The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 28

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 28

Luo Yesheng has always been lucky. Perhaps because his family believed in Buddhism before the end of the world that even though he did not awakened his power in the early days, he still survived after the apocalypse.

Although, his family gradually left him in the process.

However, he always felt that the luck of the whole family was transferred to him because when he was nearly eaten by a zombie beast, he miraculously awakened the fire ability.

After all, if you are truly able to awaken an ability, it should have happened much earlier.

The sooner the ability awakens, the greater the potential will be, and the power will be much stronger.

Especially those people that awakened their abilities during the first year of the apocalypse—all of them survived and has now become top notch.

However, Luo Yesheng was not only a C-class ability user, for he also awakened a special ability.

When each user awakens their ability, there is a 1 in 10,000 chance that there will also a special ability. In addition, combining their main abilities with their special abilities will greatly enhance their power.

However, there is also a drawback, that is, the special ability of an ability user can be robbed—kill the ability user that has special ability, and his special ability will be transformed into one’s own.

So those with special abilities must not only guard against zombies, but also their same kind. After Luo Yesheng realized this, he made sure to hide the fact that he has a special ability, for he was betrayed before—a friend wanted to kill him to get his special ability.

Therefore, for many years, he did not live a fixed life at the base and instead acted like a “scattered man” who lives alone outside. He practiced diligently and he slowly advance to the upper level of B class. Not as good as the top powers, but as long as he is careful, he can live safely.

Now, he has stayed at B class for too long. No matter how many crystals he absorbs, he still cannot break through, let alone advance to A class.

He needs to be stimulated through dangerous battles.

Only when they are enlightened at the edge of life and death, can they advance.

He began to look for third-level zombies or zombie beasts. When he finds a suitable target, he will fight, and if he can’t, he will just try to escape. However, after so long, there was still no sign of breaking through.

After much thought, he felt that the level of danger is still lower for him. If he really have to fight until the brink of life and death, maybe those of level four is much appropriate.

But like high-level ability users, high-level zombies are equally difficult to find, Luo Yesheng doesn’t know where to find a target.

That’s when he saw a handwritten “Request for Cooperation” on a wall. The written information was very clear. They had found two high-level zombies, one at level 4 and the other at level 3. Now they are asking a B class ability user to cooperate. As for the distribution, they will divide the crystals after killing the zombies and they will discuss further details when they meet.

Attached below is a string of address.

Luo Yesheng’s heart pounded, he was worried about not knowing where to find fourth-level zombies and he happened to see this news. Wouldn’t it be that he had now found it without wearing out his iron shoes[1]TN: ‘to wear out one’s iron shoes’ is an idiom that means to search high and low?

He immediately tore off the paper notice asking for cooperation and rushed to the mentioned address—a gas station.

People from the Flying Dragon organization temporarily encircled the place as a supply ground.

There is a hotel next to the gas station. Feng Leijie resides in one of the luxurious suites. He was walking around impatiently. Suddenly, he hit the table with his fist: “It’s been two days, and no ability user has come. Tie Zhi, What do you say, in case the two zombies are gone…”

Tie Zhi didn’t care about Feng Leijie’s irritability at all as if he had been used to it. He comforted: “Didn’t you send someone to stare at that third-level zombie? It was still there, and the fourth-level one has not come out of the community.”

“But there is no guarantee that they will stay there.” Feng Leijie pulled his hair and threw the ones that fall off on the ground angrily.

He thought someone would come to his door soon, but he didn’t expect that no one has come in the past two days.

There is a woman in the room dressed in skimpy clothes. She has a fair complexion and a charming appearance. It can be seen that she has been living well in the apocalypse. She has a soft voice: “Brother Jie, why not put the news on the base? As soon as it is posted on the base, there will be a lot of ability users that will be coming to cooperate with us.”

“Idiot.” Feng Leijie turned around and cursed, his eyes glanced over the woman’s seductive body without the slightest fluctuation, “If the base knows that there is a level 4 zombie here, would I still have my fucking share?”

The woman’s eyes burst into tears after she was scolded. Feng Leijie become annoyed when he saw it, he yelled: “Get out!”

The woman shrunk and tactfully withdrew from the room. As soon as she reached the door, her face full of sadness, timidity, and fear returned normal.

Passing by a low-level ability user, the woman asked: “Where is the woman that Jie caught back?”

This ability user’s eyes lingered on the woman’s smooth skin, his eyes were bright as he licked his lips and said, “Sister Shui, well…Jie said that the woman lied to him and ruined his good deeds, so he had to teach her a lesson…”

An Shuirou smiled softly at him: “I just wanted to take a look, Jie hasn’t played enough yet, if you kill her and Jie gets angry…”

She didn’t finish her words.

“She’s not going to die, my brothers are well-measured.” The man explained, and said a room number, “It’s 203.”

An Shuirou turned and left. The man couldn’t hold back, touched her waist and waited for someone to leave. He put his hand in front of his nose and smelled it intoxicatedly.

Then he snorted, and cursed fiercely in his heart.

Fuck. Feng Leijie is a damn pervert who doesn’t like women and only likes young girls. However, he also wants to put a woman as delicate as a flower beside him, saying that as long as they serve them well, they will be given a reward. It’s been so long but he still haven’t touched them.

An Shuirou came to room 203. When the door opened, a man came out carrying his trouser belt. He looked dumbfounded when he saw An Shuirou.

“Brother Jie asked me to see the woman inside.” An Shuirou said.

The man swallowed and stared at An Shuirou like a viper. Compared to the woman inside, this one is better.

But because of Feng Leijie, he didn’t dare to do anything, so he just said a few words and left.

An Shuirou walked into the dim room.

The woman on the bed is unclothed, her limbs are tied tightly on the corner of the bed, and there wasn’t a good piece left in her exposed skin.

It was Chen Jiahe, who was captured by Feng Leijie two days ago.

Chen Jiahe tried her best to escape.

She even made up a reason that she can predict the future. She has read the full story and she knows the major events that will transpire. However, the book she had read was based on the perspective of the male protagonist, and now, the male protagonist is still an ordinary person in the base. The plot has not yet fully developed. Even if she knows the “future”, she needs time to prove it, but she’s now running out of time.

After Feng Leijie was deceived once, he no longer believes in Chen Jiahe at all. No matter how much she said, Feng Leijie thought she was just making excuses in order to escape.

Chen Jiahe never expected this result. She couldn’t figure out why these people didn’t believe what she said? Why the protagonists of the novels she read had travelled through the past and became prosperous, and yet she has to suffer such torture.

She obviously transmigrated into this book and knew everything. She is the protagonist. Doesn’t the protagonist have the protagonist’s halo? What about her protagonist’s halo?

Two days of torture caused the woman on the bed to lose weight at a speed visible to the naked eye. Chen Jiahe trembled reflexively when she heard footsteps coming to the room again.

She intermittently said in a hoarse voice: “I said…I am a transmigrator…I know everything that will happen in the future…Believe me…Let me go…”

Looking at the delirious woman on the bed, An Shuirou’s expression did not change at all, as if what she saw is a common occurrence.

After a while, she said: “Compared with other people, you should be thankful that you are only tied up here, and your limbs are still intact.”

Chen Jiahe’s confused mind became sober; she turned her dead eyes, and stared at the pretty woman in front of her.

“You… who are…?”

An Shuirou stretched out her hand, and a small stream of water flowed out from her fingertips. She poured the water into Chen Jiahe’s cracked and festered mouth, with a gentle voice: “You said you have transmigrated, and this world is just a book?”

Clear water slid into the esophagus, moisturizing her parched stomach. Chen Jiahe stared at her blankly: “Are you also a water system?”

An Shuirou retracted her hand and smiled.

Chen Jiahe’s heart is full of resentment and anger. She is also a water system, but she was tied here and tortured, while the woman in front of her lives as she pleased. Such a sharp contrast made her eyes burst out with real resentment and hatred.

An Shuirou: “…”

She did not ignore the resentment, and frowned. She soon stretched out again, and said lightly: “If you want to get rid of the current situation, tell me honestly what you know, maybe I can help you out.”

An Shenrou threw out a temptation that Chen Jiahe could not refuse.

Luo Yesheng drove to the gas station, and an ability user immediately jumped out. He knew at a glance that the ability user is a D class. Luo Yesheng raised the torn paper: “I’m here to cooperate.”

The little brother’s eyelids jumped. A low-level ability user faced a high-level ability user, and even psychological resistance was difficult to raise. He hurriedly picked up the walkie-talkie: “Brother Wang, someone with an ability is here, he is very strong!”

After a while, the little brother said to Luo Yesheng: “Our boss invites you over.”

Luo Yesheng was not that stupid. He sat in the front of his car, and said slowly: “The address written on the notice is here. I have come with such sincerity. Shouldn’t your boss also show his sincerity?

He had heard that those high-level ability users have bad tempers, the little brother is afraid that this person will get angry and chop himself off, so without any better option, he had to speak once again to the walkie-talkie

After receiving the news, Feng Leijie’s face darkened. He said gloomily: “Good. Such big air, demanding Laozi[2]TN: literally means ‘I, your father’, it’s an arrogant way of addressing oneself, or is sometime used in anger/out of contempt to find him.”

Tie Zhi said next to him: “Brother Jie, this ability user looks arrogant, but no matter how arrogant he is, it is useless. We are just using him. You don’t need to be angry.”

Feng Leijie looked better.

Tie Zhi said again: “Furthermore, he dared to be arrogant, maybe he is really capable. Wouldn’t we have a higher chance of success against that fourth-level zombie?”

Feng Leijie: “You are right, go, go and see.”

Tie Zhi: “If it goes well, we can do it tonight. The fourth-level crystal is yours.”

When he thinks of the fourth-level crystal, Feng Leijie’s aura becomes much thicker, and his displeasure disappeared completely.

When Luo Yesheng and Feng Leijie met in a community more than ten kilometers away, the iron bucket zombie pulled off a lamppost and sat on it. The iron bucket is placed next to him, making a clanging sound, as if something is running inside.

After a while, the zombie stretched out his hand into the iron bucket, took out a pack of instant noodles, and gnawed it together with the packaging bag. After taking a couple of bites, there was no taste, then, he stuffed the remaining ones into his arms and reached into the iron bucket again.

Then, he took out a normal mouse.

The clanging sound from the bucket just now was the sound of the mouse running around trying to escape.

“Squeaky!!” The dangling mouse screamed as if knowing the fate he was about to face.

The zombie’s gloomy and cold eyes stared at it, but he did not move for a long time, as if he was hesitant to eat it.

At this time, the closed windows on the third floor suddenly made a creaking sound—the windows opened.

The zombie who heard the sound suddenly raised his head. Threw the instant noodles and the mouse into the iron bucket again, and tilted his head. The environment that once again fell silent caused him to lose his objective and made him confused.

Third floor.

Having just finished making herself a bottle of milk, Bian Bian who was about to drink, look at the window that suddenly opened. She unconsciously bit the bottles teat. With a hint of surprise and restlessness, Bian Bian’s voice was very small: “Uncle, are you here?”

Just as she finished the words, the drawing paper and paintbrush on the mat floated, and a few black words appeared—

“I’m your father.”

The drawing paper floated in front of Bian Bian, and the words on it showed a cold and dark taste.

But Bian Bian didn’t notice it at all, she just bit the bottle’s teat again blankly, with a shy face: “I, I can’t read.”


1 TN: ‘to wear out one’s iron shoes’ is an idiom that means to search high and low
2 TN: literally means ‘I, your father’, it’s an arrogant way of addressing oneself, or is sometime used in anger/out of contempt
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