 】

――The supermarket that was emptied before Zhu Yuan left was called Jinxin Supermarket.

【Feng Leijie, the leader of the Flying Dragon, is a B class ice-type ability user. Take care of the little girl. Once he find Bian Bian’s existence, Bian Bian’s life will be directly threatened. As a father, please protect Bian Bian.】

Nong Jiusi’s face suddenly sank.

“Brother Jie, you see, we’re about to arrive at the supermarket soon. Can you let me go?” On a heavy truck more than a dozen miles away, Chen Jiahe smilingly said to Feng Leijie who was sitting on the opposite side.

She never thought that she would be so unlucky that she would meet people from the Flying Dragon.

――She and Zhao Jue met a D-class ability user surnamed Feng before. The person didn’t even speak to Chen Jiahe, and directly used his hands. Zhao Jue taught the other party a lesson, but he didn’t expect the other party to be so weak that he died straight away.

After learning that the wretched man was Feng Leijie’s own younger brother, the two naturally didn’t dare to provoke the Flying Dragon. They hurriedly wiped out all the evidences and immediately speed up to the base. Along the way, they stumbled upon Jinxin Supermarket and found Bian Bian inside.

At that time, Zhao Jue wanted to take Bian Bian to the base, but Chen Jiahe stopped him for a reason. He thought that they could reach the base smoothly, but he did not expect to meet the enemy on a narrow road.

Zhao Jue escaped. Chen Jiahe did not expect him to come and save her. Now Zhao Jue is only at C-class, which is still weak. Even if he does come to save her, it is not guaranteed that they will be able to escape.

If she want to survive from Feng Leijie, she can only rely on herself.

Those who knew people from the Flying Dragon were not welcome to the base because of their bad reputation outside. Therefore, they had limited supplies. due to her quick-wittedness, she immediately remembered the food left on Jinxin Supermarket.

And that beautiful little girl.

She surmised that if there were no accidents, the little girl would live in either a supermarket or a nearby building.

Chen Jiahe used to read novels. People either transmigrated into idol dramas and became a sweet and beautiful main character or crossover to other normal worlds and become the protagonist. However, she spent her eight lifetimes just to fall into this cruel apocalyptic novel.[1]TN: It’s like spending her accumulated luck from her past life just to end up in this situation, something like that (~_^).

Moreover, it’s still a male-oriented apocalyptic novel.

How cruel.

She must survive, and the most basic principle of survival in the apocalypse: not to be softhearted, let alone be a saint.

So… if the little girl named Bian Bian is still alive, she should hide far away. Otherwise, don’t blame her if they find her.


Feng Leijie stared at Chen Jiahe gloomily and replied, “You better not play tricks.”

“How will I dare?” Chen Jiahe looked at him cautiously, her eyes slightly flushed, “Believe me, if I really did lie, I, I can just ran with Zhao Jue, why would I stay and take refuge on you? Jinxin Supermarket and that little girl are proof of my sincerity…”

“You are so smart and strong, if I had lied to you, wouldn’t I be digging my own grave?” She chokingly said, looking pitiful.

Feng Leijie enjoys the adoring and awe-struck look that women gives him. Before the apocalypse, he was a vagrant beggar who didn’t want to work. He just pretended to be pitiful and asked for money every day.

Feng Leijie often took charity money just to eat from restaurants, but was always driven out because of his dirty clothes. He suffered a lot of discrimination, which gradually distorted his heart.

When the apocalypse happened, he miraculously awakened his abilities and became strong. Five years later, he was promoted to B class . Feng Leijie also established the Flying Dragon organization in order to recruit a group of ability users for his own use.

He wink at his subordinates, and someone immediately loosened Chen Jiahe’s tie.


A few minutes later, several cars stopped in front of Jinxin Supermarket one after another.

Chen Jiahe was roughly pushed out of the car. When she saw the almost empty supermarket, her eyelids twitched and her face turned pale instantly.

“This is the large supply of food you are talking about?” Feng Leijie, who just got out of the car and glanced inside the supermarket, turned and pinched Chen Jiahe’s neck. His eyes flashed with hostility, while Chen Jiahe’s feet is narrowly touching the ground.

Chen Jiahe breathed laboriously. The pain of suffocation made her instinctively struggle. Death was approaching. She struggled to squeeze a word from her throat: “Little…girl…child…”

Feng Leijie let go of his hand. Chen Jiahe fell softly to the ground, coughing violently, her face turned purple. Her body was trembling unconsciously, looking at Feng Leijie’s eyes in terror.

“Where is the little girl?” Feng Leijie’s angry expression slightly loosened, and then he said lightly, “Think about it.”

“If you can’t find it, or you just talked nonsense in the first place to delay time…” knives suddenly appeared on his hand, he licked one of the blades, his eyes were full of cruel excitement, “I will hang you upside down on a charcoal fire. Grill into slices and eat you.”


At the same time, Bian Bian thought that her invisible uncle already left. She touched her deflated belly, and prepared to boil water for noodles to eat.

Suddenly, she heard a female voice from outside downstairs――

“Bian Bian, where are you?”


1 TN: It’s like spending her accumulated luck from her past life just to end up in this situation, something like that (~_^).
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