The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

Bian Bian who was eagerly awaiting their response realized that neither system dad nor invisible uncle, care about herself.

The little girl thought for a while and said something seriously: “I already have this broom, as long as Uncle Zhu Yuan comes over, I can immediately sweep him so that he will not be able to get through. I will not be in danger and Uncle Zhu Yuan doesn’t have to go.”

The more she think about it, the more she felt better.

“When Uncle Zhu Yuan finishes eating those noodles, I can just give him again so he doesn’t get hungry.”

Nong Jiusi looked at Bian Bian through the corner of his eyes. She wanted to give both Luyu and Zhu Yuan some food however; she may not even know what her actions mean.

For Bianbian, whether it is Lu Yu or Zhu Yuan, after becoming a zombie, they are still her grandfather and uncle.

Grandpa and uncle was hungry, so she brought them food, as she should.

Of course, she knows that zombies can eat people, but she also believed that the reason why zombies eat people is that, they’re just too hungry.

Nong Jiusi asked the system for a solution.

System: 【What you pay is what you get. If you choose a broom that costs 100-star, you will receive a 100-star service. This broom can sweep Zhu Yuan away from this area, which is just worth the price. 】

It sounds like the system is complaining about why he didn’t spend 10,000 stars to choose the “Golden Finger” function.

“Is this broom’s ‘sweeping away’ function effective on any zombie?”

【Attention! Don’t expect a 100-star priced item to last for a long time. It will only be effective to Zhu Yuan within three hours. Once the time limit is over, it will be no different from a normal broomstick. 】

“Why didn’t you say that before?!”

The system thought, I didn’t know it before, so naturally I didn’t say anything.

Nong Jiusi asked again, “The broom is considered a weapon. Since it’s not available on the market, why can I buy it through your given option?”

System: …

Because I like it!

It’s hard enough to make a payment channel that deviates from the original rules. However, Jiusi chose the broom. If you change it to the stupidly rich Xiu Jin, he will definitely choose the “Golden Finger” function, without giving him a chance to say anything at all.

――The system still thinks that Nong Jiusi is such a miser.

Right, although the dragons are rich and imposing, they are inherently stingy.

Seeing that the system continued to remain silent, Nong Jiusi asked again: “Or, they are actually available in the market, but I couldn’t buy them because I don’t have intimacy points?”

The system decided not to say anything. It would be wrong to say more. If the dragon noticed something, it would be bad.

Nong Jiusi frowned.

He looked at the zombie who no longer dared to come over because of the broom, but were too greedy to leave. The effect of the broom only lasts for three hours. If they haven’t swept Zhu Yuan away from this area within three hours, once the effect of the broom disappears, he hopes that Zhu Yuan will not be completely uncontrollable.

――Just now, Zhu Yuan rushed to Bian Bian, unreconciled not to eat people in his mouth.

Except for the basic laser gun, the column for weapons is all gray. The laser gun was so heavy that she can’t even carry it, let alone firing.

That’s it

Nong Jiusi narrowed his eyes and walked towards Zhu Yuan’s direction.


If the system has a face, it is estimated that it will entirely turned green at this moment.

It pops up a bold giant screen: 【 Just beat me! You can’t fight Zhu Yuan! The system will crash when it becomes disordered again. It will repeatedly crash in a short period of time, when the system cannot be maintained, it will lead to unpredictable consequences. In a severe case, if the game data collapsed, the game is over!

For fear of not being enough, the system still pop up a red line: 【Stop! ! !

Nong Jiusi stopped.

After considering it for a moment, he retracted his gaze that fell on the zombie’s iron bucket, turned around and prepared to lead Bian Bian inside.

But the moment he turned around, the image in front of him suddenly disappeared. He is now standing in his bright bedroom, and he automatically quit the game.


Is it offline again?

Nong Jiusi subconsciously logged in again. After a few seconds, a line appeared: 【The network is not good, the login failed. Please try again later. 】

He clicked twice in a row and it was still this reminder. There wasn’t any change in Nang Jiusi’s expression, but a piece of the floor under his feet cracked silently.

Then, he stopped thinking of logging into the game again, and looked for something else to divert his attention.

While holding the small broom, Bian Bian waited for daddy system or invisible uncle’s response. However, after waiting for a while, not only did she not hear system dad’s voice, she also didn’t see anything floating around.

“Uncle, are you still there?”

It was Zhu Yuan who responded to her. He’s still staring at Bian Bian, emitting a low “hoho” from his mouth, as if he would find an opportunity to rush over any time soon.

She pursed her lips and realized that her invisible uncle was gone.

While clutching the little bear, she held the small broom tightly, her clear eyes similar to that of a deer is looking at Zhu Yuan, telling herself not to be afraid.

“Dad system, are you there?” she shouted again. Uncle was gone, so she could now call dad system who was previously talking to her quietly.

The system dad also did not made any sound. He should have left, just like invisible uncle.

Her bright eyes dimmed instantly.

“Uncle Zhu Yuan, I’m going back first.” After standing for a while, the little girl started to go back after saying this to the iron bucket zombie.

Of course, Bian Bian didn’t turn around and immediately run while holding the broom. Instead, she used the small broom and began to sweep while walking. The iron bucket zombie shuttled back and forth.

Its limbs were stiff, and it was carrying an iron bucket. It looked funny as it jumped up.

But there is an obvious safe distance between him and Bian Bian.

The next two hours were calm. While staying at home, she suddenly heard the familiar voice of dad system: “Bian Bian, the broom that can sweep Uncle Zhu Yuan away has a time limit. It could only last for three hours. After three hours, the broom will be just like any ordinary broom. Uncle Zhu Yuan is already uncontrollable, so you should shut the windows tightly while not letting uncle Zhu Yuan see what you’re doing, or else he will fly up to hurt you. “

After listening to this passage, Bian Bian did not completely understand. She want to talk to dad system for a while, but after he finished talking, the system did not speak anymore.

No matter how she shouted, there was no response.

Except for the normal conversation with other people that took place when Zhu Yuan was there, she usually speaks only to the little bear. Although there is invisible uncle, who helped her a lot and treated her well, but he can’t talk to her, so in Bian Bian’s mind, the system dad who talked to her was a different existence—even if he just came out.

Fortunately, the system dad’s words seemed to be engraved in her mind. Even though she didn’t understand what the time limit is, she could still understand the last sentence—

So she closed the window tightly, pulled the metal curtains, and turned on the magic ball.

When she is hungry, she cooks noodles or eats bread and drinks milk powder. She also plays in the room at other times. She always has her own way to pass the time.

Sometimes, she would suddenly shout, “Are you here, Uncle?” “Are you there, Dad System?” …

If she doesn’t get a response, she will talk to the little bear, “I wonder if Uncle Zhu Yuan has finished his noodles.”

She can actually give food to Zhu Yuan just like how she stuffs food through the hole in the metal wall for grandpa. However, she is mindful of the system’s instruction so she did not open the window to see if Zhu Yuan was still outside. She end up worrying that Uncle Zhu Yuan wouldn’t have something to eat.

Sometimes, she would hear familiar roars but she couldn’t tell whether it was Grandpa or Uncle Zhu Yuan.

The little girl listened for a while, and exclaimed: “It would be nice if Uncle Zhu Yuan lived with Grandpa.”

In this way, it would be much more convenient for her to give Uncle Zhu Yuan some food.


Nong Jiusi has important things to deal with in the past two days, so he had no time to log into the game.

Consequently, Xiu Jin adhered to what he said that before he got his hands on an NR device, he would refrain from logging into the game.

He spent a hundred thousand star coins to the black market boss just to get the buyer’s transaction time and place on that planet. Therefore, he immediately sent Korff off to Planet Gurley to investigate the buyer.

Fortunately, Korff’s ability to do business was passable, and it only took him a day and a half to find him.

“Who is it?” Xiu Jin, who was sitting in the company office starring at Korff who was projected in front of him, stood up instantly.

After signing a bunch of documents, his head was dizzy. But because of the good news, his spirits became much more relaxed.

However, when he saw Korff’s expression, Xiu Jin sighed in his heart.

After staying with Xiu Jin for a long time, knowing that the next words will probably cause Xiu Jin to become furious, Korff smiled slightly and tried to say tactfully: “His Royal Highness, you happen to have heard of his name.”

Xiu Jin: “…”

Under normal circumstances, when Korff showed this kind of expression, it means that things are hopeless.

“Don’t tell me.” He made a pause gesture and took a deep breath, “Let me take it slow.”

A minute later, Xiu Jin sat back on his chair and took a sip from the coffee next to him. His baby face condensed as he expressionlessly said: “Go ahead, who.”

Korff slowly uttered a name.

“…Damn!” Xiu Jin gritted his teeth, “Why is it him!”

The Empire State Alliance has a celebrity list, whom the people of the empire voted for the celebrities they thought that are worthy to be included.

Regardless whether they are nobles or common people, as long as they made some noise, they can make it on the list.

The names on the list are not fixed and it changes every day. As the richest prince in the royal family, Xiu Jin is also one of the celebrities that often appears on that list.

The Empire’s citizens can vote and comment on the Internet. Most of the comments Xiu Jin receives are positive whereas if there are any unfavorable reviews, he will stealthily delete it behind-the-scenes.

Almost all the famous nobles in the empire have been on the ranking list, but not too often. For example, Nong Jiusi appeared only once but he found himself being voted and commented on. Lord Jiusi almost tore down the list. Of course, the behind-the-scene staffs did not dare to put his name again.


There is a person’s name on this list that appears frequently—more frequently than Xiu Jin, and even ranks first in most cases.

It’s not because he has money, neither how good-looking he is, nor how high his status is. He is just an ordinary human civilian without any noble title.

He is famous because of his antics.

That person likes to kidnap people who offended him, and then he will broadcast them through the star network—setting up various agencies in the live broadcast room, so that countless people will see those people that offended him.

Moreover, the people he kidnapped were not only high-ranking officials but also nobles, with different identities. After getting out of trouble, those people desperately tried to catch him. However, all failed without exception.

Even if guards surrounded him, he can still escape right under their noses. As if by magic.

So far, he is still active on the Celebrity Billboard. No one knows his name, only knowing not to offend him.

If you offend others, you can still probably die happily, but if you offend him… Haha.

This celebrity has a resounding code name—Magician.

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