The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 29

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 29

On a barren, hot yellow sand, a man laid in black clothes. His face was pale, even his lips were bloodless like a terminally ill patient. It is difficult to judge his actual age.

His face looked young, but his eyes were as dark as the mysterious black hole, dead still like an abyss, and cold as dusk.

He laid on the yellow sand carelessly, with a mask before his eyes.

If Xiu Jin was here, he would find that this eye mask was the NR virtual device he worked so hard to find, but this device was obviously modified into “glasses”.

The original NR device looks like a small radio, with bright colors. Especially when it is working, the surface emits a dreamlike starlight—this is what attracts Nong Jiusi.

Now, it somehow turned into “glasses” and is worn on the face of the young man called “magician” by many people.

Even the method of use seems to have changed.

There is nothing but himself, and the sky full of wind-blown sand. There is no projection, but in fact, he’s playing a game.

The magician bought the NR device to make a new equipment. After he succeeded, he tried it. The moment he put it on, he “saw” a game icon with the appearance of a little girl.

The magician’s eyebrow raised in doubt. It is rare for him to be puzzled, so he clicked on the icon with a bit of caution.

 Then, a long introduction appeared, which made him understand that this is just an apocalyptic child raising game. The child to be raise is a five-year-old girl named Bian Bian. Her grandfather Lu Yu became a zombie, leaving her alone to live in the apocalypse.

When he enters the game, he will be bound to Bian Bian. Become Bian Bian’s dad, assume the responsibilities of a father, and raise her.

【Please actively raise Bian Bian to prevent any danger that may arise around her.】The system popped up a prompt.

The magician swept through this unnecessary sentence, and then prepared to quit the game.

Perceiving his intention, the system quickly tried to stop it: 【Such a cute baby girl, really don’t think about it? 】

An enlarged cute photo of Bian Bian appears.

【Playing games can relax your mind, and you can raise a caring little padded jacket through the game without losing money! 】

The magician let out a cold “hum”, and this actually made the system feel an indescribable danger. He seemed to be more difficult to deal with than Nong Jiusi.

This man is gloomy, not like a person who can be a good father. Letting him protect and raise Bian Bian in the game, is like putting a wolf in a flock of sheep.

Nevertheless, the rules choose the magician. Even if he doesn’t want to, as a system, it can only be executed according to the rules.

The system silently changed its tactics. At least, let the magician take a little interest in the game.

【Aren’t you bored right now? Just meet Bian Bian, and get along with her for a while. You will know how cute she is. Anyway, you have a lot of time, and…】

The following words disappeared under the sudden sound of alarm.

It didn’t know why the alarm went off, but it somehow understood. Fortunately, it didn’t say the next words, otherwise uncontrollable things would happen.

The system don’t know which sentence poked the magician. The latter’s expressionless face suddenly had waves. He said: “How to play?”

System: 【Play as you please, protect Bian Bian and let her feel the warmth of a father’s love.】

The magician stood in the living room, staring at the little girl sitting on the floor mat. His eyes were dark. The little girl didn’t even noticed that someone had appeared. She just stopped painting when she became tired. Her little belly rumbled, and then she sighed. Get up and go to the kitchen to boil water to prepare milk for herself.

Upon seeing this, the magician glanced around and paused for a moment on the magic ball. He seemed to feel that this thing looked familiar, but after thinking about it for a long time, he didn’t remember where he had seen it.

He walked around the room, and finally opened the window in boredom.

System: 【Don’t–】 It’s too late.

The window has been opened.

The magician didn’t care at all and turned around.

Bian Bian, who is holding the bottle and is about to drink milk, noticed the open window and stared foolishly. Then she showed a strange expression, her mouth opened and closed.

A speaker icon popped up above her head. The magician stretched out his hand, even his fingers were pale, and then lightly pressed on the speaker icon.

The soft and timid child sounded: “Uncle, are you here?”

“Didn’t you say that I have a father-daughter relationship with her?”

The ‘Uncle’ title made the magician frown uncomfortably and his face became particularly ugly. He coldly questioned the system.

System: … 【Bian Bian didn’t know, you are just bound to each other, but you can remind her of your identity.】

Even if it’s just a game, since it belongs to him, the characters in the game naturally belonged to him too.

To verify the ‘father-daughter’ relationship, the magician immediately picked up the paintbrush and drawing paper and directly expressed his identity to Bian Bian.

However, what he didn’t expect was that, she could not read.

It was as if a punch had landed on a cotton in an instant, full of powerlessness.

The magician tore the paper a few times and threw it into the trashcan.

“Uncle, are you, are you angry?” This action made Bian Bian instinctively feel uneasy, as if she felt the unpleasantness of the person who wrote it, and she became cautious in speaking.

“You don’t have the qualification to make me angry.” He said, and Bian Bian naturally couldn’t hear it, but the system heard it clearly and knew that the magician was speaking to it.

The roar of a zombie sounded downstairs. There is a constant frown on the magician. This sound was really unpleasant.


“Uncle Zhu Yuan.” The little girl’s body shook slightly and she shouted with an uncontrollable trembling voice.

A zombie flew into the window, with his hands clinging to the sides of the window, crawling inwards. His cold and gloomy eyes stared at Bian Bian. The magician turned his head and came face to face with the zombie, nearly exchanging an affectionate gaze.

He didn’t move.

The zombie froze, as if sensing some kind of danger.

Bian Bian ran towards the kitchen while holding the baby bottle, because it was the closest to her.

But before she could ran, Zhu Yuan came in.

No, it was not that Uncle Zhu Yuan crawled in quickly, but… little Bian Bian’s footsteps stopped unknowingly. Her gaze fell on Zhu Yuan.

Uncle Zhu Yuan seems to have been dragged down and he suddenly fell heavily on the floor.

She raised her hand and rubbed her eyes.

The zombie that fell to the ground struggled to get up, but he couldn’t move. It was as if something heavy is pressing against his back and he couldn’t turn over.

While watching for a while, Bian Bian boldly ran over, hugged the little bear on the floor in her arms, and then retreated to safety.

Her action shows the importance of the little bear to her.

The corner of the magician’s lips twitched.

Looking down at the zombie under his feet, the magician’s eyes were cold. He immediately wanted to throw it out of the window, but he noticed the worried gaze falling on the zombie.

The “throwing” motion stopped. Then he pressed Zhu Yuan’s hand behind his back, in a typical arresting-prisoner posture.

When she saw Uncle Zhu Yuan’s hand “swish” behind his back, she knew that her invisible uncle did it.

The little girl who understood the severity of the situation ran to Luyu’s room, took out a belt from the cabinet, and ran back. She tentatively approached the immobile zombie, and passed the belt over: “Uncle, use this to tie Uncle Zhu Yuan.”

The magician glanced at her, took it, and tied the zombies’ hands to a slipknot. The more the zombie struggles, the tighter the knot becomes. At the same time, he pushed the legs of the zombie towards his back, and tied the other end of the belt with the same knot.

The zombie struggled hard to no avail, and he can’t even gather wind. He became a fish on the chopping board.

Bian Bian ran back to the closet again, took a big coat from Grandpa, and put it on to Zhu Yuan’s head.

She explained her actions to the invisible uncle: “If Uncle Zhu Yuan can’t see me, he will be quiet.”

Sure enough, the zombie who couldn’t break free and was covered by the coat, gradually quieted down. His sense of hearing and smell was affected, so his unwilling roars and coercion eventually stopped.

The magician kicked him to the corner with a bang. Bian Bian shrank her body, and squeezed her ruddy little mouth. As if she wanted to say something, but swallowed it back.

Today, invisible uncle seems to be in a bad mood. Could it be that my uncle is not happy because I can’t read?

Bian Bian was a little worried in her heart. She couldn’t see where her uncle was standing now, so she had to stand still obediently.

After a while, she couldn’t help but look at Zhu Yuan’s current posture. I don’t know if Uncle Zhu Yuan would feel uncomfortable when he was tied up like this… Thinking about it this way, the little girl suddenly laid on her stomach. Raised her little hand, stopped to turn her back and raised her hand again. She lifted her legs, and then her eyes lit up.

Because she found that she could easily hold her raised feet, and it was not uncomfortable at all.

“This way you can keep Uncle Zhu Yuan tied up.” The little girl who had personally tried Zhu Yuan’s tied posture was happy, her eyes bent into crescents, “Uncle Zhu Yuan won’t be uncomfortable either.”

—She don’t know what flexibility is at all. . .

Looking at the immobile zombie, and then at the little girl who is seriously trying the tied posture, the magician smiled slightly, and the corners of his mouth rose.

The expressionless face seemed to be alive at this moment.

Without waiting for the magician to make other reactions, the image in front of him suddenly disappeared, and a few large characters appeared: 【You are offline.】


At the same time, Xiu Jin, who hadn’t seen his baby daughter for a few days, did not hold back his heart’s desire after all. He clicked on his computer to log in to the game and went online—

【Intimacy value +150. 】

【Why did you log in to the game at this time!】

The two system prompts left Xiu Jin dumbfounded–he thought, there was a bug in the system.

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