The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 25

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 25

Screams, punches and kicks resounded in the speeding vehicle from time to time. Chen Jiahe endured the severe pain from her body and pretended to faint.

“Brother Jie, this bitch passed out.”

Feng Leijie raised his hand, and the man who was beating Chen Jiahe backed away, revealing the dying young woman.

“Brother Jie, this woman is still a bit pretty. Let’s take it back and chop off her limbs. She’s not bad to be a human swine. It will also make the brothers happy.” The man who was sitting next to Feng Leijie had a long scar on the right side of his face. His left hand starting from the elbow is no longer human skin, but steel arm.

His name is Tie Zhi. Although he is only a D-class ability user, his combative power is no worse than that of a C-class. In addition, his temperament suites Feng Leijie’s taste so well that he became one of his confidants.

Chen Jiahe suppressed the growing panic in her heart and tried to keep her body from shaking, as if she was dead.

“Although this woman has calculated us, and it seemed like we didn’t get anything at all,” Tie Zhi’s smile deepened, “If we think more of it, we actually gained quite a lot from this trip.”

All of a sudden, everyone in the car stopped paying attention to Chen Jiahe’s dead body on the ground and focused more on Tie Zhi.

Feng Leijie knew that Tie Zhi would not say such things for no reason, so he impatiently said, “Don’t fucking stall, just say it quickly.”

“Brother Jie, think about it, there are two high-level zombies. One is at level three while the other is at level four, if you get their crystal, there is a high possibility that you’ll advance to A-class.”

“You fucking… that’s just nonsense!” How could Feng Leijie have not thought about it? However, when he think about the scene of them escaping under the threat of those two high-level zombies earlier, he couldn’t wait to tear the woman on the ground into pieces just to vent his anger.

“Although that fourth-level zombie did not show up, the coercion alone is so powerful. I’m afraid that it was already half-way through reaching the fifth level, and throwing all of you over will not be enough for it to fill its teeth.”

Don’t look at Feng Leijie’s well-developed limbs, and his brainless image. In fact, he can build a small organization in the apocalypse and gather a group of people under his command. Apart from being ruthless and cruel, his brain is not filled with tofu.

“Besides, there are two high-level zombies, where the third-level one is still wandering around the area. Can you guarantee that there are no other high-level zombies and zombie beasts in that place?” He scolded gloomily.

It’s unbelievable that there are so many advanced zombies in such a small place. Could it be that there is something peculiar in that area that allows zombies and zombie beasts to evolve quickly?

Advanced zombies and zombie beasts have their own territorial awareness. If a high-level zombie or a zombie beast appeared in an area, the others will not dare to come.

Unless they’re courting death.

Tie Zhi said, “No matter how powerful a zombie is, it is still a zombie, and you are an advanced B-class. If we find another advanced B-class ability user to cooperate and kill that fourth-level zombie, the success rate will be 90%. As for the third-level zombie, we could call all the brothers, and surround it to death. Even if another zombie beast appeared, as long as we move fast, we can run away without any problem.”

He suppressed his voice and said, “With the Level 4 crystal as a temptation, there will definitely be a lot of ability user who will want to cooperate. When the time comes, after we killed the level 4 zombie and get the crystal, we could immediately kill them in turn so that no one will grab the crystal with you.”

Feng Leijie squinted his eyes, glanced at Tie Zhi, and cursed, “You’re a fucking B-class ability user. Treating them as cabbage as if you can kill them whenever you want?!.”

It’s normal to cooperate with other ability users to kill zombies just to get their crystal, and it’s also normal to kill each other because of distribution problems.

Tie Zhi confidently said, “You shoud’ve forgotten that Zhang Wenxi, whom we recruited recently can take other people’s ability, albeit for a short period of time. Bring him along, and wait for you to kill the fourth-level zombie. Presumably, the others will be badly injured. At that time, let Zhang Wenxi sneak an attack. He won’t steal the crystal, and it will be all yours.”

The more Feng Leijie listened, the more his eyes light up. He instantly become more vigorous and the desire for violence caused by Chen Jiahe in his body dissipated. He patted Tie Zhi vigorously, “Good boy, you deserve to be Lao Tzu’s good brother, just do what you said.”

Tie Zhi also laughed, and the scar on his right cheek moved. The depth of his eyes flashed, and he complimented, “When you advance to A-class, your strength will increase greatly. It will be easier to find the little girl by then. “

After Feng Leijie and his party escaped, the zombie transformed Zhu Yuan did not chase too far. The tornado sucked all the things that could be sucked so when it has dissipated, those things slammed to the ground.

When one of the iron buckets fell, it slammed straight on to him. Zhu Yuan looked at it without an expression and did not even avoid it. He let the iron bucket slam on top of his head with a bang, and then it fell to the ground, rolling…

It was quiet all around.

Zombies have no self-awareness.

But he instinctively felt a coercion against him, which came from a zombie which was higher than him. Silently expelling him, telling him to roll away.


You’re also a zombie, even if you are one level higher than me. Why do you want to get rid of me? So unreasonable.

Moreover, you can’t even get out, so what are you doing there?

The zombie suddenly stopped.

He raised his head and looked around blankly, ignoring the coercion against him, wondering——

why did he think that the zombie who was only one level higher than him could not get out?

【The crisis was resolved, and Bian Bian was temporarily safe. 】

【Zhu Yuan is uncontrollable and he can easily hurt Bian Bian. Please choose in the following method to drive Zhu Yuan away.

1. Pay 10,000 star coins to get a golden finger function, which can shoot Zhu Yuan to the sky. The landing place will be random, which will never cause future troubles.

2. Pay 100 stars to get a broom, which Bian Bian can use to sweep Zhu Yuan away from this area. 】

Nong Jiusi: “……”

He stared at the second option long enough that the system thought he was going to hit it again. It didn’t expect that Nong Jiusi would suddenly asked, “After sweeping Zhu Yuan, can you summon him again next time?”

The system seriously considered where Zhu Yuan would be randomly dropped. If he is flung too far, he cannot be summoned.

Generally speaking, the probability of being able to summon is 0.9%.


Nong Jiusi paid 100 stars and chose the second option.

It stands to reason that with Nong Jiusi’s attitude of being not short of money, he should choose the first one.

The system suddenly felt that Nong Jiusi was not any worse than Xiu Jin.

Bian Bian finally gained freedom at this time-there was no longer a transparent wall blocking in front of her, so she ran to the window happily.

Because there is invisible uncle, the little girl is not scared at all.

Stepping up on a small stool, she propped her head cautiously.

Except for the mess outside, the little girl didn’t even saw a single soul.

She didn’t know what was going on, but just now, grandpa’s voice sounded upstairs. She felt that grandpa scared away the uncles and aunts who wanted to take her away.

However, there was a lot of noise out there before. If they was only scared by grandpa, they would not make such a loud noise. In addition, the mess outside was like this, it was like there had been a big battle.

The little girl doesn’t want to think about it, for she wouldn’t go with the unfamiliar aunt and uncle anyway.

She is still waiting for Uncle Zhu Yuan to come back and pick her up.

Thinking of this just now, a clanging sound suddenly resounded from the quiet street, and then she saw a figure turning around.

 He is carrying an iron bucket, and is walking slowly with his body tilted to the side. The bottom of the iron bucket rattles as it occasionally hits the floor.

The exposed skin was bluish gray covered with hideous and terrifying lines. His walking pace looked heavy and strange.

It’s a zombie,

Whom she recognized at a glance.

She quickly retracted her head to prevent the zombie from seeing her.

“Roaaarrr” the zombie upstairs roared suddenly.

The zombie carrying the iron bucket downstairs stopped and roared as well in the direction upstairs, then he slammed the iron bucket to the ground by the way.

In the background sound of the two zombies roaring at each other, what appeared in Bian Bian’s mind was the clothes on the zombie downstairs, which was grandpa’s.

She remembered clearly.

When Uncle Zhu Yuan left yesterday, he was wearing grandpa’s clothes——she found a set of Lu Yu’s clothes for Zhu Yuan, and she felt a little pain in her heart.

She thinks that when Uncle Zhu Yuan wear a set of grandpa’s clothes, his grandpa will be missing one——the little girl is not stingy, she is simply reluctant to part with her grandpa’s clothes.

“How can that zombie wear grandpa’s clothes which was given to Uncle Zhu Yuan?” She opened her eyes wide, looking at the empty living room, biting her little finger while muttering to herself.

Nong Jiusi stood in front of her, watching the changes in the little girl’s expression.

After a pause, he squatted in front of Bian Bian.

The little dumpling kept biting her little finger. Her beautiful, clear eyes gradually filled with panic and fear.

It’s as if she already knew something.

So its the truth.

When the tears fell from her eye sockets, and he heard Bian Bian’s unrestrained cries in his ears, Nong Jiusi stretched out his fingers hesitantly, and lightly touched her face.

Is it the game’s ability to empathize?

The little girl’s sadness and cry made him feel an emotion that cannot be described in words. Nong Jiusi’s eyebrows tightened, and he regretted his choice just now. He should’ve flung Zhu Yuan far away, so that she wouldn’t be able see him.

However, if Zhu Yuan were thrown far away, the next time she encounter a dangerous situation, he would not be able to summon him back.

This is why Nong Jiusi picked the second option.

“Uncle” Bian Bian felt him.

At this time, a small broom that costs 100 stars appeared, and Nong Jiusi had to reach out and take it.


Bian Bian choked, looking at the small broom that suddenly appeared in front of her with tears in her eyes, contemplating whether to keep crying or ask her invisible uncle why did he gave her a broom…

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