The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 30

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 30

Xiu Jin skipped the prompt for the increase of intimacy points, and instead focused on the second one. He was particularly unhappy: “I am playing my own game, yet you decide when I get to go online? Are you sick?!”

After cursing, Xiu Jin went to see the baby daughter he haven’t seen for a few days. Seeing that the cub is perfectly fine, holding the milk bottle while drinking milk in the living room, immediately gave birth to the boss’ comfort.

Now, there are so many intimacy points… Enter the market; click on the food column, and sure enough, as the intimacy points rises, another column of unlocked icons light up.

[Cheese Butter Bread] [Wonderful Mixed Nuts] [Refined Snow Pork] [Bobo Sweet Taro Milk Tea]

The four newly unlocked food seems to be more appetizing, and Xiu Jin didn’t even bother to look at the price. Except for the organic milk powder, he bought everything else.

In an instant, seven items piled up on top of the empty dining table.

Red apple, magic jumping sausage, organic mineral water, cheese butter bread… They are placed together on the table, which gave a tremendous shock to Bian Bian.

Ignoring the system prompts to reset the intimacy points back to zero, Xiu Jin waited expectantly for the reaction of his darling daughter.

The first thing Bian Bian smelled was the tempting scent of milk. She stared blankly at the cheese butter bread on the table—it’s about the size of her head, the surface was golden yellow while the sides and the middle were inlaid with rich cream cheese bits, sprinkled with colorful chocolate powder on top.

Bian Bian had never eaten this kind of cake, her eyes instantly stuck on the bread, and she even couldn’t move it away.

The little girl subconsciously approached the dining table. As she was about to climb up the chair, Xiu Jin, who had been paying attention to the screen, noticed the little baby’s eager look towards the bread. With an unconscious silly father’s smile on his face—he knew that his precious would like the bread.

He swipe the screen while pressing the bread, and it instantly moved near Bian Bian.

Bian Bian finally came back to her senses. She didn’t even think about where the food came from. She just looked at the bread and felt like she was dreaming.

However, she never dreamed of such beautiful bread.

Because it was so good-looking and fragrant, Bian Bian was afraid to take it for a while, so Xiu Jin frowned in distress, and hurriedly move the bread once again in front of her.

Finally, she raised her hand to take the bread, her eyes lit up little by little. Like the brightest star in the night sky, she said loudly: “Thank you Uncle!”

“Hurry up and eat.” Xiu Dad urged, even if she couldn’t hear it.

Bian Bian have eaten bread before, but this kind of bread is like those freshly baked bread that she had only seen on a picture book.

All the instant food she ate were out of date. In this case, even if it’s expired food, as long as the taste does not change, she can eat it.

She don’t know why. Although five years have passed since the end of the world and all the food has expired, most of them can still be eaten long after the expiration date.

Unless it’s completely moldy.

Therefore, some bags of bread at Jinxin Supermarket can still be eaten as long as they do not deteriorate.

However, compared with the taste of the cheese butter bread in front of her, it can be described as heaven and earth.

Even if Bian Bian has never eaten luxury food since she was born, she can still draw such contrast by her sight and smell alone.

Gently taking a bite of the bread, the little girl narrowed her eyes in happiness. Soon, her cheeks bulged. Her bulging face was stained with cream, and she became a little tabby cat.

“Eat slowly, don’t choke.” Xiu Jin once again moved to bring the milk tea with the straw in front of Bian Bian. The little girl looked curiously, and then she bowed her head and took a big sip.

This is the first cup of milk tea in Bian Bian’s life. With a marveled expression on her face, her mouth moved, biting the “pearls” that came out.

She naturally didn’t know that it was a pearl. Nevertheless, biting it to her teeth brings fragrance that just relieves the greasiness of the cream, and when combined together, forms a new delicacy.

Xiu Jin was very happy to feed her. If it wasn’t inconvenient, he would also like to feed the dried snow pork and mixed nuts to his precious daughter.

System: 【Don’t feed too much! Bian Bian’s body can’t absorb too much energy. She can’t bear it!】

Xiu Jin was taken aback, and then he saw his precious daughter on the screen pushing away the milk tea. Although her eyes were full of reluctance, she touched her belly, which was already bulging.

The bread was not finished, and there is still half of it left. She climbed into a chair and put the rest of the bread away. Seeing the rich and delicious food on the table, she suddenly remembered something and raised her little face: “Uncle, can I share them with Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan?”

It doesn’t matter to Xiu Jin whom his precious daughter shares her food with. He was just about to respond using the milk tea, but suddenly realized that Zhu Yuan was mentioned in her words.

Didn’t Zhu Yuan leave?

At this time, Xiu Jin, who only have his baby daughter in his eyes, finally saw a discordant shadow in the corner. He swiped the screen and zoomed it in.


Could it be, Zhu Yuan, whose hands and feet were tied behind, his head covered with a coat, and his body stiff and shaking?

Bian Bian gave him the answer.

Taking the invisible uncle’s silence as consent, she looked at the food on the table one by one, and finally chose the magic jumping sausage.

She took the magic jumping sausage and slid down the chair, ran towards the zombie, and took off the coat covering the zombie’s head.

“Uncle Zhu Yuan.” A sudden roar reverberated inside the room. Perhaps knowing that there is invisible uncle, she was surprisingly courageous and was not afraid at all.

Xiu Jin’s beating heart thumped quietly—in the blink of an eye, the little treasure carried the jumping sausage and raised it towards Zhu Yuan. From the screen, they seemed to be covered together.

If he swallowed her in one bite, where would he go to raise another one that looked exactly the same!

Although he wanted to stop it, it was too late. Xiu Jin panicked and almost pinched Bian Bian away. Just when his fingers were about to touch Bian Bian, the zombie suddenly calmed down and did not make any attack.

Xiu Jin: “?”

Bian Bian moved away, Xiu Jin saw the jumping sausage in her baby daughter’s hand entered Zhu Yuan’s mouth.

“That can’t be eaten!” Seeing Zhu Yuan swallowed the magic jumping sausage without chewing, and even ate the bamboo sticks together. Bian Bian hurriedly stretched out her little hand to grab the tail of the bamboo stick.

Pointy things will get stuck in the throat.

—Lu Yu once caught a fish from a river and Bian Bian got a fishbone stuck on her throat. The feeling is still fresh in my memory.

A mere jumping sausage is like a mosquito leg to the zombie. However, not knowing whether the jumping sausage has slightly filled his bloodthirstiness, or because of his unwillingness to let go of the bamboo stick that made him distracted, caused the zombie who had eaten the sausage suddenly became quiet.

The zombie insisted on swallowing the bamboo stick into his stomach. But, Bian Bian did not allow him to swallow them, and the two sides formed a weird tug-of-war.

Afterwards, the zombie stared straight at Bian Bian. He opened his mouth, threateningly exposing his fine sharp teeth, and then bit hard, breaking the bamboo stick.

Bian Bian just sat with her butt to the ground.

The zombie gulped and swallowed the bamboo stick, but halfway through, it got stuck.

After a few seconds, the zombie roared, shaking and smashing his head. When he found it was useless, he began to struggle violently. Soon, the belt was stretched into a line, making a faint sound.

Bian Bian was shocked, she then ran to the kitchen to get a bottle of vinegar and ran out—she remembered that grandpa made her drink vinegar when a fishbone stuck on to her throat.

However, looking at Uncle Zhu Yuan’s sharp teeth, Bian Bian helplessly hugged the vinegar bottle tightly, not knowing what to do.

Xiu Jin: “Zombies also get hurt?”

System: 【It doesn’t matter whether they feel pain or not, the belt is about to break! Hurry up and think of a way!】

Xiu Jin suddenly understood, and didn’t bother to scold the trashy system for letting the zombie harm his precious daughter. He slid the vinegar bottle over from Bian Bian’s hand and poured it directly into the zombie’s open mouth.

Worried that the vinegar was not enough, he grabbed the big apple on the table by the way, found the right timing, and stuffed it in together.

The zombie suddenly calmed down.

The system said a few reminders, and ultimately disappeared without saying anything.

Only Bian Bian attentively stared at Uncle Zhu Yuan’s neck. She saw his neck bulged, and then the bulge slowly slid down until it was gone completely. The little face that had become white from tension suddenly burst into joy. Waving the remaining half of the bamboo stick in her hand, she said happily: “Uncle Zhu Yuan swallowed it, it’s okay now.”

The zombie did not roar any more, but he almost thrashed his neck twice.

Seemingly, a bit depressed.

“Thank you uncle!”

【Intimacy points +20. 】

Xiu Jin was about to fly in an instant[1]TN: In the raw, Xu Jin felt elated/smug something’ like that, but to match the next sentence I decided to leave it like that since means ‘to float’ in English..

【Don’t float yet! A group of ability user rushed over to hunt Lu Yu and Zhu Yuan, and they are expected to arrive in 20 minutes. 】

Xiu Jin’s first reaction: “This game also has instance dungeon[2]TN: I really didn’t know this before, kudos to boss @justsian. This is an area where players are given chance to slay monsters in exchange for valuable items.? Selecting Lu Yu and Zhu Yuan as bosses[3]TN:Apparently Xu Jin asks if Lu Yu and Zhu Yuan will be the monster ‘bosses’ of the instance dungeon.?”

Bian Bian raised her little face, bit her fingers, and looked around. She seemed to hear the voice of system dad—” …I must’ve chosen him to be the first one only after I got my brain got pumped. [4]TN: The system is referring to Xu Jin here :)”


1 TN: In the raw, Xu Jin felt elated/smug something’ like that, but to match the next sentence I decided to leave it like that since means ‘to float’ in English.
2 TN: I really didn’t know this before, kudos to boss @justsian. This is an area where players are given chance to slay monsters in exchange for valuable items.
3 TN:Apparently Xu Jin asks if Lu Yu and Zhu Yuan will be the monster ‘bosses’ of the instance dungeon.
4 TN: The system is referring to Xu Jin here :
  1. Sekstifire has spoken 2 years ago

    Y’know, if you showed me these profiles:

    Dad A: Noble, successful human businessman
    Race: Human
    Relationship with family: good
    Attitude towards fatherhood: very enthusiastic
    Provides: food

    Dad B: Noble, military instructor
    Race: Dragon
    Relationship with family: none for at least last few thousand years
    Attitude towards fatherhood: a bit lukewarm
    Provides: weapons

    Dad C: Weird sand voyeur
    Race: Human
    Relationship with Family: Either none or bad
    Attitude towards fatherhood: Apathetic
    Provides: ?

    I would not guess that Dad A would be the least practical one 😅 System shouldn’t be so hard on itself 🤣

  2. Anis G. has spoken 2 years ago

    ahh all the hard gained intimacy is wasted in Jin’s hand
    she cant eat that much in one meal

  3. MissA has spoken 3 years ago

    Thank you for translating this 💜


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