The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 24

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 24

Bian Bian was shocked, how could there be an aunt calling her.

She subconsciously ran to the window to see who was calling her and why she knew her name.

Then, she can’t run further.

The little girl tried to move, there was obviously nothing in front of her, but she seemed to encounter a transparent wall and she couldn’t walk through it.

The little girl was very puzzled, she leaned her little head forward.

Immediately after, she seemed to understand something, she instantly become happy. She probingly whispered, “Uncle, is that you?”

Nong Jiusi, who used his body to block the little girl, did not respond to her. He was carefully reading the instructions given by the system.

Bian Bian is too small to hold the basic laser gun, even if he buys it, she can’t use it. Putting the weapons aside, in reality—all the people who came are ability users, and the leader is a B-class.

Even if he insists, will she be able to fight a group of ability users with just a weapon?

System prompt: 【Zhu Yuan left early yesterday after being infected with the virus. Now he has transformed into a Level 3 zombie, would you like to summon him nearby?】

【Attention! Zhu Yuan has now become an uncontrollable senior zombie.】

Faced with this option, Nong Jiusi who was blocking the little girl from running to the window, did not hesitate and immediately chose to summon.

“Bian Bian, I am the sister you met in the supermarket the other day. Sister and uncle came to pick you up to the base…” The female voice sounded again, “Where are you? Come out, we will take you back to the base. There are many kids there like you.”

Bian Bian heard the words clearly, reminding her of the uncle and aunt she met in the supermarket a few days ago.

She remembered that the uncle wanted to take her away, but the aunt was unwilling and thought she was a burden. She heard that tone many times. It was easy to recognize it.

They didn’t want to take her at that time, why would they be willing to come back and take her away after only a few days.

Bian Bian turned her little head, seriously thinking about the strange behavior of the unfamiliar aunt and uncle.

Outside the community gate downstairs, the reinforced metal wall was too conspicuous. However, it can’t be opened.

The inside is locked… Chen Jiahe is not sure if the little girl lives in this compound, but there are no zombies nearby, and it is locked tightly. It’s just too strict and suspicious.

Therefore, she told Feng Leijie that Bian Bian might be living in this compound, but before they rushed in, she used a simple way to test if the little girl is really inside. What does a child know? She will definitely show up.

If she don’t come out, it won’t be too late to break in though.

Feng Leijie let her play, and did not forget to ask his subordinates to look around for the little girl.

Based on his understanding of Chen Jiahe, this woman should have not lied to him, as long as the little girl is here, they will be able to find her.

As for Chen Jiahe, it’s also a pleasure watching a clown panicking and performing a show in front of him.

Feng Leijie, who was sitting in the car, looked at Chen Jiahe as if looking at a dead person.

Satisfying him so desperately, praying to escape from his hands. In the end, the bamboo basket was thrown into the water[1]TN: It’s like throwing away stuff when you no longer needed them.… Just thinking about it makes Feng Leijie’s body tremble with excitement. His eyes become darker and more sinister.

Chen Jiahe put down the speaker and waited for a response.

However, half a minute past but there was still no response. A subordinate suddenly ran over from the other side: “Brother Jie, we discovered something!”

The younger brother is just a low-level ability user, his face turned pale as he said, “It was a third-level zombie that burst into two parts. It should have been killed yesterday.”

Feng Leijie’s trembling and excited face slowly paused, his eyes rolled down, and he stared at his little brother.

Chen Jiahe heard those words too, and her face instantly turned pale.

A third-level zombie is equivalent to a B-class ability user. Moreover, an ability user should be at least a B-class in order to kill a third-level zombie. Chen Jiahe claimed that this is almost a dead city, not to mention live zombies; they can’t even see dead zombies.

Feng Leijie got out of the car.

Chen Jiahe’s back was instantly soak with sweat.

“Brother Jie, when I and Zhao Jue passed here, we really didn’t encounter a zombie, let alone a zombie’s coercion… Otherwise, how can we leave here safely?”

Faced with Feng Leijie’s murderous look, Chen Jiahe took advantage of herself being a woman and kept her posture to the lowest level. Her mind thinking rapidly.

A third-level zombie died, indicating that at least a B-class ability user killed it. If the little girl had been living nearby, there would be two possibilities. The zombie ate her, or a high-level expert took her away.

The food in Jinxin Supermarket was almost gone, indicating that the person with the ability to kill the zombie has already left. As for the little girl, she is either dead or taken away by the ability user. No matter what the situation is, their possibility of finding the little girl is very slim.

Of course, there’s also a third possibility— that girl not only wasn’t killed by the zombie, but also didn’t leave with the ability user who killed the zombie.

After analyzing the situation, Chen Jiahe felt that if she did not find a way to escape now, she would never be able to leave.

However, she didn’t have a chance to escape.

His subordinate dragged the corpse of the ant zombie beast and told that apart from this corpse, there was nothing else that seemed suspicious.

Feng Leijie chuckled twice. He first glanced at the corpse of the zombie on the ground, and confirmed that it was indeed a third-level zombie. Then, he turned his gaze to the pale-faced Chen Jiahe, who was also trembling, and actually smiled at her.

Chen Jiahe’s scalp went numb.

“You already know that there is a third-level zombie here. The food and the little girl are just your excuses. In fact, what you want to do is to kill with a borrowed knife.” He approached Chen Jiahe step by step, as the grin on his face grew bigger, “What a clever and bold idea”

“It’s too cheap just to grill you, I decided…”

Before he finish his words, a zombie’s roar suddenly sounded from the top of the compound. In addition, they felt a powerful coercion coming from a high-level zombie, sweeping like a gust of wind.

In this terrifying coercion, Chen Jiahe, who only awakened a D-class ability, seemed to have a mountain pressing on her back. With her legs bent, she knelt on the ground, holding her painful head full of sweat.

Feng Leijie’s low-level subordinates reacted similarly to Chen Jiahe.

Feng Leijie’s face became very ugly, his pupils shrunk. He looked up, staring at the area above the third floor. The roar and coercion came out from there.

In an ordinary community, first, a level 3 zombie was killed, and now there is a level 4 zombie that hides inside the compound.

The third and fourth level zombies correspond to B-class ability. While at the same level, an ability user and a zombie have different strengths. Fourth-level zombies are equivalent to the pinnacle of B-class ability users.

Feng Leijie has not reached the peak yet—that is to say, if he rashly confronts a fourth-level zombie, even if they had an advantage in number… he does not dare to take the risk.


“Jie, brother Jie, should we… go… go over?” one of his subordinate asked with a trembling voice.

Suddenly, there is a loud noise behind them. It turns out that an earth-type ability user found a zombie approaching from a distance. He was running towards them at an unusual speed. He subconsciously activated his ability and converge a large block of soil and threw it at the zombie. .

“No, it’s a third-level zombie!”

The zombie was tall and had an extraordinary aura. As he ran, the wind swept up on the ground and gradually formed a small tornado, sucking all the objects on both sides of the street.

At the same time, the threatening roars of a zombie continued from upstairs.

“God, two high-level zombies!!!” They couldn’t hide their panic and terror anymore.

Where would they have the guts to stay here—if it’s just one high-level zombie, Feng Leijie even began to contemplate whether to fight. He was finally able to meet a fourth-level zombie, if he could kill the zombie and get the crystal stone…

But now there is another third-level zombie, and the two sides is about to face each other. There is clearly no chance of winning.

Feng Leijie’s subordinates did their best to deal with the newly arrived zombie who was roaring endlessly. Chen Jiahe decided to take a gamble in an instant; otherwise, she would never be able to escape Feng Leijie, as he would never let her go.

Therefore, Chen Jiahe gritted her teeth, hurriedly threw away the speaker in her hand, and prepared to use her ability to open the lock in the metal wall—she wanted to hide inside the compound. There is a level four zombie inside, and there is a level three outside. She believed in the so-called, the most dangerous place is the safest place.

However, how could Feng Leijie let the woman who tricked him do what she wanted? Therefore, when he got into the car, he also took Chen Jiahe back.

The zombie is getting closer, and the tornado behind him swept toward the vehicle in a devastating manner


Bian Bian stretched out her little hand and touched the “thing” blocking her in front; the various noises from outside the window attracted the little girl’s curiosity. She couldn’t help but quietly move from the side to go to the window.

With a single step of his long legs, Lord Jiusi once again blocked the path of the little girl.

Bian Bian: “…”

So wronged.


1 TN: It’s like throwing away stuff when you no longer needed them.
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