The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 26

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 26

The two zombies eventually got tired from roaring. The one upstairs stopped first while the one downstairs also quieted down.

Yes, the one upstairs won’t come out, so he doesn’t need to worry at all.

Zhuan Yuan thought vaguely.

I am so hungry.

It’s the kind that seeps into his bones, which made him desperately want to put something into his mouth to fill this terrifying hunger.

The zombie wandered along the street with an iron bucket. He didn’t even understand why he kept wandering here though. Is it because of the zombie that is a level higher than he is?

If he eat that fellow, will he not be hungry?

However, the opponent is still a level higher than he is, even if he figured it out, he can’t eat him.

He should wait first.

He can vaguely feel that although that fellow is above a level than him, and the coercion is strong, he is now very weak.

When he gets weaker, he can then rush to eat him so that he won’t be hungry anymore.

Before that, he must find other food to eat.

The dazed zombie stepped on a newspaper, and the rustling sound made him stop. He then looked down. After a while, he put down the iron bucket he was carrying, and stooped to pick up the newspaper with difficulty.

Even high-level zombies, when they are not fighting, are the same as any ordinary zombies. Their bodies are very stiff and their actions are slow.

This is to preserve their stamina.

God knows why zombies also have “stamina”.

It’s probably instinct.

He spread out the newspaper he had picked up and looked at it. Naturally, he didn’t understand a thing. The word “recognition” was no longer in the recesses of their memory. He didn’t see any interest in it, so he put the newspaper in his mouth. Chewed it twice and swallowed.


Still hungry.

He lift the iron bucket again. He didn’t know why he was carrying this thing, just as he didn’t know why he had to look up frequently at the third floor of the building. As if, there was something worthy of his attention.

Although it is up there, he knows that someone of his kind that is a level higher than him was in it.

Suddenly, a small head appeared from the third-floor window, and that small head fixedly looked at him.

“Uncle Zhu Yuan.” a soft voice floated out, rolling along with the wind, and when it fell into his ears, he could no longer hear what it was.

However, what he heard is the sound of circulating blood. It also smelled delicious along with the flesh. These sound and smell squeezed all his instincts, telling him—the “object” that emerged from upstairs could fill the burning hunger in his body. .

Bian Bian saw the zombie rushing towards her, coming under the wall, and then hitting it constantly.

There is Lu Yu in front and Zhu Yuan in the back. Bian Bian who is experiencing all this is stronger than expected. She was not afraid, just paddled her toes, lied under the window, and lowered her head as much as possible to look at Uncle Zhu Yuan who has turned into a zombie.

Behind her, Nong Jiusi stretched out a finger to hook the little girl’s collar to prevent her from accidentally falling.

A while ago,

Nong Jiusi was still thinking about how to get the little girl to sweep Zhu Yuan away with the broom—because the system made it clear that the broom will only be effective in the hands of Bian Bian, she is the only one who can use it.

However, he couldn’t communicate with the little girl, so naturally he couldn’t tell Bian Bian how to use the broom.

On the other hand, Bian Bian suddenly heard a strange voice, the voice said: “Bian Bian, I am your system dad. Uncle Zhu Yuan has been infected and turned into a zombie. He is very dangerous, you must use the broom to go down and sweep him away in this area, so that you will be safe.”

Bian Bian: ? ? ?

She looked around blankly, but found that her body suddenly couldn’t move.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m your daddy system, I won’t hurt you.” The strange voice turned gentle, relaxing the fear that suddenly surged into Bian Bian’s heart.

“Daddy?” she murmured.

The system gave a shameless “En”.

Bian Bian was even more confused.

“But…… grandpa said that I didn’t have a father, and that my parents threw me in a garbage can on the side of the road when I was born. Then, grandpa picked me up.”

“I am your father anyway.”

After throwing that sentence, the system did not explain much, and only said, “Bian Bian is the best baby, let’s pick up the little broom, go out and sweep Uncle Zhu Yuan away.”

Bian Bian’s eyes suddenly lit up: “I see. You are the invisible uncle, right?!”

The system was silent for a while, and then said, “No, I’m just your daddy system; you can’t tell those invisible uncles what I said to you, as well as my existence, okay?”

Bian Bian didn’t understand why, but she subconsciously nodded her head obediently and remembered this sentence firmly.

The system stopped talking.

As for Nong Jiusi, he still held the small broom, and the little girl was still crying in front of him. Consequently, when the broom appeared, Bian Bian’s eyes widened. She looked at the broom with an expression of whether to continue crying or not.

No abnormalities were found throughout the process.

So while helping to wipe her tears, she eventually stopped crying and took the broom and examined it. He raised his eyebrows and subconsciously felt that something was wrong, and then his feeling of “something was wrong” was replaced by “this is a reaction set by the game.” Therefore, he naturally did not delve into it.

Then, after carefully putting the small broom on the ground, she ran to the window and stepped on the stool.

Nong Jiusi didn’t stop her this time.

Since Bian Bian already figured out what was going on, she just normally examined it. Not to mention that she had to use the broom to sweep Zhu Yuan away.

Moreover, he is beside her.

For the sake of safety, he stretched out his finger reluctantly and hooked the back collar of the little girl.

Why did he do such boring actions?

It made Lord Jiusi suddenly think for a long time, but he still did not stopped the movement of his hand. He stepped his toes on the small stool to prevent it from slipping backwards due to Bian Bian’s movements.

“Uncle Zhu Yuan.” Bian Bian shouted again with a cry.

The building trembled slightly under the zombie’s persistent hitting. The zombie who was trapped upstairs seemed to feel something. He began to ram on the wall and roar, trying to use his own coercion to drive away the intruder downstairs who was courting death.

Getting closer, the sound did not go with the wind anymore. When the second “Uncle Zhu Yuan” came from Bian Bian, the zombie that was hitting the wall stopped moving and looked up at his food target.

It lightly stings.

Something fell on his face.

He raised his hand tinged with blood on to his face. He didn’t know that it was the tears of the little girl, but he strangely felt sad.

However, his desire for food quickly overshadowed that sorrow. He opened his mouth to the little girl upstairs, revealing his teeth that mutated and transformed as sharp as that of a shark. Then he screamed bitterly.

Fly up.

You can eat it when you fly up.

The wind gathered under him, propelling his body upwards. He rushed up just like a bullet. When he reached the window―

Bian Bian did not expect that Uncle Zhu Yuan would suddenly flew up. She froze. The small broom floated next to her, and she immediately took it. System dad said in her mind—this broom can sweep Uncle Zhu Yuan away.

If she sweeps hard, will it hurt Uncle Zhu Yuan?

The one who took the small broom repeatedly hesitated. Finally, she took the broom and swept it lightly towards Zhu Yuan.

Zhu Yuan’s body froze abruptly, the wind that brought him up disappeared, and his body slammed down, making loud bangs.

While looking at the broom, she quickly raise her head to look at Uncle Zhu Yuan.

The zombie downstairs was stunned and didn’t move for a long time. It took him a while to sit up with difficulty, looking left and right, his horrible face was blank, as if he didn’t know why he fell.

He looked up again to see Bian Bian, he immediately got up, began to gather wind and flew up again. Then, he was swept down once again by Bian Bian’s broom.

This action apparently continued…

Standing aside while watching Bian Bian sweep Zhu Yuan down for the sixtth time, Nong Jiusi suddenly couldn’t stand it anymore.

After falling down, it is estimated that there will be a few broken parts on the body-but he’s still persevering and is still flying repeatedly.

Therefore, when Bian Bian swept Zhu Yuan down for the seventh time, Nong Jiusi closed the window.

“Is it necessary to go down and sweep Uncle Zhu Yuan away?” Bian Bian has promised system dad, not to let the invisible uncle know that they are speaking to each other, so the smart little one did not addressed anyone.

“Yes.” She heard daddy system’s voice.

In response, Nong Jiusi raised the small broom and pointed towards the door.

“Uncle Zhu Yuan must be hungry.” She quickly filled a plastic bag with some instant noodles, bread and other food. She also stuffed two bottles of mineral water into it.

Finally, carrying the plastic bag, Gray Gray the little bear, and also the small broom, Bian Bian opened the door and walked out.

Nong Jiusi followed her with a visible smile across his eyes.

“Uncle, are you there?” Bian Bian have to sweep Zhu Yuan with the broom face to face in order to send him away. Even if she knew that it is Uncle Zhu Yuan, and that, there is nothing to be afraid of; Bian Bian is still subconsciously scared. It is an instinctive fear towards zombies.

Nong Jiusi poked her in the face.

Bian Bian felt it and thought, invisible uncle should be next to myself. She looked on both side, and based on what she felt on her cheek, she stretched out her hand to the right side.

It felt empty.

She didn’t know that the moment she stretched out her hand, Nong Jiusi stepped back subconsciously, avoiding her little hand.

Bian Bian who felt nothing, probe her hand on the left side.

After hesitating, Nong Jiusi stretched his hand over this time, but what he didn’t expect is that, his hand that was obviously over the little girl’s hand, didn’t touched and passed through instead.

Nong Jiusi can touch Bian Bian through the NR device, although it seemed to be separated by a layer of film―unable to feel temperature and any sensation.

In addition, he had used his body before to block Bian Bian, and she touched him.

Why can’t he touch her this time?

After thinking about it for a while, he tried to grab Bian Bian’s hand.

Hold it.

“Uncle!” Bian Bian turned her eyes to the left in surprise.

It seems that only when he actively touches the little girl will he be able to hold her. Furthermore, without him being “active”, Bian Bian cannot touch him either.

Using his body to block Bian Bian, prevent her from going to the window, and poking her–all of which was his own initiative.

She stretched out her hand to hold his, only to feel the empty air. This action was done on her initiative, so she wasn’t able to hold him.

Then, he stretched out his hand to hold Bian Bian; it was he who took the initiative, so he was able to hold her this time.

It’s probably because of the NR device.

Knowing that invisible uncle is holding her, Bian Bian’s fear disappeared. Soon, she took the small broom and walked to Zhu Yuan’s side.

Zhu Yuan, who had lost sight of his food target, was looking for the iron bucket he had left behind.

“Uncle Zhu Yuan.” Seeing Zhu Yuan, she called out subconsciously.

The zombie, who had picked up the iron bucket, rushed over and stopped two meters away from Bian Bian. Seeing the broom in her hand with his cold bluish-gray eyes, he no longer dared to move.

Looking at Zhu Yuan’s appearance up close, tears streamed down on Bian Bian’s face.

She put the plastic bag that contains food on the ground and took a few steps back while holding the broom.

The zombie tentatively took two more steps, not daring to move any further. Then, he looked down at the plastic bag under his feet and picked it up blankly. He squeezed and pinched, the instant noodle package was crushed by him. .

In the end, he threw the plastic bag into the iron bucket.

He raised his head again, still staring longingly at Bian Bian, a ho-ho threatening sound rumbled from his throat.

Bian Bian immediately swept the small broom carefully towards Zhu Yuan’s direction, and the zombie took two steps back.

She swept again, and he continued to retreat.

Nong Jiusi: “…”

Realizing the puny ability of the broom, he couldn’t resist the twitching from corner of his mouth.

Blinking her eyes, she belatedly understood what the daddy system said—just like sweeping garbage, Uncle Zhu Yuan will be swept away bit by bit.

But, it’s so wide in here, how long will it take to sweep Uncle Zhu Yuan away?

It usually takes a long time to sweep the living room at home.

Bian Bian was frightened by the horrible workload while holding the small broom. Her face were still wet with tears. She didn’t know in which direction invisible uncle was. She just raised her face and said in a low voice, “Uncle, can I not sweep Uncle Zhu Yuan away?”

The workload of “sweeping Zhu Yuan away” for the five-year-old Bian Bian was just too difficult. T.T

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